Simply Slim = Supreme Slim?


I was told about a new product called Supreme Slim the other day. [no longer active]

At the bottom of the webpage it states that the Chairman and CEO of Wellness Forever which is marketing Supreme Slim is Charles Bothma. Near the top of the page it gives a cell number for orders: 079 108 1182

If you check out an old webpage of Simply Slim:  [no longer active] you will see that there’s a Charles Bothma with the same cell number: 0791081182  Registered Number: S1141.

It turns out that these are different products, and Supreme Slim was brought out by an Charles Bothma who worked for the notorious Simply Slim company but started marketing his newly developed product while working for that company!

The original Supreme Slim webpage — made virtually identical claims to the original claims made by Simply Slim including not needing exercise and also no special diet.

Is there any robust proof that this product works?  Of course not! A complaint has been laid with the ASA.

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  • Jc

    Looks like this dr. has sour grapes?? I know for a fact that Mr Charles Botha was an agent for Simply Slim and one of the best in the country,  they discharged him as agent when they found out that he started his own product while they were down!!! So meneer dokter, kry jou feite reg voor jy iemand blame!! Just my2c
    Ps. Supreme Slim works very well, i've lost 3.9kg in almost 2 weeks!! Try to beat THAT!!!

    • Harris

      This posting is interesting for if raises a few pertinent points:

      1. 1. As over 95% of weight-loss products are no more than scams, what are the ethics or morals of individuals involved in these products?
      2. 2. According to JC, Mr Charles Botha was discharged as an agent when Simply Slim found out that he started his own product while working for Simply Slim. Seems unethical to start your own company selling a competing product behind the back of your present employers.
      3. 3. Losing “3.9kg in almost 2 weeks” is not only very unlikely, but extremely unhealthy even if true!! (Until JC proves this, one has to assume that it is a lie.)
      4. 4. There is no proof that Supreme Slim works, and there is no proof that the individual ingredients will result in weight loss.
      5. 5. Is it possible that JC lost weight as claimed – and if so, can one therefore claim that others will lose weight? A student completing her Masters degree is completing a study of a well-known local weight-loss-product: a similar amount of weight was lost by a similar percent of people in the group taking a placebo as that of the group taking the real tablets, i.e., some people will lose weight whether taking a placebo or the real tablet. This occurs for a number of reasons, e.g., once individuals are focused on their weight, they may change their eating patterns (some may call this a placebo response, but the weight-loss is real, for a real reason (and not because of the product)). This response can occur in 10-30% of individuals. Therefore, knowing that say 10% of individuals may lose weight from this type of response, is it ethical to claim that this is possible for all?! This is why a proper study is absolutely essential before any claims are made for a product.
      6. 6. Is possible that JC is not someone who has actually lost weight, but a stooge trawling Internet sites trying to promote Supreme Slim! (Happens all the time!)

      Read more of amazing “Placebo-like” responses!

  • Andre

    Supreme slim is a GREAT product , go through the website properly before making nasty comments in the Home page they explain the product after the lies and deception of previous products!!! Drew

  • Harris

    Drew, I am scientist who has looked carefully at the evidence, and there is simply ziltch evidence that it works! I have looked at the website, very carefully, and frankly, there is no evidence to confirm that the product has any use. Read

    to get a real eye full of the evidence against this product! And until you can supply proof that the product works, stay away from commenting! No, not user opinions, but absolute proof for until proof is supplied, then this type of product should be regarded as nothing more than a scam.

  • FJW

    Hi All. Charles developed the product with Pharmacare in Midrand. This is a total different company and product and as you know the counttry is still reeling from the allegations on SimplySlim.
    For the rcord, the two products are totally different, Simply Slim was imported, SupremeSlim developed in South Africa. Total different ingredients. Different companies.
    I have a personal interest in SupremeSlim and want to put the record straight, as the public need to have facts, not nuances.
    Dr Harris has laid numerous complaints for different products at ASA which is his right as a citizen. Could we act civilized about this.

  • Helen

    Simply Slim also marketing tablets under New Me so be careful. I didn’t have a good experience with Simply Slim came very close to having a major heart attack!

