Sports supplements sold to children

Posted 12 May 2017

This article was published in Huisgenoot. The article tackles the serious issue of companies such as USN targeting children to sell supplements to. This deplorable issue. We addressed this issue in CamCheck on the 21st April 2016.

In this previous article, we highlighted Elaine Swanepoel’s article, published in Die Rapport, where she wrote: “Yet says Albe Geldenhuys, head of USN, to Die Rapport, that primary school children should not under any circumstances be using supplements”. Yet the Sportsmax website clearly advertises and markets to children. SportMax products include MassMax (SportMax recommended dose is only for people older than 12 years) and Vitamax (12 years).  As we noted in the original posting, the product, ToneMax, contains Garcinia cambogia, an ingredient never tested in children, and associated with reports of liver failure!

The article is reproduced below, but available in PDF format

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