SLAPPing back: Court checks corporate bullying

Posted 12 February 2021

Readers may be aware that Albe Geldenhuys (USN) and MNI (Antagolin) (Dr Conrad Smith) is suing CamCheck and Dr Harris Steinman for alleged defamation.

We regard this as what is recognised internationally as a SLAPP suite (Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation).

In other words, these two companies are trying to silence CamCheck and Dr Steinman for pointing out the insufficient robust evidence, among other, in support of the claims being made for their products.

South Africa has not previously recognised SLAPP suits for what they are, until now.

In a recent court ruling, Judge Goliath – for the first time in South Africa, acknowledged this pernicious practice for what it is.

Quotes from the ruling:

“It is trite that legal process is abused when it is used for a purpose other than that for what it has been intended or designed for. Corporations should not be Read the rest

Court strikes blow against quackery

Posted 17 March 2017

USN, Albe Geldenhuys and Antagolin have instituted High Court action against Dr Steinman alleging defamation for Dr Steinman having pointed out factual deficiencies in their claims for their products.

This parallels Dr Brathwaite’s action against the Southern African HIV Clinicians Society.

This article published in GroundUp, reports on the court finding in favour of the latter, i.e., dismissing Dr Brathwaite’s action. “Defamatory statements are essentially statements that damage or harm the reputation of a person. However, even if the statements are defamatory, they can still be protected speech if they are true or fair comment and in the public benefit.”

Court strikes blow against quackery

Dr Hugh Brathwaite falsely claimed that his product could prevent HIV transmission

By Safura Abdool Karim

16 March 2017

On Wednesday, Judge M A Makume of the Johannesburg High Court dismissed an application by Dr Hugh Brathwaite, a medical … Read the rest

Die Burger: Aktivis gedagvaar oor aanvullers

Posted 07 October 2015

This article on USN’s defamation suite against the consumer activist, Dr Harris Steinman, was published on the 29th September 2015 in the Afrikaans newspaper, Die Burger. Dr Steinman is defending the action. More than 40 complaints have been laid by consumers with the ASA against claims being made for USN products.

The English translation follows (thank you Google Translate!)

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USN defamation charge against CamCheck

Posted 17 September 2015

Dr Harris Steinman has received a summons from the Western Cape High Court instituted by USN, and owner/founder, Albe Geldenhuys, alleging defamation.

This news was broken by GroundUp on 16 September 2015 in the following two articles:
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USN sues consumer activist:

The harm of quackery:


More information related to this case will be posted in due course.

These posts are relevant:

“Fair comment” and defamation is discussed on this page:

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MedicalBrief: Fat Blocker moves to silence fact checker

Posted 29 March 2015

Reproduced from Medical Brief

MedicalBrief: Focus
Fat Blocker moves to silence fact checker

Published: 23 March 2015

“MedicalBrief is Africa’s authoritative weekly digest of medical matters, both on the continent and around the world. It brings you a succinct summary of the latest developments, both in news and research, with links to the original material.”

Dr Harris Steinman, a medical doctor and consumer activist who runs a South African website exposing misleading claims about health products, has been forced to move his site offshore after sports supplement company USN demanded his internet service provider (ISP) take down his site because it was ‘unlawful’. Steinman has long been a thorn in the flesh of complementary and alternative medicines (CAM) manufacturers because of his success in using the Advertising Standards Authority to remove or change misleading advertising and in this instance his criticisms relate to a USN … Read the rest

USN issues a ‘Take-down’ notice for CamCheck

Posted 18 March 2015

This tells of USN’s CEO, Albe Geldenhuys’ assault on our right to expose and make “fair comment” on the lack of evidence for USN products, and by implication, on the ethics and morals of those involved; and for our (previous) ISP, Hetzner, for not protecting their client and not supporting the principles of the ISPA code of conduct which positions: “ISPA members must respect the constitutional right to freedom of speech and expression”. This aspect is elaborated upon in two articles published in the online community news reporting project, GroundUp:
(Consumer activist forced to move website offshore – Barbara Maregele)
(A stealthy attempt at censorship – Kevin Charleston)

On the 10 March 2015, CamCheck received a “Take-down” request from Hetzner, who in turn received this request from ISPA. ISPA received a letter (see) from USN’s lawyers, Weavind & Weavind, who … Read the rest

Albe Geldenhuys / USN responds to CamCheck posting

Posted 26 January 2015

On the 9 March 2014, CamCheck published, “Albe Geldenhuys of USN, a master scam artist“. This article was picked up by TheHub (a cycling website) which resulted in a flood of visitors to CamCheck, and appears to have reached the attention of Albe Geldenhuys of USN.

[note note_color=”#f6f85d”]Update: 18 March 2015
USN/Albe have threatened legal action against Hertzner if the do not implement a ‘take-down’ notice against CamCheck. This is discussed at length here (opens in a new window)[/note]  

USN has posted a response to their Website which states the following (my response follows):

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Albe Geldenhuys of USN, a master scam artist?

Posted 9 March 2014

USN was founded in South Africa by Albe Geldenhuys. Meet a great salesman – and also one of South Africa’s biggest scam artists.

Why are we making such a bold claim?

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