Questions to StemEnhance

Posted 2 July 2010 

For Attention:

Mr Ray Carter:

CEO: StemEnhance

23 August 2009

I am writing in response to your letter dated 31st July 2009. Apparently, it was sent in response to my letter to Ms. Livingston where I asked for information regarding the claims made in relation to your product Stem Enhance. It is unfortunate that in response I am threatened with a lawsuit even though I am fully entitled under South African law to request the information regarding your product. Ms Livingston acknowledged that there is not a single trial to confirm the efficacy for the claims being made for StemSport, for the dosage recommended, etc.

I became aware of your product because you approached the media to promote your products without having addressed the concerns of any of the professional medical community in South Africa actively working in this area. I am entitled as part of Read the rest

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