Homemark Slim Freezer

Posted 06 July 2016

Homemark sells a product, Slim Freezer, which claims “Lose an average of 20% of your fat cells in the treated area with just 1 application a month“. Readers of CamCheck will be aware that Homemark has sold products, with little to no evidence that they work, to consumers.

In this instance, a company in the UK was selling the same/similar device.

Home Shopping Mall’s SlimFreezerHomemark Sim Freezer

A consumer laid a complaint with the UK ASA, who assessed the evidence and ruled against the claims being made for the device. In other words, there is insufficient evidence to confirm that this device is more than a toy.

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Homemark Aragan Eyelash Growth Enhancer – not actually!

Posted 10 February 2016

Homemark has advertised on television and on their website, that Aragan Secret Eyelash Growth Enhancer, can among other, “Increase[s] the length of your lashes and gives you noticeably thicker lashes within only 4-8 weeks of use”. [Our emphasis]

Homemark’s independent expert, Ms Janine Wilson of Botanichem CC, claimed that these claims were true and therefore the claims made for the product, to be valid. The study she evaluated claimed eyelash growth was roughly 1,1 mm for Homemark’s product and 0,9 mm for the competing product after one month. No proof was supplied that the ‘competing product’ can result in eyelash growth. Importantly, eyelashes normally grow  approximately 4,5 mm per a month!  As the ASA noted: “From this perspective, it is worth pointing out that the respondent’s product appears to have added 0,2mm of growth after a month’s worth of use. The Directorate is not Read the rest

Homemark / Aragan Secret Eyelash Growth Enhancer – ASA ruling

Posted 23 October 2015

A consumer complaint was laid against claims being made for Aragan Secret Eyelash Growth enhancer with an argument that there is no evidence that this product can enhance eyelash growth.

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Homemark Detox Tea – ASA breach ruling

Posted 05 July 2015

A consumer lodged a breach complaint against the Homemark’s DSTV commercial for Detox Tea, arguing that the respondent was making the same claims as previously ruled against: “Stimulate Digestive System”; “Fight Free Radicals”; “Enhance Immune System”;”Boost Energy Levels”. The ASA concluded that “The breach allegation is therefore upheld, with no additional sanctions imposed on the respondent at this time, save for the immediate removal of the relevant claims from its YouTube commercial, and any other media in which they may appear.”

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Homemark Aragan Oil – ASA breach ruling

Posted 15 June 2015

Homemark continues to make false claims for their product, Aragan Oil, claiming that it cured nail fungus, among other false claims in breach of a previous ASA ruling. In a complaint to the ASA, it was argued that Homemark has for more than 10 years scammed consumers, and that Homemark should be severely ‘punished’ – similar to a thief who has stolen before, and cannot now claim to not knowing what they are doing is wrong.

Although the ASA agreed that Homemark continued to make false claims in spite of a previous ASA ruling, that severe sanctions were not required.

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Homemark Detox Tea – ASA breach ruling

Posted 05 May 2015

This is an old ruling from February 2014 in which the complainant argued that Homemark claimed for this product, “H]as a laxative effect which helps the digestive system to eliminate toxins from the body through urea and sweating” is possible.” The ASA ruled that “[A]t present, the breach allegation must fail, because the respondent does not appear to be making the claims originally ruled against.”

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Homemark Aragan Secret Nail Treatment – still lying

Posted 08 September 2014

A consumer complaint was laid against Homemark’s packaging of its “Aragan Secret Nail Treatment”.  The complainant submitted, in essence, that the list of ingredients on the label is misleading as the actual product only contains peroxide. The complainant further added that the product in question is not manufactured in Israel contrary to what the packaging claims.

The ASA found that Homemark had not been able to supply proof to counter the complaint.

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Homemark Aragan Oil – no proof

Posted 31 January 2014

A consumer complaint was laid against a Homemark advert which promoted the Homemark’s “Aragan Secret Nail Treatment”, making claims such as: “Cure your nail fungus” and “Homemark’s tried and tested Aragan Secret Nail Treatment with Moroccan oil is guaranteed to clear discoloured nails, treats ingrown nails and gets rid of nail fungus once and for all …”. The complainant submitted that he has searched available literature on the benefits of Aragan oil, and there is nothing to suggest that it has any effect on fungus, or nails in general. 

Homemark was not able to supply any evidence that the product does treat or cure nail fungus. No surprise, it is a Homemark product!

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Homemark’s Inversion Femme – ASA breach complaint

Posted 11 November 2013

The ASA has previously ruled against a number of claims being made for this product. In this breach complaint, the complainant specifically referred to the claims “SLOW DOWN AGEING” and on “Anti-Age Total Beaute” [sic] and “Anti-Aging Total Beauty”. The ASA evaluated Homemark’s response and concluded that “Given the alteration in context, and given the noticeable amendment to the claims at issue, the Directorate is of the view that the current e-mail advertisement cannot be said to have breach the original ruling”.

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Homemark Slim Coffee

Posted 21 August 2012

Was Homemark still selling Slim Coffee in spite of ASA rulings? I say yes, Homemark says no.

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