Quantum Logic: Dark Field Blood Analysis and Quantum Biofeedback food stress test

Posted 02 August 2018

Quantum Logic’s website promotes a number of health modalities. Two in particular caught our interest: Dark Field Blood Analysis and Quantum Biofeedback food stress test.

Owner, Chris de Beer “recommends a Dark Field Blood Analysis and Quantum Biofeedback food stress test  as the first sensible step towards a 100% personalised diet, long term eating plan – determining which foods cause positive  or negative reactions for you – and an exercise regime. During the Dark Field Blood Analysis you will see a live drop of your blood magnified by a microscope on a computer screen; watch the activities, condition, and number of red as well as white blood cells; see what your cholesterol situation is; and whether there are parasites lurking in your blood –  the carrier of all nutritional and other matter to every nook and cranny of your body”.

Both these tests are unproven, unsubstantiated, and have been regarded by many credible scientists as ‘scams’. This does not suggest that the user utilising these tests are scam artists but that they may have been duped into believing that these tests work: but neglected to do a thorough check to see that they are indeed without merit.

Dark Field Blood Analysis is also known as Live Blood Analysis. Read more about this test here.

The Quantum Biofeedback food stress test is basically a modified Vega or Best Test, shown many years ago to be without any merit. Read more here.

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