NUTS – the film

Posted 05 April 2016

Nuts – the film, is a documentary on the mostly-true story of John Brinkley, who built an empire with a goat testicle impotence cure and a million watt radio station. It is directed by Penny Lane.

It is clear that nothing has changed since then, with many individuals manufacturing and selling products with claims that are either unsubstantiated, or simply outright scams.

It is the story of John R. Brinkley, (July 8, 1885 – May 26, 1942) “was a controversial American who fraudulently claimed to be a medical doctor (he had no legitimate medical education and bought his medical degree from a “diploma mill“) who became known as the “goat-gland doctor” after he achieved national fame, international notoriety and great wealth through the xenotransplantation of goat testicles into humans.” (Wikipedia)

In 1938, Brinkley’s old nemesis, Morris Fishbein, entered the picture again with a vengeance, publishing a two-part series called “Modern Medical Charlatans” that included a thorough repudiation of Brinkley’s checkered career, as well as exposing his questionable medical credentials. Brinkley sued Fishbein for libel and $250,000 in damages ($4,200,000 in current value). The trial began on March 22, 1939, before Texas judge R. J. MacMillan. A few days later, the jury found for Fishbein, stating that Brinkley “should be considered a charlatan and a quack in the ordinary, well-understood meaning of those words”. The jury verdict unleashed a barrage of lawsuits against Brinkley, by some estimates well over $3 million in total value. (Wikipedia)

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