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Podgy meets dodgy (Slender Gel)

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An article from the December 2010 edition of the magazine, noseweek, titled “Podgy meets dodgy”, on the Advertising Standards ruling against Slender Max / Slender Gel / Hoodia Slender Gel, and the two individuals behind this “scam” (and their home address!).

“Some of our readers may not read Vroukeur, so we would like to bring to their attention that the snake oil salesmen at Planet Hoodia CC, who advertise Slender Gel, Slender Max and Hoodia Gordonii in that magazine, and who boast that these products “target stubborn fat”, “guarantee weight loss'”, and result in a “noticeable reduction in cellulite”, were, on 29 October, ordered by the Advertising Standards Authority to place the following statement in Vrouekeur:

“The Authority noted that since February 2009 the respondent has had more than ten rulings issued in relation to its advertising. Of these ten, two required voluntary under-takings to change its advertising, three were upheld on the merits, four were instances where the respondent was found to be in breach of previous rulings, and two imposed a sanction on the respondent… As of yet, the directorate has not seen any proof of the claimed weight loss and cellulite reduction effects.”

Translation: these are dodgy characters and the products should be avoided.

Who might the dodgy characters behind Planet Hoodia be? None other than Christopher and Jasmine Anne Grindlay who live in style on the back end of Table Mountain, at 11 Fisherman’s Bend Road, Llandudno. Just thought you should know.”

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