  • FJW

    New Me is a Nativa product. Can we deal in facts.

  • Harris

    The manufacturers of Simply Slim allegedly supplied the same formulation to a competitor – which was sold as Neu-Me or New Me by a pharmacy group in Pretoria. The Nativa product is called New You and is a meal replacement product. (

  • Carin

    Simply Slim NEVER sold tablets under another name!!!

  • Harris

    The local Simply Slim company may not have sold tablets under another name, but the Chinese supplier to the local Simply Slim company also supplied the exact same formula to other marketers who marketed the "same" product under a different name. (Evidence was supplied to the Medicines Control Council)

  • Carin

    The manufacturers of Simply Slim allegedly supplied the same formulation to a competitor

  • Harris

    Testimony from the expert witness: ". . . His MO puzzled me and I looked a bit closer at this issue. The client then produced a entire file of e-mails received from the factory in China on which a variety of things were communicated, such as quantities shipped, estimated arrival times, customs contact details and the like. The interesting fact was that the owners and a variety of the agents of Simply Slim were CC’d on the same e-mails and included details of the shipments to that group as well."

    "I therefore took a sample of the product that my client had imported to the SABS and requested a screening by the Pharmaceutical lab to look for sibutramine. I went further and bought a random box of Simply Slim from one of the agents of Simply Slim and submitted it to the SABS, together with a box of Reductil 10mg (Abbott) as reference sample. Interestingly enough, both the sample that my client supplied and the Simply Slim tested positive for sibutramine, but a twice the strength of that in Reductil."

  • Lance

    Hi Dr. Steinberg
    Please can you advise me where this extract of quoted testimony emanates from?

  • Harris

    I suggest that you contact the Medicine Control Council. I trust my source and have copies of the documents he supplied to the MCC. If the MCC are prepared to give you copies of the originals, that is their prerogative. Lance, I see you do the PR for Simply Slim. When are they going to admit to the harm that they caused to many consumers? The silence is deafening.

  • Ogies

    All I want to know is if there is a product, regardless of the name, with EXACTLY the same ingredients as the original Simply Slim?  There never has and never will be anything better than that.  I lost 12kg in 6weeks without any side effects.  so I guess like with anything else, some things work for you and others don't…….

  • Harris

    No, there is not. The original had a scheduled medicine which may be safe for some individuals, but high risk for others.

  • Ogies

    Then there should be quite a number of medicines taken off the market, as they are high risk for some people. 
    It's just sad that something that worked so well for a lot of people, had to be taken away.  why not make it a schedule 5/6 like Thinz and all the other non-working diet pills?


      I agree with Ogies. The problem is that a lot of stupid people though that they will loose more weight if they take more tablets, which probably caused them to nearly have a heart attack. You will always get people who overdose and then blame the product for their stupidity. I used the product for a long time without any side effects. The ‘big pharma’ don’t want a product on the shelf that will make people healthy, as fat people have all sorts of health issues which make ‘big pharma’ reek in a lot of money.

      • Harris

        The supplement industry also rake in a lot of money – like ‘big pharma’ – but selling produces with no proof of efficacy – and in many cases, no safety.
        And, a product that does not harm you is no guarantee that it will not harm others.

  • Lea

    I want whatever works as well as simply slim! Loved it!

    • Harris

      Lea may be a perfect example of what concerns us about diet pills – she claims that Simply Slim worked for her, but then why is she looking for diet pills again? Because as soon as you stop using them, you gain weight (if they worked in the first place). The best and ONLY diet that works is changing your eating style, with the aid of a dietitian would help.

  • nanni

    I want some simply sslm, it worked for me!!!! Where can I find some or supreme slim then?

  • Lea

    Because after having 2 babies who are under 2 1/2 it’s a battle and free time is a luxury which I dont have… I need a kickstart and a bit of motivation ok!!! I lost all my pregnancy weight and more after baby no 1 without diet pills by the way! Stop judging people!

  • Luke

    I also would like simply slim again. I lost 14kg in my first week and thats not a lie. The product worked like a bomb. Eat anything that you want and remeber to drink your water. I only started to gain wait after a fiew months after simply slim was recalled from the market. Plz if anyone knows where I can get the original product, it will be nice to know.

