Response from Marcelle du Plessis (BodyDetox/Miracle Magnesium)

Posted 05 October 2013

We received the following response to our expose of Marcelle du Plessis of BodyDetox, the owner and seller of a range of products including Miracle Magnesium.

She contends that “[M]ost of the other allegations in your article are also factually incorrect and devoid of truth.”

Unfortunately for Marcelle her response made us dig deeper and reach further sources; our initial posting is not only supported by new sources, but a range of further claims have been made showing Marcelle du Plessis in a worse light.

We post her response below and intersperse these with our responses to her claims.


Response from Marcelle du Plessis to our posting:
Marcelle du Plessis / BodyDetox / Platinum Lifestyle / Miracle Magnesium

1 October 2013
20 Lynburn Avenue Lynnwood Manor 0081
PO Box 1221 Sliverton 0127

Dear Sirs,

We received your notice confirming that an “An investigative journalist has

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9 comments to Response from Marcelle du Plessis (BodyDetox/Miracle Magnesium)

  • Xena

    After your article on Marcelle du Plessis, I’m just wondering what she’s going on about on Radio Pretoria ” pasop vir die goedkoop namaaksels” if she is the one that is selling “namaaksels” ALL her products are copied from someone else that originally supplied her. FACT!!!

  • Dewald

    Dr. Harris, thank you for pointing this out to us the public. I saw the advertisement in the Sunday Rapport that takes up a whole page. I was going to buy it today but first thought that I would see what more I can find on the internet about it. I was shocked to read how this woman is misleading the public to enrich herself. The victims here are mostly old, sick and people in pain and she obvious do not have a conscience at all.

  • Ann Langeveld

    I purchased this product on Friday last week. My colleague in the office told me that she saw something in Die Beeld about the products. Well I have used the spray on various parts of my body which is racked with osteoporosis and live on tramacet tablets – well I dont know if its a figment of my imagination but I have to admit that I have found some relief. I have not taken any pain tablets in two days. I have not had any side effects excepts as they have stated if anything it makes your tummmy go. That has definately happened but I definately have relief. I even have swollen fingers when I get up in the mornings and have used the spray and today I could get my rings on my fingers again.
    It is a worrying factor as I have had breast cancer and recently was diagnosed by my oncologist with bone cancer then while on the radiation table my hip broke. The only way we found out that I dont have bone caner is when I had my hip replacement. I had 7 sessions of 25 minutes each on my hip and back. I now experience excuriating back pain and the spray for whatever reason has given me relief.
    Yes I would like to be kept up to date with the case.
    Ann Langeveld

  • Ronald Kurtz

    I have read a lot of claims and counterclaims as to the workings of Manesium Oil/Spray products.
    It seems to me that at this stage there is no scientific basis to support the claims being made by the maufacturers of these products. I found it however strange that the regulatory authorities have not taken this matter up through legal means for the sake of public interest and through that at least get interim interdictory relief until the claims or counterclaims are proven. I say so, because if the claims made by the makers of the products are not true in the scientific sense, the public is not only duped out of money but are more importantly at huge risks as to their health. What if these products at worse case could be poisonous to the body?
    Also, what basis does pharmacies use to sell products which have so much public controversy.
    This product is really causing my stomach to run. Is this because of the laxative effects or could it be to do with the unhygienic production methods?
    The authorities must do something on an urgent basis to demystify this case.

  • Rebekka

    lol …. you people are hilarious! just because BEELD published something, you believe it! I use the products from time to time and they DO in fact have some beneficial effects. EVERY time you use a product for your health, there are claims on the packaging. why on earth are you people only focusing on one product. Obviously Dr Harris has tried to discredit this company by saying they cook their mixtures in unhygenic conditions. It is not necessary to say it about ALL the products if he could just create enough doubt about something small… its infectious enough. The irony about this is that you’ll all be taking the Guardacil vaccine that has actually killed nearly 200 people (well, the number is very conservative since it has to be ratified by the very companis that sells the stuff) and destroyed the lives of thousands of people, some of whom are paralyzed or hospitalized indefinitely, others who became STERILE and yet others who lost the use of the limbs where the injection site was. hahahahaha… suck up the rot, the lot of you, and when you wake up due to the horrors in your life directly as a result of over medication and blind trust in an industry hell bent on creating turnover and rebound business, you will at least have each other to lean on, but don’t be expecting any sympathy from Dr Harris here, he’s not really into tackling the real medical crime because they have better lawyers. check out the VAERS website – co managed by the CDC – so even the worst skeptics can relate.

    • Harris

      You do make a number of unsubstantiated claims. Without proof, they may be true, they may be false.
      CAM producers, like Big Pharma, are in the business of making money. Both have members who are guilty of cheating consumers and selling unsafe products. My claims for this company is specific to this company based on people who work/worked for the company. I am tackling the real crime, but I focus on this side of medicines for others focus on the other side. And real medical crime is as much a problem of some Big Pharma medicines as it is with CAM medicines – I do not favour one over the other, I favour proof over no proof.

  • Hettie

    To those believing in Miracle Magnesium the following research facts called the “Placebo Effect”. An imaginary feeling of well being: A placebo (/pləˈsiboʊ/ plə-see-boh; Latin placēbō, “I shall please”[2] from placeō, “I please”)[3][4] is a simulated or otherwise medically ineffectual treatment for a disease or other medical condition intended to deceive the recipient. Sometimes patients given a placebo treatment will have a perceived or actual improvement in a medical condition, a phenomenon commonly called the placebo effect.

  • Paul

    Dit wil voorkom asof niks die vervaardigers van die Miracle Magnesium en aanverwante produkte sal/sou/kan stop nie. Verder is ek ook bekommerd oor die feit dat die navorsing oor die produkte ook nie na alle apteke versprei word nie of, alternatiewelik, dat die aptekersvereniging nie die navorsing onder sy lede versprei nie of dat aptekers gewoon net nie die navorsing tot hulle beskikking lees nie. Ek is, tydens my laaste besoek aan “my” apteek om my voorskrifmedisyne te kry, verras met ‘n gratis botteltjie olie. Indien apteke en aptekers sulke ongetoetste, selfs gevaarlike, produkte nou namens die vervaardigers begin versprei watter waarborg het die publiek dat anders produkte wat gebruik word om voorskrifmedisyne te vervang (generiese medisyne), toelaatbaar en veilig is en nie ‘n gesondheidsgevaar inhou nie!

  • Edwina Lawer

    I have been using the blue spray for years and it is wonderful. It brought my osteo from bad to normal on my bone density tests. I need her contact nr to order, since there is no stock on Dischem or any other shelves. I can feel the decline since I had to stop using it due to this.

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