Refunds sent to purchasers of deceptively advertised Quell

Posted 11 November 2020

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced that it is sending 70,142 checks and PayPal payments totaling $3,864,824 to consumers nationwide who bought Quell, a wearable device claimed to treat chronic pain throughout the body when placed below the knee.
Reference: FTC refunds almost $3.9 million to purchasers of deceptively advertised Quell wearable pain-relief device. FTC press release, Sept 8, 2020

Massachusetts-based NeuroMetrix, Inc. and its CEO, Shai Gozani, touted Quell—a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation device—as “clinically proven” and “FDA cleared” for widespread chronic pain relief, but the FTC charged that the marketers lacked scientific evidence to support chronic pain-relief claims, and their claims about clinical proof and the scope of FDA clearance for this use were false. Under an order settling the FTC’s charges, NeuroMetrix, Inc. and its CEO agreed to to stop making such claims and to pay $4 million to the Commission for refunds.

Source: Consumer Health Digest #20-44, November 8, 2020

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