Medicines Control Council timeline

What’s New DOC (WND) published a number of articles following an investigation into the registration and control of medicines. I greatly appreciate Mari Hudson, the Editor, What’s New DOC, for giving us permission to reprint those articles here.

  1. The MCC mess: Read here  / website
  2. Questions the MCC refused to answer: Read here  / website
  3. What the pharmaceutical industry says: Read here  / website
  4. MCC timeline: Read below  / website

Medicines Control Council timeline

Here’s timeline of the Medicines Control Council (MMC).

The Medicines and Related Substances Control Act is passed, establishing the Medicines Control Council.

1960s and 1970s 
Every category of medicine for treating major diseases is called up for registration.

Johan Schlebusch joins the MCC, starting as an inspector (medicine controller).

Professor Peter Folb is appointed chairperson of the MCC. He is a leading international expert on drug safety and Read the rest

13 comments to Medicines Control Council timeline

  • liz

    I would like to have the food supplement registered with MCC. What is the procedure and who should I contact. Is there any fees involved?
    Thank you

  • Harris

    Hi Elizabeth,

    You would need to connect someone at the MCC to ask these questions. There are also a number of individuals who assist companies with having their products registered but I am unable to list who they are. I am sure that the MCC would be able to assist.

    Medicines Control Council of South Africa
    Postal Address: Private Bag X 828, Pretoria, 0001, South Africa. Phone: +27 (0)12 312 8000

  • I lodged a product for registration with the MCC in March this year. The product is an all natural, patented food supplement that assists in fat reduction. I have not received any correspondence from the MCC regarding my lodgement and have no idea how to go about enquiring on the status of the application. Please advise.

  • Alfred

    Good day, i would like to register a pharmaceutical distribution company, but I don’t have any idea what to do. If there is someone who have the know how please help.

  • Harris

    Interesting question. If anyone knows the answer, please post. Else in the meanwhile you could contact the MCC for guidance.

  • Alfred

    Who are the direct support group,for this kind of questions?

  • Harris

    I do not think there is a direct support group, but there are for groups of products. In this case, try the Health Products Association (, South African Self Medication Association (SMASA) (, Innovative Pharmaceutical Industry Association South Africa (IPASA) (‎), etc.

  • milcah

    i would like to find out about the new regulations on complimentary products passed on by the MCC hw it affects us what are the procedures

  • Yvonne


    Could you please tell/show me what a MCC registration certificate looks like? I have been sent one for one of my products, however it looks like the application form and not the registration!? Please help.

    Thank you

    • Harris

      I do not know what the form may look like at present, it may have changed. It should state explicitly whether the product is registered or not. If you welcome to scan and send to me (and black out your details) so that I can give you an opinion.

  • Charles

    Am due to register the following classes of products:
    (1) Traditional Chinese Medicine
    (2) Chinese food supplement
    (3) Chinese Nutritional drinks

    I have been to MCC at Pretoria but i couldn’t see any of the officials..i only spoke to someone on phone whose explanation was crystal clear. Please, i need help on how to go about it.

    • Harris

      Sorry, we do not have the expertise to help you with the registration of medicines and complementary medicines.
      There are individuals and companies who advertise their services in this area.
      Note, some of your items are medicines and others may be food, in which case the processes are different.

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