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Quantum Xrroid Interface System (QXCI), EPFX, or SCIO

Posted 12 November 2012

“Another device in this category, known alternately as the Quantum Xrroid Interface System (QXCI), EPFX, or SCIO, is said to balance the body’s “bio-energetic forces.” Neither the existence of such forces nor an ability to manipulate them has been documented scientifically. The creator of this device fled to Hungary after being indicted on charges of fraud in the United States but still sells his machine internationally from abroad. In 2008, the FDA banned importation of the device, although it is still used by US practitioners and is purchased by patients in North America.[31] The American Cancer Society strongly cautions cancer patients against using such devices for treatment.[32]”

Cancer Quackery: The Persistent Popularity of Useless, Irrational ‘Alternative’ Treatments 
 By Barrie R. Cassileth, MS, PhD1, IIan R. Yarett, BA 1,2 
ONCOLOGY. Vol. 26 No. 8

1 Integrative Medicine Service, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, New York
2 Assistant Editor, Newsweek

[31] Barrett S. Some notes on the Quantum Xrroid (QXCI) and William C. Nelson. 2009. Available from: 01QuackeryRelatedTopics/Tests/xrroid.html. Accessed 25 July 2012. 

[32]  American Cancer Society. Questionable methods of cancer management: electronic devices. CA Cancer J Clin. 1994;44:115-27. 

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