Posted 10th August 2011

Rubedo is a weight-loss product that claims:

Rubedo Lifestyle Weight Loss System
• Lose Weight Fast
• Reduce your appetite
• Increase your fat burning
• Look and feel great

Mmmm…. Really? There is enough to make one not believe these claims and argue that this is probably another weight-loss scam.

How can I say this with such certainty?

The website states:

Rubedo is a powerful fat burner and appetite suppressant. The weight loss results achieved with Rubedo are fast and easy so that you can look good and feel great all the time.

Well there is no powerful fat burner or appetite suppressant in existence (except for some high risk scheduled drugs). 

It goes on to say:

Rubedo is approved by the Medical Council of South Africa and is manufactured from the highest quality ingredients ensuring your total safety.

Well readers, this is a blatant lie. At best they have a receipt number confirming that documents were submitted, and this means nothing.

And then to seduce you into believing the claims for this product, goes on to state:

South Africa has recently been plagued by slimming products that are either illegal or dangerous or both. As a result legislation was introduced which required that all complimentary medication first be approved by the Medical Council prior to being made available to the public.

Well this product joins the list of the plague!!

These are the ingredients in this product:

Ingredients contained in Rubedo


and a mixture of "B" complex vitamins

If you had access to Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database (Unbiased, Scientific Clinical Information on Complementary, Alternative, and Integrative Therapies), which unfortunately requires a paid subscription, you will see that there is no robust proof that these ingredients have any major effect on weight-loss! 

Who are the people behind this product?

John (no surname) and Ira Foster ("originates from Ukraine and is a fully trained nursing sister with extremely good medical knowledge")

Ruslana Retail CC
P.O.Box 282
Email – [email protected]
cell – 0845997433

The scam claims are made at the following websites:

19 comments to Rubedo

  • Lungie

    Mnx… I tried this product and nothing happened at all-no weight loss NOTHING…I MISS THINZ ORIGINAL-it worked wonders for me at a go,until I had a baby and thinz is no more…I hate all this baby-fat…Rubedo isnt effective!

  • Jenny

    I have also tried it and nothing. In fact, I'm eating more than before I started using it. So I've only picked up weight. Lost nothing 🙁

  • Jenny

    I have just googled Rubedo. The first 10 pages are just positive comments. Then I noticed at the bottom of the page of each website, is the name of the person who created/who is selling Rubedo. I must admit, it is very clever for those who are not computer literate. Rank yourself high on Google, all your websites, and when people try to search they only get positive comments.

  • John Foster

    Dear Mr Harris Steiner,
    As you leave no conatct details by which to email yourselves I have no choice but to contact you via your comments form.
    As you realise I am the person to whom you are referring to in the above review.
    1) It would be highly appreciated that before you print somthing that you first check your facts properly. You were quick enough to print my contact details so there is no excuse for you not contacting me before writing your incorrect remarks.
    Rubedo is formulated and produced by Dr Bailley not John Foster.  I am only a 3rd party marketing agent for the product.
    Rubedo is registered with the MCC with registration numbers 135927 and 135928, one for the liquid and one for the capsules. Please check this for yourself. 
    2) The reference on the websites to the "illegal and dangerous products" is specifically aimed at products such as Sibutrex and chinese slimming products (soft capsules and tea) which are being advertised both on and offline.
    These products are Sibutramine based and are being supplied freely without scripts. Perhaps your online reports on these type of products would be more useful to the public. I am not sure about you but I detest the illegal sale of dangerous medicines without control.
    3) You are entitled to quote your opinions as long as it is stated as being only your opinion and not fact.
    Despite your opinion the product works and I have many satisfied and happy customers. Of course it is not the same as the original Thinz or Phentermine but it is a safe and legal alternative.
    I would appreciate it if you would please reword or rewrite your article in lieu of the above.
    Please feel free to contact me regarding the above.
    John Foster
    cell 0845997433

  • Harris

    Response to above post:

    "Rubedo is formulated and produced by Dr Bailley not John Foster. I am only a 3rd party marketing agent for the product." I stand corrected. Is there any reason a Google search finds not a single "Dr Bailley"? Does he exist?

    "Rubedo is registered with the MCC with registration numbers 135927 and 135928". Not true. These at best are simply receipt numbers for documents submitted to the MCC. The product is NOT registered.

