The Secret Fat Burner – Dangerous!

Posted 01 March 2018

The Secret Fat Burner is advertised at Vanatize with the claims that it “contains a combination of ingredients which assist in weight loss by increasing metabolism, thereby burning consumed calories and stored fats. The Secret Fat Burner has also been designed to increase energy and boost performance.

The ingredients are claimed to be L-Carnitine / Yerba Mate / Bitter Orange Extract / Chromium / Cassia Seed / Guarana / Rasberry Ketones / Green Tea Extract.

The company has a disclaimer stating “*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration or MCC. Products on this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease”. However, “bitter orange” or synephrine, which has also been upscheduled, i.e., cannot be sold via a website. And the product contains a banned substance.

This product has now been shown to be very toxic.

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7 comments to The Secret Fat Burner – Dangerous!

  • Susan

    If this is true, someone has to take strong action to ban this product! It is widely sold all over South Africa, somebody stop them!!!

  • Vera

    SUE THEM! People who bought Secret Fat Burner may have legal recourse for a class action suit. Lodging criminal charges and taking civil action against the owners, advertisers and distributors is something to consider.
    The supplement market has no regulation and is awash with unscrupulous players.


    I have an under active thyroid en within a month of using the product my thyroid changed into dangerously overactive with terrible effects on my health. My dr has since changed my script but it is only now that I realize the real cause. A whole lot of dr bills and blood tests later and as it stands I am obviously still using the wrong dose of thyroid meds as it based on my medication not The Secret with its own nice thyroid hormones in!

  • Dimpho

    I suffered from heart palpitations and anxiety, I used to even sell it.My health went to the dogs and picked up that weight again.In future I will stay away from quick fixes

  • Natasja

    Please assist. I bought two bottles of fat burner..only just finished the one. I got terrible pain in the back of my shoulder and down my left arm…please advise if i can be refunded for second bottle.

    • Harris

      You can ask for your money back. If they refuse, remind them of the Consumer Protection Act, and if they still refuse, you can take your case to the CGCSA Ombudsman or the National Consumer Commission, or even lay a charge with the police.

  • barbara

    I use 4 botles of fat burner the secret and i feel soo bad y getin tired very fast antil foul down y recomend plese dont buy the secret also y get 5kl when i stop to use

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