StemEnhance – promotes cancer?

Posted 25 April 2012

In a previous posting on StemEnhance, I pointed out how our research found high levels of arsenic and microcystins present in the product. 

This article highlighted in New Scientist, reports that “ARSENIC is a carcinogen that packs a double punch: cells that it has made cancerous send out signals that in turn make healthy stem cells become malignant.”


Arsenic double whammy for cancer

Michael Waalkes and his colleagues at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, had noticed that tumours triggered by arsenic contained unusually large numbers of cancer stem cells.

To find out why, the researchers turned cells from the human prostate gland cancerous with arsenic, before growing them in close proximity to, but not touching, healthy stem cells from the prostate. Even though these cells hadn’t themselves been exposed to arsenic, within three weeks they Read the rest

2 comments to StemEnhance – promotes cancer?

  • Roy

    In my understanding it's unlikely that any arsenic in the StemEnhance algae would have this effect. The transient release of adult stem cells associated with StemEnhance, which may or may not have any clinical effect at all, would not according to this research have been exposed to the arsenic long enough to "convert" into cancer stem cells. Also, it's a laboratory study and has not been shown to occur in living human beings where other confounding variables may come into play. A lot more research needs to be done before we can know whether adult stem cells transform into cancer stem cells in the presence of arsenic – and if so, whether a particular concentration of arsenic is necessary.

  • Harris


    You are absolutely correct: this is a valid argument! 

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