Muscle-building shakes don’t always have as much protein as they claim to

Posted 10 July 2016

In a report in The Conversation, researchers elaborate on their research into whether protein supplements available in South Africa contained the level of protein indicated on the label.

The researchers report:

[quote]In our study we found a difference of up to 80% in the labelled protein content and the value determined during analysis. From the 70 products included in the study, 65 products – or 93% – fell within the regulations.

In 21 products the actual protein in the product was more than 10% less than that stated on the label, but five products over-reported protein content by more than the acceptable limit of 25%.

These five products had between 42% and 80% less protein in the tub than what they declared on their product labels.[/quote]

In this study, Nutritech, BPI and Supplements SA fare extremely poorly. USN previously laid a complaint with the Read the rest