MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution), still unsafe and a scam

Posted: 16 February 2012

We have previously posted about MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution).

There are a few individuals and companies still selling MMS in South Africa, in spite of evidence that this is a scam, lack of proof for claims, and inadequate safety data. One of these is Another is which redirects you to Tina van der Maas, of “beetroot, garlic and lemon for AIDS/HIV” fame, also promotes this product for AIDS, Malaria and Cancer. Surely a death sentence.

Locally the seller/manufacturer of this scam product are:

They claim that the product is registered with the Medicines Control Council. A complete lie.

Health Canada has weighed in, stating: “Health Canada is advising Canadians that using Read the rest

21 comments to MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution), still unsafe and a scam

  • Colleen

    Your reference to Hands down Distribution as being the manufacturer/distributor of faith drops is incorrect.. Kindly get your facts straight. Thank you.

  • Harris


    I agree that it is not available on the Hands Down website. Please explain it in this context, where Hands Down was clearly involved?

  • Colleen

    Faith Drops has a NAPPI Code and although it is manufactured here in SA and is awaiting full registration as are 60 thousand other applicants as you very well know (for alternative medicines) – it is fully registered in the Ivory Coast, DRC, Mauritius and various other French countries. We DISTRIBUTE on behalf of Damaansa Holdings. DO NOT try and connect Hands Down, Damaansa Holdings, Faith Drops or any subsidiaries to MMS. Our product has a Sodium Chlorite additive which is NOT the 28% pure sodium chlorite solution as per Mr. Humbles concoction. Our main additives are the 16 compounds that make up the patented formula. None of us involved with FAITH DROPS have any problem being mentioned on your site but at least have the courtesy to ascertain the exact truth of things or visit the patent office (Spoor & Fisher) to review all of our data, research and findings. The MCC has our information and once they have an actual department that can handle and do the correct classification of our product – they will then proceed with publishing the data of our product. Until then they have informed us that they do NOT have the expertise in order to finalise our registration. Both Hands Down AND Edelweiss are reputable companies, not scams or bogus as you intimate. Why do you hide behind this email facade? Provide me with a physical company address in order for me to proceed with legal action for defamation. Put your contact details out in the open where EVERYONE can see WHO you actually are.
    Its all nice and cosy taking pot shots at people – but you hide… not good!!! You can contact me via the provided email address and i will gladly provide you with contact details so that we can take this matter further.

  • Harris

    Visitors reading the above posting should read the posting with the following facts:
    1. A NAPPI code means absolutely nothing about effectiveness.
    2. Medical Aids do not refund anyone for using this product.
    3. There are 155,000 unregistered complimentary products on the SA market (Minister of Health) (not 60,000)
    4. This product is NOT registered with the MCC. Claiming it will be registered is hope, but very unlikely.
    5. A patent is not proof of efficacy. Many patents do not work, they are simply ideas that have been patented
    6. Colleen will not be able to post a single peer-reviewed study confirming that this product works in target populations.
    7. The ASA asked for proof that this product works. Colleen (MMS) were unable to supply adequate proof.
    8. I did not intimate that Both Hands Down AND Edelweiss are bogus or scams.
    9. Spoor & Fisher are not a patent office, they are a group of lawyers.
    10. Email your evidence that this product works to me so that I can post it to this blog. Bet you won’t. Bet you will find an excuse.

  • Colleen

    As I said Harris. Pot Shots. I have over 5000 pages of research and trials. I already asked for an address to be sent to me so I can get this delivered to you.
    Any person that has the time to sit counting exactly HOW MANY unregistered products are available in SA sadly has far too much time on his/her hands. As explained to you RIGHT IN THE VERY BEGINNING – we are listed for registration. The misunderstanding with regard to how YOU would like us to word our sentences was cleared up some time ago – or so i thought. I AM NOT MMS nor do I or any of my companies have anything to do with MMS – so trying to link me that way is a bit childish to say the least. Spoor and Fisher are one of the TOP legal firms in SA that deal with patent registrations – so please do not continually nit pick. It is beneath you (or perhaps not). The ASA did not ask for proof of anything…. they simply told me that until the product is registered here in SA we may not use the terms: cure, heal or treat…. just as 50 million zillion other applications may not use those words….(perhaps you need to go and count that number to check in case I am again in error. You again intimate that either myself or Edelweiss are bogus/scam – for by your very words “I did not intimate that Both Hands Down AND Edelweiss are….” that clearly states that then ONE of us is. Either way you are treading a very thin line there.
    Provide me with your address – right here – right now and lets sort this out. Email me privately at the email address above if you are concerned about your privacy. But I am quite busy and dont have time to deal with your pot shots every so often.

