SlimBetti – same Slender Max scam artists: Discussion

Readers may find this discussion between Stephanie (a CamCheck reader) and me illuminating.

It revolves around the posting titled “SlimBetti – same Slender Max scam artists” (

To summarise:

This posting relates to Chris and Jasmine Grindlay who are the people behind Hoodia Slender Gel, changed to Slender Max Slender Gel, changed to Slimbetti Slender Gel, among their other products. The reason for the name changes is the barrage of rulings against the claims for their products. I have argued that these products are a scam and nothing else, and that they are now flagrantly avoiding complying with ASA rulings. They are blatantly lying to the media claiming that the ASA have accepted their claims when they know full well that this is a complete fabrication, similar to the claims for their products. A charge of fraud has been laid with the police against this couple.

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6 comments to SlimBetti – same Slender Max scam artists: Discussion

  • Nealia Knoetze

    Ek Woensdag van die produkte gekoop nadat ek ‘n advertensie daarvan gesien het en nou eers navorsing daaroor gedoen… Groot was my ontnugtering om hierdie terugvoer te sien …. as ek bewus was hiervan het ek nie die produkte gekoop nie.

  • Mrs Botha

    Harris I think calling products scams come too easily to this site, I would certainly suggest claims of scams to be thoroughly investigated and products tested prior to allegations being made, all the camcheck articles I have read seems to point to one thing – chemical (medical) versus natural (homeopathic/naturopathic) this seems really odd, is every natural product going to be labeled as a scam?

  • Harris

    No, I expect proof from both chemical (medical) and natural (homeopathic/naturopathic) meds. Without proof, how do we know that any concoction works? Many are mixed together in a bathroom and sold so that someone can make money. Surely you would like proof before you give your child a product that claims to heal or help them, or are you prepared to accept the word of the manufacturer.

  • Mrs Botha

    We are expected to accept the word of medical doctors when they tell you that chemicals in medicines like antibiotics is unlikely to cause side effects, yet time and time again people suffer with side effects sometime severe, and when you read the package insert, you will find the side effect there. To claim that huge companies market scam natural products is going a little far. Yes sure you get the scamsters but I think not as many as this site makes it out to be.

  • Melisa

    Product dont work, i felt like i gained weight . they say you dont have to go on a diet and can eat as you normally would. According to them just by using their product you can loose weight withou changing your eating habit. I am about 10kg over weight and thought this would be a quick fix but i soon learned it all sound to good to be true.

  • Jakkie

    Hi There is no such thing as quick fix, you obviously need to take the low cal diet that comes in the lifestyle booklet. if a pill could exist that works without changing youre diet, it will be the most famous, favourite product.

    I just started on Slimbetti and my expectations is high.

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