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ASA Ruling: A Vogel Neuroforce breach

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Posted 12 January 2012 

In an email dated 17 November 2011, a third party, Prof Roy Jobson, submitted that the respondent’s product is currently still being promoted on several website pages belonging to the respondent. Prof Jobson specifically supplied the relevant URL’s to support his contention that the respondent is in breach of the previous rulings.

He submitted, inter alia, that the respondent is a repeat offender and should have ensured that all these promotions of Neuroforce were removed from its website many months ago. The complainant further requested that the most severe sanctions possible be imposed on the respondent. 

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A Vogel Neuroforce loses ASA appeal

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Posted 11 November 2011

A Vogel Neuroforce makes the claims of being an excellent central nervous system tonic, for among other, when you are depressed, tearful, irritable, and so forth.A consumer laid a complaint with the ASA arguing that the claims are not substantiable. The ASA agreed and on 09 Feb 2011 ruled against the product's claims.

The company, SA Natural Products, appealed against the ruling arguing that the ASA were wrong to regard their "expert" as not adequate to substantiate the claims for the product. In this ruling, the ASA finds that even if they did accept  SA Natural Products' "expert" as acceptable, that his substantiation does not unequivocally support the claims for the product!

How is that for shooting yourself in the foot!

He stated: "In the absence of clinical trials on this specific combination of homeopathic medicines one can only hypothesize that a combination of such medicines Read the rest

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