Patients before paradigms – Debunking the paradigm defence

This excellent article written by Marcus Low has been posted at Quack down!.

He writes, among other:

" It is often argued that complementary or alternative medicines should not be judged or regulated according to the same criteria as pharmaceutical medicines. The argument is logically flawed and it also puts the interests of health providers ahead of patients." 

" The logical flaw in the paradigm defence is that it confuses the treatment paradigm with the outcome. There may be many healing paradigms worth exploring. But when it comes to testing and regulation we are interested in whether it works, not the paradigm." 

". . .  irrespective of the ‘paradigm’, medicines are all judged equally in terms of the evidence of efficacy and safety."

Read the full article at: http://www .quackdown.inf o/article/patients-paradigms/


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