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Belle Gibson mimicked countless fake healers

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Posted 05 April 2017

This article published in the Guardian, reports on Belle Gibson, a young Australian who claimed to have been cured of cancer following a ‘natural’ path, and in the process building a thriving career based on what in fact turned out to be a lie. She never had cancer.

 Gibson’s public excoriation did nothing to temper her enthusiasm for peddling cures. No reflection on the damage she wreaked on vulnerable people. No self-imposed exile from being a wellness guru to her admiring followers. No, she simply moved on to Facebook under a pseudonym and continued to champion worm-releasing enemas, iris-altering tinctures, and tonsil-shrinking teas. While many people shake their head at this nonsense, she is not short of admirers who hold her in even higher estimation as a rebuke to the naysayers.

There are lessons to be learnt here – South Africans are constantly being bombarded … Read the rest

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