Nattokinase hype scrutinised

Posted 11 October 2023

McGill University science advocate Jonathan Jarry took a close look at the hype for nattokinase supplements and was not impressed.
Reference: Jarry J. Nattokinase’s clot-busting promises sway scientists who should know better. McGill Office for Science and Society, Aug 4, 2023

His key messages are:

  • Nattokinase is an enzyme secreted by bacteria when fermenting soybeans during the making of the traditional Japanese food known as natto.
  • Nattokinase dietary supplements are claimed to help prevent and treat cardiovascular disease, although the studies done so far are not rigorous enough to support this claim.
  • It is not known for certain what happens to nattokinase in the human body when taken by mouth.
  • Anti-vaccine influencers are selling nattokinase supplements as a way to “detox” from the spike protein contained in the COVID-19 vaccines, an idea that is not based on good science.

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