Moducare is a South African product being sold locally as well as in the UK, among other countries. On the index page of the UK based website,, the following claim was made: "Internationally recognized research using Moducare®, shows that this proprietary extraction of plant nutrients helps to bring overall balance to your immune system."

I laid a complaint with the UK ASA on the 9th May 2011 which has resulted in the company removing this claim from the website. (UK ASA website; Adjudications – Informally Resolved Cases: Huxley Europe 15 June 2011.) This would suggest that there was insufficient evidence to support this claim.

2 comments to Moducare

  • Kathy

    I give Moducare to my dog who was severely neglected and covered with mange. When the mange cleared I ran out of Moducare and within a few weeks the mange was back. Back onto Moducare and he is fine again. I am sold on the product.

  • Colleen

    My husband has been using Moducare for years. During winter my daughters and I would always suffer from colds or flu (spreading from one to the next) and he would not get sick. As a result we began to take it when we felt symptoms such as sore throat, sneezing, etc and we never got debilitating flu. Whether it’s the product itself or psychosomatic I don’t know but it works for us.

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