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Posted 01 March 2013

My attention has been drawn to the Reshape “Medically Assisted Weight Loss Program. A consumer asked if the diet is safe?The diet is based on the ideas of Dr ATW Simeons. Dr Thys Heyns writes on the Reshape website: ” . . made me even more positive about this revolutionary weight loss protocol that was introduced to the world by Dr ATW Simeons”.  Reshape logo


There are a few things you need to know about this diet:

Although not a scientific source of information, Wikipedia has this to say about Dr ATW Simeons: “Dr. Albert T. W. Simeons was the leading exponent of a weight-loss scheme based on human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). In 1954, he published a book called “Pounds and Inches”, and a paper in the Lancet on his theories. Scientific consensus does not support Simeons’s claims, finding no weight loss attributable to the use of hCG.”

Furthermore, if Dr Heyns is using a homeopathic version of HCG, then it has no active component. The USA Food and Drug Administration has stated that over the counter hCG products marketed as weight loss aids are unproven and illegal, including allleged hCG products marked as “homeopathic”.

The HCG diet has been studied in randomized trials that have included control groups receiving a placebo (saline) injection instead of HCG. In almost every case, researchers found that any weight loss was entirely due to the low-calorie diet. A meta-analysis (combined analysis) of 24 studies published in 1995 concluded that there is no scientific evidence that HCG causes weight loss, redistributes fat, reduces hunger, or creates a feeling of well-being.” [3] (and no subsequent studies to support this diet has been published subsequently. “I do not recommend the HCG diet. The calorie intake is too low to provide adequate nutrition . . . ” [3]

Read these associated postings on CamCheck to get the full picture:

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Dr-Heyns-Web-size-200x300 The person behind the Reshape diet is Dr Thys Heyns


On the Reshape website’s product page, the following product is advertised:

Dr Heyns’ Cellulite Cream:
“The Ingredients: Dr Heyn’s Cellulite Cream contains a unique combination of the following three ingredients; Aminophylline, Caffeine and Yohimbine. The three main ingredients of the cream have been shown to reduce cellulite by improving the metabolism of the abnormal fat cells.”

One very big problem: Yohimbine is banned in South Africa. Oops?!

Below are scientific peer-reviewed articles stating that the evidence does not support this diet (there are no recent studies that do):

  1. W V Med J. 2011 Jan-Feb;107(1):12-3. “There they go again”–hCG and weight loss. Toffle RC. 
  2. WebMD Expert Review. The Truth About hCG for Weight Loss. By Kathleen M. Zelman, MPH, RD, LD
  3. Harv Womens Health Watch. 2010 May;17(9):8. By the way, doctor. I’ve been trying to lose weight for a long time and nothing seems to work. What do you know about the HCG diet? Robb-Nicholson C.
  4. Br J Clin Pharmacol. 1995 Sep;40(3):237-43. The effect of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in the treatment of obesity by means of the Simeons therapy: a criteria-based meta-analysis. Lijesen GK, Theeuwen I, Assendelft WJ, Van Der Wal G.

2 comments to ReShape Weight-loss Program

  • Elise Brody

    I read your review with interest. On xxx HCG injection and diet protocol I lost 12kg safely and effectively over a 14 week period. I have a PhD in Biochemistry, also did three years med school, which means that I am very familiar with the chemistry of the body and conducted very thorough research on HCG before emparking on it. Admittedly the first few days was difficult for me, being a little hungry, but not so much that I ever felt ill or faint from it. As soon as my Hypothalamus sprang into action, the hunger disappeared. What a pleasant surprise to see that the HCG protocol normalised my fasting blood sugar totally. It went from an average of 9mmol every morning to a constant 4.9- 5.2mmol daily. With the weight loss, my hypertension was very positively treated.

    During the treatment and diet, I had energy, felt less lethargic in the morning and enjoyed a feeling of overall wellbeing after the first month. Obviously having stable blood sugar added to this overall feeling of wellbeing.

    I am ready to embark on my second phase, six months later, since I have another 12kg to lose. I maintained my weightloss during the six months since my first round ended, all through Christmas and New Year, a holiday and my birthday party. I recommend it to anyone who has weight to lose.

    • Harris

      Congratulations on losing weight.

      If you did have a Ph.D in Biochemistry, you would have sufficient knowledge of how to do proper research on the HCG injection efficacy. You may have even seen, among other, this on the University of Stellenbosch website titled hCG diet an ineffective, potentially harmful weight-loss treatment which happens to agree with other international research on this subject.

      This does not mean that you did not lose weight, but could be solely attributed to having kept to the diet protocol.
      I recommend a diet protocol to anyone who has weight to lose.

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