    • Harris

      Your comment illustrates a few interesting points:
      1. Even though this product contained a high-risk banned ingredient, consumers like you are so desperate to lose weight, that they will risk taking such a product
      2. That the problem with pills versus changing the way you eat, means that to lose weight or keep it off, you are willing to take a risk on a dodgy product that you will have to take every day of your life, knowing full well that you will gain weight when you stop, instead of simply learning to eat correctly. This is exactly the problem with pills and many diets, it leads to yo-yoing.

  • Jo Anne

    How can we get pills tested to see if they have the ingredients as advertised? We have a client that is using “natural” pills but gets heart cramps afterwards. please if anyone can point me in the right direction – [email protected]


    • Harris

      @Jo Anne
      You can report this to the Medicines Control Council. Unfortunately there is no specific one lab that does general analysis of products. If you suspect that it contains the banned substance, sibutramine, then there is an expert at Potchefstroom University that can test for this.

  • Belinda

    I used simply slim. Lost 10kg. Never gained 1kg after simply slim was taken off the market. Still at the same weight. Every tablet that you buy has side effects. It works for some and not for others. Simply slim did not work for 7% of people who used it. What about the other 93% who used simply slim without any side effects. After all the big hoohaa about simply slim I went for a full medical. 100% healthy. I have another 11kg to loose. If I can find simply slim anywhere I will buy it. A product that works will always be removed off the market. No matter what.

    • Harris

      How do you know this to be true: “Simply slim did not work for 7% of people who used it. What about the other 93% who used simply slim without any side effects.” Appears to be your belief but not based on evidence. The fact is that it contained sibutramine, and the side effects of this product could therefore be expected similar. The fact that you did not experience side effects cannot be extrapolated to every other user.

  • Elaine

    I also used Simply Slim a couple of years ago & the weight just fell of me, I lost 8 kg without any effort at all, I would use it again, or even something similar. I had no side effects at all.

  • Brenda

    I also used simply slim without any side effects at all lost 10kg in 4 weeks


    There are products on the market for instance “Nobese” which is approved by the medicine council, but a lot of people can’t take it because it gives them heart palpitations. So what makes Simply Slim then different from Nobese?

    • Harris

      Nobese (Duromine) was a schedule 5 weight loss drug and no longer available – removed because it was a high risk product with severe side effects.
      Even if it was still available, the fact that it was Schedule 5 meant that a doctor had to assess whether your body could tolerate the drug, i.e., no underlying conditions. Compare this with the product you are promoting.


    I am not promoting anything, I made a statement. Are you saying that Nobese and Duromine are the same thing? There are a lot of things that are harmful, but which are not taken of the shelves, as a example bitter orange extract which is used by a lot by fitness people. Why is that not pulled from the shelf because it has a long list of negative side effects?

    • Harris

      Nobese is a brand (trade) name for Duromine. Bitter orange extract is an illegal medicine. Unfortunately the regulator who regulates these products, SAHPRA, has been useless in policing or enforcing regulations and therefore has failed in their duty to protect consumers.


    I can find no evidence that Nobese is a trade name for Duromine. Duromine contain Phentermine as the active ingredient and is manufacture by Inova Pharmaceuticals, whilst Nobese contain the active ingredient Sibutramine HCI and is manufactured by Getz Pharma.

    Bitter orange was banned by the NCAA for athletes, it was not banned by the US Food & Drug administration. Ephedra was banned by them, which is a herb similar to bitter orange.

    • Harris

      Your research is excellent, and I stand under correction.

      You are correct:
      Duramine contains Phentermine (a schedule 5 weight loss drug in South Africa)
      Nobese contains sibutramine. It was sold as Nobese in South Africa (Getz Pharmaceuticals) and Reductil (Abbott Laboratories)

      In 2010 the Medicines Control Council stopped allowing sibutramine containing products in South Africa before of their safety profile.

      Bitter orange contains the active ingredient synephrine, that is similar to ephedra – but ephedra is more ‘potent’.
      Synephrine can exist in the form of either of two stereoisomers, d- and l-synephrine, which are chemically and pharmacologically distinct.

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