Slimbetti Active Xtreme – another scam

Posted 05 March 2013

A consumer laid a complaint with the ASA submitting that according to Slimbetti’s website, the two main ingredients are “Irvingia gabonensis” and green tea. There are limited studies for the ingredient Irvingia gabonensis on its own as quoted on the respondent’s website, but the complainant was unable to find a study where these two ingredients were combined, or combined in the same concentrations as is the case in this product.

Dr David Nye substantiated the product for SlimBetti. However the ASA Directorate was not satisfied that the weight loss claims made in the advertisement were appropriately and unequivocally verified as true and applicable to the product as a whole when consumed at the recommended dose and ruled against the claims for the product.

Readers will be aware that the same scam artists responsible for the other SlimBetti products, and previously SlenderMax, namely Jasmine and Chris GrindlayRead the rest

17 comments to Slimbetti Active Xtreme – another scam

  • samantha

    i have been using slimbetti and also i received a free hoodia gel which apparently suppost to supress my appetite and help me lose weight, im using it for a month now and havent lost a kilo with it, in fact, i just decided to eat less on my own, and cut down on my supper and i found that helped me but the tablets never helped me one bit to even supress my appetite cos i still feel hungry

  • Jeanine

    WOW! so interesting, and I’m glad I stumbled upon this page. I had the exact same issue as Samantha. I bought the Slimbetti ThermoBurn – used it for a week EXACTLY as indicated, but it never suppressed my apetite. It did not make a difference at all! I almost went out to buy another of their products in the hope that something else might work. I wonder now what they actually put in these pills?!?! Unfortunately al lot of people will now fall for this scam and waste their money. I’m going to throw away what’s left of my pills.

  • pearl

    I totally agree with you ladies iv been using slimbetti active extreme for a month and haven’t seen a change yet,i mean from what they say about it I’m afraid so many people are falling for it I’m really disappointed!

  • Mandy

    I ordered a one month supply only to find they sent me a three months supply after using the product for two weeks realised i am still feeling hungry, my appetite not suppressed as claimed. They even indicate the weight loss may be so extreme that dosage must be decreased, that the line i fell for and halo not working at all.

  • anonymous

    Thank you ladies,I also fell for the line that the weight loss may be so extreme that I might have to reduce the dosage,I was just about to go and buy the active xtreme,a big thank you to you ladies once again

  • Salome

    Hi, I googled the product from an impressive full page advert published in the FINESSE JULY 2013 MAGAZINE! Luckily your review pop up before we bought any of the products.

  • lungy

    they realy playing with our emotions…so glad i read this

  • Minki

    I ordere the 3 month supplementary,,and now i am reading this and realise i sm trouble

  • nelly tigelo

    i actually read about slimbetti and topslim in glamour magazine dated september 2013 and since i desperately wanted to lose weight i was planning on buying them but um grateful to warning.

  • Wendi

    I bought the thermo burn and tummy products,have been using it for nearly 2 months,attended gym 3 times a week and watched my diet. NOTHING happened,sooo disappointed!!!

  • Melissa

    It popped up on my Facebook feed today. Link is above. Sounded too good to be true so I thought I’d check it out. The rule still applies… if it sounds too good, it is.

  • Veronica

    I Have bought the product and subscribed to a 2 months supply the pills do not work at all. i still feel hungry

  • Linky

    Was about to order, bt as usual i decided to research the product 1st. Thanks for the reviews

  • Nina

    oops! also saw the add on Facebook- purchased the full required supply today during my lunch break…i was so taken by the EXTREME weight loss (i am diabetic and suffer high blood pressure)- this product promise to aid and assist all that.

  • noelien

    Hul het my geld gevat was vir n week in die hospitaal bladder enfection. En ek was siek hul het gese vir n maand as goed nie werk kan ek kanselleer nou mag ek kamma nie. En ek moet vir 6 maande geld beraal. Maar daai pille nie reg nou mag ek kamma nie kanselleer nie

  • Marian

    Got phoned and was told of product and how amazing it was. I was using the tablets as prescribed and was feeling ill overheating internally and joints started getting sore. I stopped taking product and it took 2 weeks before my body started feeling right. Product is a scam I didn’t lose 1st. Just felt sick about what it was doing internally

  • Annabelle Mathebula

    I bought slim betty belly fat pills in January2015 but my belly is still the same. My R1650 is ggone just like that.

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