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Posted 25 February 2014

NoNoOn the no!no! website, this product is advertised as effective for removing unwanted hair. The claim is: “With no!no! there’s no pulling, tearing or scraping, just a slow, smooth glide that gently and easily removes hair“.Well how effective is this product? tested this product and found it worthless! states:

“Six female staffers who normally shave their legs at least three times a week let hair grow for a week. We took pictures (no, you won’t find them on Instagram), then asked panelists to shave one leg as usual and use No No and its buffer on the other leg at least three times a week for six weeks. We compared before and after photos.

What we found: Panelists used words such as “prickly” and  “hairy” to describe how their legs felt after No No. All six said the treated leg was never hair- or stubble-free during the six weeks of testing. Something else that panelists noticed: the smell of burned hair. The final straw? Using No No took far longer than shaving—up to 25 minutes per leg. None of the panelists said they’d want to buy the device, though some described it as ‘cute.'”

Are we surprised?

No, not at all. The distributor/seller of this  product is MERVYN DAITZ, notorious for his selling of the RAYMA Balance Bracelet  and BodyTrim scams. Mervyn Daitz ignores ASA rulings and continues to hoodwink consumers into purchasing a bracelet which claims to “relieve the pain and discomfort associated with arthritis, trigeminal neuralgia, high blood pressure, poor circulation, rheumatism, headaches, migraines, gout, fibrositis, shoulder stiffness and backache” – but physiologically highly unlikely – and no proof that it does. 

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  • mervyn daitz

    1) Mervyn Daitz replies: I am a respected and upstanding member of the Durban business community and other than Dr. Steinman no one has ever questioned my integrity. During the course of the last 8 years my company Topline Innovations has sold more than 22,000 Rayma bracelets to the general public including politicians, leading captains of industry, some of the wealthiest families in South Africa and doctors who have recommended it to their patients. Worldwide more than 14 million of these bracelets have been sold. Our returns total 2% of our total turnover whereupon we immediately refund the customer (provided it is returned within 70 days of the purchase date) THE FULL PURCHASE PRICE due to the fact it did not relieve their particular ailment. not a single death has been recorded by persons who have used our bracelets. We have thousands of unsolicited testimonials attesting to the fantastic pain relieving properties of this bracelet which gained international recognition on the 4th April 1992 by obtaining the Silver Medal at the 20th SALON INTERNATIONAL DES INVENTIONS ET DES TECHNIQUES NOUVELLES DE GENEVE. So Dr. Steinman’s accusations that I sell scams and hoodwink consumers is a fabricated defamatory statement.

    2) Mervyn Daitz replies: The famous Australian Bodytrim weight loss system from Australia is advertised extensively in Australia on TV and in the media and is sold in pharmacies as well. It involves no medicine or pills but merely informs customers what to eat, when to eat and how to eat. 350,000 satisfied Australian customers currently use this system and in South Africa of all the Bodytrim units we have sold only 2 customers requested a refund due to the fact that the working hours of the one customer were too erratic and made it impossible to follow the system and the other simply was not interested to follow the system whereupon we immediately refunded their payments in full.

    3) Mervyn Daitz replies: The nono hair remover which sells in South Africa has worldwide sales of over 3 million units and in 2011 was voted BEST PRODUCT OF THE YEAR AT THE ANNUAL USA AWARDS and is endorsed by leading dermatologists in America as well as by many international magazine such as In Shape who call it Beauty break through of the year. Dr. Steinman reports on 6 dissatisfied users as proof that the product is not satisfactory when it has over 3 million satisfied users. Once again, any customer who is dissatisfied with the product and returns it within 60 days from date of purchase, receives a full refund of the purchase price the moment the product is returned to our offices. No questions asked. Nono -Yes Yes Dr. Steinman

    • Harris

      Mervyn Daitz writes that he is a respected and upstanding member of the Durban business community. There is no proof that he is, or is not. But this we can certainly state: does an upstanding person ignore ASA rulings? Does an upstanding person continue to sell a product without a shred of evidence that it works? Does an upstanding person lie?

      1. Rayma bracelets: it is not the number that have been sold or who has purchased them that supports whether a product works or not. Remember the Power Bracelet? It sold millions, was worn by prominent sportsmen and politicians, and yet turned out to be a major scam. Studies showed it did not work. There are no studies that show the Rayma bracelets work, at best a placebo. More: the claims are scientifically implausible and studies of similar products show that they just do not work. The fact that people did not return it means zero – many South African companies work on that business model knowing that SA consumers do not complain or return items. The fact that it won a silver medal in 1992 means nothing about whether it works or not. The event was simply a market place for inventions and the evidence that these products do not work was demonstrated AFTER the event.
      Readers should ask themselves this:
      Why is there not a single study since 1992 been done to show that the product works?
      Why has Mr Daitz been unable to supply the ASA with evidence that it does?
      Why is Mr Daitz making claims for this product AFTER the ASA ruled against the claims?

      2. Bodytrim weight loss system: Prof Jobson lodged a claim against the claims for this product with the ASA. Mr Daitz could not supply ANY proof that the claims were possible. Simple. Lots of scams are sold on TV and in pharmacies; being sold here does not negate it from being a scam. Is Mr Daitz also a liar? In the ASA Bodytrim ruling, the point was made: “When pressed for clarity over whether or not it intends to use some of the other claims not dealt with in the ACA opinion, it advised that it was assessing the future viability of distributing Bodytrim products in South Africa and will not be publishing any new advertising in the near future. Should it wish to publish advertising for Bodytrim, the advertising will be submitted for pre-clearance.” ( Was it? Or course not!
      Is there any proof that 350,000 Australian customers currently use this system and are satisfied? Of course not.
      Is there any real proof that the product works? Of course not. Testimonials may be simply placebo responses – give us evidence!

      3. nono hair remover: As mentioned for Rayma bracelets, an award for a new invention does not mean it works! Power Bracelet sold far more millions and was still a scam. The 6 “dissatisfied users” were actually individuals who were testing the product for efficacy – not ordinary “users”. I would trust long before Mr Daitz! 452 reviews for this product. 291 gave 1 star, 50 gave 2 star. Only 49 gave 5 stars. 7,050 of 7,165 people found the following 1 star review helpful “Doesn’t work . .” 54 reviews – 33 gave it 1 star. 486 of 518 people found the following 1 star review helpful: “Huge disappointment”

  • Harris

    I neglected to mention that the UK ASA also ruled against the claims for BodyTrim in 2009!

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