  • Harris

    Readers may be convinced by Colleen’s posting claiming that she has 5,000 pages of research and trials. This is unlikely.

    1. ALL reputable trials and studies are printed in peer-reviewed journals. These articles can be searched using Web-based science databases, e.g., PubMed, MEDLINE, EMBASE, the Cochrane Library, Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database and others. PubMed comprises more than 22 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books. Not a single study has been published in support of MMS. Furthermore, the FDA and Health Canada have spoken out against MMS. Given that Americans sue very quickly if government is wrong, MMS would have – but have not because the evidence in favour of MMS is absent. Zero.

    2. The TAC laid a complaint against MMS in 2011 with the Advertising Standards Authority. If the evidence for MMS was sufficient, the ASA would have ruled in MMS’s favour. MMS supplied no evidence – the ASA did not rule in their favour. [1]

    3. Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database which SUPPORTS alternative treatments (“Unbiased, Scientific Clinical Information on Complementary, Alternative, and Integrative Therapies”) states: “Advise patients not to take this product.” [2]

    Colleen writes that the ASA “they simply told me that until the product is registered here in SA we may not use the terms: cure, heal or treat.” So why are they doing exactly what they have been told that they are not allowed to do?!

    I have tried to find the patent issued to MMS and cannot. Colleen, please supply the registration number so that I can verify this for myself.

    I have posted evidence that Edelweiss and Hands Down was involved in “Faith Drops”, another name for Miracle Mineral Solution. I have posted the evidence. [3]

    I have created a shared Dropbox folder for Colleen to share her proof with me. Please do.

    And readers will note, I am not taking “pot shots” at Colleen: I have merely stated unemotional incontrovertible facts.


  • Kevin

    Hard to believe anyone who can make an accusation of “childish” in the same paragraph as “50 million zillion”.

  • Phyllis

    I just came upon this website and find it rather interesting that people can put time and energy into try to prove this product is a scam and it’s investor a fraud, yet when we look around at our so-called legit medical system driven by greed and an overzealous, albeit callous pharmecuetical industry how could MMS be seen as a threat and a scam? I also would like to know why this same amount of energy is not being invested in calling out the big cat pharmaceutical companies that pedal poisons to the massess–racking up thosuands of deaths per year; leaving in it’s wake millions of side effects and dibilitating health issues while shamelessly reeling in billions!! Think about it!

  • Harris

    We do not support Big Pharma – they have also been shown to be wanting. However we have focused on a sector where a great deal of abuse occurs. Others focus on Big Pharma. A scam is a scam, no matter who is responsible for it.

  • Lesley Barbeau

    I have been using MMS for 7 years plus with results that put modern medicine to shame!
    It appears as though the ‘big pharma’ is afraid of our success – & so they should be!! No way will I allow anyone in my midst to take an anti-biotic or even entertain any other treatment than MMS for Malaria & or even Diabetes for eg.

  • Harris

    I have asked Lesley for his background. He has kindly provided the following: “I qualified in the Ji Humble course in Pretoria in June this year. The products are distributed to ill persons in need & have many case studies.”

    You will appreciate that we take the point of view that case studies are not evidence, for many other variables are operating – hence the need for studies to remove these variables, e.g., placebo response. Furthermore, it is illegal for non health professionals to be treating malaria, diabetes etc. There is still not a single study confirming that MMS works, and based on well established, and researched physiological principles, MMS makes absolutely no sense.

  • Peter

    In the end it doesn’t really matter what people like you think about alternative medicine. But by enforcing your idea on them not to take it, is just going to push them even more into that direction. MMS works, that’s all to it. And myself and the rest of the world don’t really care about your opinion. Because all it is, is Only your opinion. The results speak for it self. We don’t need your or big pharma or any prove from anybody. More and more people are seeing the truth for them self’s about people like you and what your intensions truly are. Does it means people are going to stop using it. No. So please keep on discouraging people, because the more you do, the more people will use alternative medicine to the shit you have been given them. Thanks Jim Humble for MMS. Because it truly works. And that’s all that matter. Oh and don’t worry. I give it away for free, so people don’t use your shit.

