Raspberry ketones and weight loss – bull!

12 June 2013

At the moment, the world appears to be crazy about the raspberry ketones diet following an endorsement by Dr Oz.

Is there evidence to support the claims in favour of raspberry ketones and weight-loss? Would you believe, not a single study has evaluated whether this ingredient has any benefit in weight loss! Correct, not one!

Sites that promote this product will give some scientific plausibility in support of the claims – but this is purely pseudoscience twaddle, i.e., sounds scientifically valid but the simple truth is this: not a single study has been performed to assess whether this product has any benefit for weight-loss.

Here are a number of reputable articles that will give you some good background info on this scam diet.

  • What They Don’t Want You to Know About Raspberry Ketones, by Becky Hand, published in The Huffington Post.
  • Raspberry ketone: Be wary of this diet trend, by Chris Kilham, published on FoxNews.com
  • Is Raspberry Ketone Effective for Weight Loss?, by Gayle Nicholas Scott,  published on Medscape
  • Raspberry Ketones, published on Examine.com
    (An excellent scientific examination – “The concentration which is required to have fat burning effects is astronomically high, and the oral doses used in the rat studies similarly high. Low oral doses of raspberry ketones really need to be tested, but I honestly don’t expect much from them.”)
  • Red Raspberry Ketone – Little research supports the weight-loss supplement, by Clare Dyczkowski  and Christin L Seher, published in Today’s Dietitian

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