    "Perhaps your online reports on these type of products (Sibutramine based) would be more useful to the public." We do point these out on this site. But by you highlighting these does not suggest that yours are any less safe or effective.

    "You are entitled to quote your opinions as long as it is stated as being only your opinion and not fact." Until proof is supplied that the product works, the fact is that there is no proof that it does. Substitute "AIDS cure" for your product and you will appreciate what I am stating.

    ". . . but it is a safe and legal alternative". There is no proof that either of these two points are true.

    And pointedly:
    Does one not judge an individual by his actions, in toto?
    If so, what does these sites registered to John Foster say about John Foster?

    If anyone would like to communicate with John Forster, here are some extra details:

    60 Porter Rd, Dunnottar, (Nigel) 1590, South Africa (Phone: 084 599 7433 / Email: [email protected]

    Dr Harris Steinman

  • Roy

    It would be very useful to see a copy of the Certificate of Registration for Rubedo. This certificate must be provided by the Registrar of Medicines whenever a product is registered (or "approved") by the MCC. Perhaps John Foster or Dr Baillie could send a copy to Dr Steinman so that it could be verified. Alternatively, the number and date of the Government Gazette in which "Rubedo's" registration was published – as must happen with all medicines which the MCC has registered. Otherwise, as Dr Steinman has so succintly stated: "Not true"!

  • Cindy

    I was just about to order my supply of Rubedo – thanks for this artical.  It has confirmed by intial skepticism.

  • Kim

    I've just taken my first two tablets and am now concerned reading the above comments.
    I bought the product on the basis that a friend has lost 5kg in one month of being on the product.

  • Harris


    I cannot vouch that your friend has lost 5 kg, but I do know that often people who take even sugar pills, and believe that they will lose weight, do because they consciously or unconsciously watch what they eat. I can tell you that the manufacturers/sellers of this product have no health background, but simply put together a mix of ingredients, and without a shred of evidence why the product should work or does work,  that they hope will at least make you give up your hard earned money to them.

  • Cath

    the official website "rubedo lifestlye" is owned by someone named 'roux taljaardt" not sure who that may be.. but no mention of a dr so and so there either.. really thinking its just a bunch of flavoured water and sugar pills… It shouldnt be so difficult to find out the manufacturer and who formulated it etc if they have nothing to hide? seems fishy. 

  • Harris


    Thanks for the update, time to lay a complaint with the ASA!

  • Naomi

    I was JUST about to order my supply of Rubedo. Thank goodness for something like a sixth sense! I read the article about Rubedo by a so called “John”. I placed the order but before I put down my Credit card details my sixth sense kicked in. Thank you for the article.

  • gena

    since everyone of you is so clever at these things, could you perhaps tell me; if Rubedo isnt worth it, which product is? like really, wich product is legit ‘n everything, that will really work?

  • Harris

    Sadly there is simply no good product available! All the quick-fixes are useless. Only changing the way you eat, exercise and your attitude and approach to food is of any use. This is where the advise from a good dietitian is worth her weight in gold!


    Thank you for your research i was just about to purchase when I thought i would check first thank goodness i did

  • Andy

    Firstly SA needs an online watch dog to screen sites that sell such products or make claims about products that actually DONT do what they say it should and shut these sites down. Its like those 911 scammers that mushroom up, its about time people who sell these quick fix products to unsuspecting individuals be brought to book and held accountable.

    I have to agree with Harris get a good eating plan and exercise is the only safe and true way to achieve proper weight loss goals.

    As for ‘’ this site is still up and running and as I sit here typing I cannot help but feel sorry for all the poor unsuspecting people buying this product! this site needs to come down, those who had no result from this product should please post on ‘Hello Peter’ and face book and twitter its a much bigger community and if enough people know about this Rubedo product that does not work it can be stopped and the ‘culprits’ who are selling this product will be left high and dry. So get the word out people and save someone from wasting their hard earned money.

  • Nunu

    Well, well well what do you know. Thanks for the article. Money saved for better use.

  • Bonnie


    Oh my just ordered – got an sms that the money is gone but no confirmation email.
    Doubt I will get it 🙁

  • Michelle

    Only Lungie and sadly Harris are correct, time to get all this money making rubbish off the shelves – ALL of it – there is nothing left that works.

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