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Herbex Appetite Control Tablets – No proof!

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Posted 09 April 2003

We have argued that most if not all Herbex products cannot substantiate the claims being made for them. Indeed, we have argued that in most cases, the evidence argues AGAINST the claims being made for the products. In fact, is there evidence that some or most Herbex products are simply “scam” products?

We argue that testimonials promoting these products are in fact evidence simply of individuals sticking to diets and not as a result of the Herbex product per se; and attributing the benefit of the diet to the Herbex product. There is not a single study (proof) demonstrating that the great majority of Herbex products have any efficacy at all.

Complaints against Herbex products have been laid with the ASA previously. Herbex convinced the ASA that Dr RC Sandell was a “credible expert”. Based on Dr Sandell’s support that the products work (no more than Read the rest

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