PGC3 Pure Garcinia Cambogia

Posted 22 November 2013

These are the faces of scam artists, Jasmine Grindlay and Chris Grindlay, the owners of Slimbetti. The ASA has repeatedly ruled against the claims for their products and issued Ad Alerts, which tells magazines and newspapers to not accept their adverts: in order to protect you, the consumer. The Grindlays show no remorse – they contact magazines and convince them that the ASA has allowed them to advertise again (personal communication with Vrouekeur), and adverts are accepted until a consumer lays a complaint again, and the ASA intervene again. Read more about these individuals and their web of deceit.



Why are we telling you all this? Well to explain that these individuals, have now come up with a new scam product, called PGC3 Pure Garcinia Cambogia – and not sold via the Slimbetti website, but its own.

And as usual, the claims are Read the rest

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  • David

    A large advertisement in the “People” Magazine had my wife motivated to immediately purchase the product. All I did was go online and get another perspective and really glad I did.
    Why are the magazines allowed to carry scams such as these without being held responsible for the damage being done to consumers??
    This scam is being potentiated by the “People” magazine and they should be exposed for doing so just for the collection of advertising fees!!

  • Me

    Do you want to tell me Dr OZ is also lying about this on national TV????
    Then why do they publish it doesn’t it leave him and National TV open for huge law suits?????
    Why do you only focus on these individuals and why don’t you refer to him and National TV he is actually the first one to have published it?????

  • Shydz

    Is there anyway to cancel this order? I place the order but have not yet received the products? I went after the Dr Oz recommendation and fell for this scam. I don’t want to spend 6 months paying for something that will not work – or not work sufficiently! Please help!

  • Your information about the dosage of pgc3 is not acurate, therefore I have my doubts about the acuracy of the rest of your information.

  • liz

    I see the writer of this article has great difficulty in answering the uncomfortable questions, to back up the claims in his article…… makes you wonder about the authenticity of his claims……

    • Harris

      The information of 400 mg twice a day was originally on the PGC3 website. I saw the packaging this week and it now states on it, 400 mg three times a day, which gives a total of 1200 mg per day, still far short of the study of 2,800 mg per day. An update has been posted.

    • Harris

      What “uncomfortable questions” are you referring to?

      There is something very sad about the fact that you are prepared to accept the word of the Grindlays for PGC3, who have been making claims for Slimbetti without a shred of evidence, over a review of the evidence by a team of pharmacists ( from Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database (“Unbiased, Scientific Clinical Information on Complementary, Alternative, and Integrative Therapies”).

  • shireen

    it clearly states that Dr Oz does not validate the product rather the ingredient, which is Garcinia Cambogia

  • Myself

    I have had the product for 2 weeks now and there is definitely NO effect on me at all. I have no reduced appetite, no weight loss (not even 1cm)and non of the promised. I am just scared of any damage that it could have caused in me within this 2 week period I’ve been taking it.

  • charmaine

    I too have been on the product for 3 weeks, and let me tell you absolutely NO BLOODY RESULTS! You people are SCAMMERS. This was my hard earned money that I put down, trusting and believing that this product works! IT DOES NOT WORK AND IS A WAIST OF MONEY AND TIME. Even the cream that you supposed to rub on your belly 30 min before meals is so runny and had spilt out when I received my lie of a holy grail of weight loss pills.

  • Thembi

    I am also a victim of this scam,their customer number no longer exists,and l received an SMS from them yesterday stating that l owe them 2700ZAR after paying my first instalment of 497ZAR out of the 6 months,they duped me to sign up for. I have gained weight for the past 2 months since taking PGC3, lol! I feel stupid for believing this scam!!!

  • Angela


  • Monica

    The powder they put inside the capsules is cocoa powder only. Can someone please stop these people? Put them in jail!! Its like the ponzi schemes on American Greed. Their day is coming too,they will get caught

  • shanna

    I have just purchased my slimbetti products and feel like a complete idiot, the number that has been calling me is different to the contact details of Jasmine & Christopher given. The number which has been calling me is 021 140 0111 the number they gave me to cancel is 076 888 6459. I will definitely be calling them to find out more! I will not be a victim.

  • Queen

    DO NOT WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY. They said a Dietitian will phone me once a week after signing up for the programme, it never happenned. When l phoned them a lady l spoke to was cold with no empathy and she told me that the reason for gaining 3 KGS in my first month is normal,really?? I signed up for losing weight, hello!!!!!!

  • pixie

    i have a question thats not related to diet pills. can u advise me on jamaican hair oil. i have to find out if it really thickens hair?

    • Harris

      There is no proof (scientific of otherwise except ‘claims’)that Jamaican hair oil can thicken hair. Is is possibly knowing the physiology of hair? The answer is that hair is ‘dead’, that is the only growing part is in the follicle and it is unlikely that the oils work even at this level. If this product was so effective, it would become a famous treatment – which it has not. It is likely that the oil perhaps can stick to hair more firmly than most oils and therefore create an illusion of thickness. Read here for a more detailed argument.

  • Reena

    I have been using pgc3 for three months and haven’t lost any weight I was told that I will lose 3 kg per month. I follow the instructions but still no change. I am very disappointed with this product I still have 3 more boxes left and I will return it.

    Dissatisfied customer

  • Conny

    I there any reliable product in the market that really works towards weight loss. ( particularly belly fat)

  • ZAMA

    I used their products before but I found that the PGC3 tablets do not work at all they are a complete waste of money what worked for me was the purple one called arcia berry which came as a free if you bought the PGC3 I lost almost 25kg in 2 months than the arcia berry supply got finished as I started the PGC3 weight loss stopped completely

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