Ruling against ads for Homemark products – including detox tea and nail treatment – following complaints

Posted 07 December 2020

Dec 06, 2020, 10:04 AM
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Homemark Aragan Secret Nail Treatment : ARB Ruling

Posted 30 November 2020

A complaint was laid with the Advertising Regulatory Board against the claims being made for this product.

Complainant: Dr Harris Steinman
Advertiser: Homemark (Pty) Ltd
Consumer/Competitor: Consumer
File reference: 1075 – Homemark Aragan Secret Nail Treatment  – Dr Harris Steinman
Outcome: Upheld
Date: 24 November 2020

The Directorate of the Advertising Regulatory Board has been called on to consider a complaint by Dr Harris Steinman against Homemark’s television commercial promoting its “Aragan Secret Nail Treatment” product. The Complainant saw the commercial on M-Net at 21:10 on 23 September 2020.

Description of the Advertising

The commercial opens with various images of severely damaged and discoloured fingernails and toenails, while the voice-over states:

Ingrown, thick, flaky, brittle, what a nightmare or worse, of embarrassing deformed nails destroying your sanity. Morocco’s best kept secret; Aragan Secret Nail Treatment, is your answer to beautiful and moisturised nails. The legendary Read the rest

Homemark product might cause instead of fight eczema

Posted 27 March 2019

19 March 2019 – by Nico Gous

Times Live

A Homemark product which claims to fight nail fungus and eczema might in fact cause eczema.

Dr Harris Steinman complained to the ad watchdog Advertising Regulatory Board (ARB) about Homemark’s Aragan Secret Nail Treatment which claims: “With a low PH level, the formula does not only keep your nails smooth and attractive but also helps fight fungus and eczema.”

Steinman submitted research which showed there is no proof it fights eczema or nail fungus.

“The complainant (Steinman) conducted a literature review of articles relating to the product and could find no evidence of this benefit. Indeed, one article indicated that the active ingredient in the product causes eczema,” ARB said.

“The advertiser (Homemark) has chosen not to respond to the complaint. This places the directorate (ARB) in a position that it is forced to accept the

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Homemark Aragon Oil – ARB Ruling

Posted 13 March 2019

Homemark received numerous ASA rulings against the claims being made for this product, but continues to dupe consumers by running adverts making claims that are not true. An advert was seen on DSTV where false claims were being made, as before the previous ASA rulings, and a complaint was laid with the ARB which has superseded the ASA.

Homemark did not bother to response. The National Consumer Commission, being a toothless watchdog, will not get involved. You the consumer, are screwed if you already purchased this product.

Complainant                  Dr Harris Steinman
Advertiser                     Homemark (Pty) Ltd
Consumer/Competitor    Consumer
File reference                Homemark Aragon Oil – Dr Harris Steinman

Outcome                       Upheld
Date                              13 March 2019

The Directorate of the Advertising Regulatory Board has been called upon to consider a complaint lodged by Dr Steinman against the website advertising for Homemark’s Aragan Secret Nail Read the rest

Homemark Aragan Oil – ASA breach ruling

Posted 15 June 2015

Homemark continues to make false claims for their product, Aragan Oil, claiming that it cured nail fungus, among other false claims in breach of a previous ASA ruling. In a complaint to the ASA, it was argued that Homemark has for more than 10 years scammed consumers, and that Homemark should be severely ‘punished’ – similar to a thief who has stolen before, and cannot now claim to not knowing what they are doing is wrong.

Although the ASA agreed that Homemark continued to make false claims in spite of a previous ASA ruling, that severe sanctions were not required.

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Homemark Aragan Secret Nail Treatment – still lying

Posted 08 September 2014

A consumer complaint was laid against Homemark’s packaging of its “Aragan Secret Nail Treatment”.  The complainant submitted, in essence, that the list of ingredients on the label is misleading as the actual product only contains peroxide. The complainant further added that the product in question is not manufactured in Israel contrary to what the packaging claims.

The ASA found that Homemark had not been able to supply proof to counter the complaint.

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