    • Harris

      It DOES really matter what people like I think. Without our voices, people will be duped into using this bull. Now they have an alternate voice that points out the nonsense, allowing them to make up their own mind. If they are idiots, they will use MMS. If they are able to weight-up the evidence, consider it rationally (and not on ‘faith’), they will not. Here is a fact: if MMS was such a miracle product, it would have taken over the world by now. It has not, remaining localised to very small pockets around the world. Am I saying Big Pharma products are better? No, I am saying products with sound evidence is, whether it be a Big Pharma or CAM product. In MMS’s case, zip, zero, no evidence at all, only ‘belief’.

  • yvonne

    Sodium chlorite ………

    This is activated MMS
    Sodium chlorite receiving “infant” drug status to treat Lateral Sclerosis!…/doc…/community-register/html/o1139.htm

    PS BIO-SIL has never claimed MCC registration

    Recently the American city awarded the purest water in the world was discovered to be using chlorine dioxide to purify it on a large scale.

    • Harris

      Yvonne from Biosil, a company selling MMS, is posting these two comments in support of their claim that MMS works. The evidence she posts DOES NOT support her or MMS’s claims! MMS or Sodium chlorite can be used to purify water but that does not mean it works for humans when ingested. Yvonne seems to believe that because salt or chlorine keeps your pool clean, that drinking the same stuff will clean your body of germs and virus! Her posting “receiving “infant” drug status to treat Lateral Sclerosis!” with links to the European Medicines Agency giving “orphan status” approval for its use does not mean that MMS works! What this means the agency is allowing the use of this ingredient experimentally in people with the incredibly bad, rare and incurable disease called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Whether it has benefits or not is still not clear but since nothing else works and there was a potential benefit in animal models, permission has been given for its use ONLY in these cases. “Indeed, a report published by PatientsLikeMe investigators last October on found that “sodium chlorite has a potentially negative effect; we have more than 80% confidence that it is worsening patients’ progression rate.” A second report by ALS Untangled, an organization Bedlack founded to review alternative and off-label ALS treatments, came to a similar conclusion.” The Scientist.

      For Yvonne to claim that this supports the claims for MMS is simply ludicrous and psychopathic. And, by the way, is not exactly the same as MMS.

  • Harris

    Seller of “Miracle Mineral Solution” Convicted for Marketing Toxic Chemical as a Miracle Cure

  • Harry

    As usual, any alternative medicine will be slammed by the stooges of big pharma. The links describing the convictions of people may be true, but once again, the power of the big pharmaceuticals is definitely shown in such articles. If any person or animal for that matter can be cured with as low a cost as possible and the powers that be can’t make money from it, it will be outlawed.

    And no, I have nothing to do with MMS or the distributors, I am just tired of stooges discrediting anything that the cash-strapped society can use instead of the super expensive medicine pushed by the pharmaceutical companies.

    Yvonne, I will be classed with you as insane and psychotic, but I am with you.

    • Harris

      The fact that individuals show up the falseness of alternative medicines, using FACTS, does not make them stooges of Big Pharma. I for one, do not get one cent for what I do. Did you not notice that there are no adverts running on this site? And if you read our About page, you would have noticed that we are against Big Pharma and their actions, when appropriate, but simply do not have the time to focus on them – and leave this to others who do this very well.

      Your point that “If any person or animal for that matter can be cured with as low a cost as possible and the powers that be can’t make money from it, it will be outlawed” if false. In general, no law can outlaw a product that has proof that it works and is safe. This is NOT about money – it is about whether a product works or not: a cheap product which claims to cure cancer, but does not, compared to one that does.

      The fact is that MMS has not a shred of proof that it works, or is safe, except BELIEF. That is insufficient evidence. There is proof that the product is unsafe.

      If you are going to argue that I am a shill for Big Pharma, I could argue that you are a shill for MMS and alternative medicine – but I will not.

  • Lauren

    @Harris over the years most websites and testimonials have disappeared off the net. There is an explanation of why it is not simply bleach.

    I’m a skeptic. A realist. I respect science and it’s ability to critique itself. I’m also one of those people who has had an incurable disease and MMS is the only effective treatment.

    I understand what you are saying about placebo but then that would apply to the plethora of alternative remedies that I thought would help previous.

    It’s funny how MMS gets all this violent attention. What are the death tolls? What are the death tolls for FDA approved drugs?

    I wish you all the best and you are entitled to your opinion but perhaps this opinion would be a little softer if you had suffered a debilitating disease and finally got your life back when you had exhausted all medical options.

    Maybe there is a place for both of our stances to exist peacefully.

    Take care

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