Multilevel-marketing conference videos available

Posted 29 March 2023

Videos of sessions from the online conference “Multilevel Marketing: The Consumer Protection Challenge 2023,” are now available to be viewed for free. The event was the third annual multilevel-marketing (MLM) conference sponsored by The College of New Jersey School of Business.

  • Session 1 addressed how some current MLM businesses operate and outlined recent legal cases.
  • Session 2 featured activists who are critical of MLM on social media.
  • Session 3 focused on MLM industry documents, statements, and behaviors. It included a talk by Dr. Stephen Barrett on the types of harm caused by the multilevel marketing of useless health products, how ZYTO devices are used to offer baseless recommendations for multilevel-marketed health products, and baseless health claims made for multilevel-marketed Healy devices. (Quackwatch has detailed reports on the ZYTOand Healy devices.)
  • Session 4 focused on the Business Opportunity Rule and other recent MLM news.

Videos of the 2022 MLM conference are also available.

Source: Consumer Health Digest #23-13, March 26, 2023

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