Biogen Tribulus – ASA Breach ruling – 8 November 2013

In a previous ruling of 11 September 2013, the ASA accepted Biogen/USN’s voluntary undertaking to amend its packaging in a manner that would address the specific concerns raised. The complainant specifically objected to the following claims: • “Testosterone Booster” • “Increases Energy & Stamina” • “Libido Enhancer”.

On 28 October 2013, a complainant lodged a breach complaint against the Biogen’s website advertisement which continued to make the same claims. The complainant further argued that, as Biogen is a product of USN and Dis-Chem, both having had previous rulings against their claims, and considering that sanctions have previously been recommended against USN, this is a flagrant breach by a serial offender. Sanctions should be issued against both companies.

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Biogen Tribulus – ASA ruling – 11 September 2013

A consumer complaint was laid with the ASA against Biogen’s (a USN/Dis-Chem product) packaging of its “Tribulus Max” Testosterone Booster product. The complainant specifically objected to the following claims:

  • “Testosterone Booster”.
  • “Increases Energy & Stamina”.
  • “Libido Enhancer”

Biogen submitted a copy of an amended label for its product. The amended label does not feature the claims “Testosterone Booster” or “Libido Enhancer” as disputed by the complainant. It also now stated “may help with energy and stamina”.

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