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Posted 28 September 2013

Marcelle du Plessis is the CEO/owner of Body Detox ( and trading as Platinum Lifestyle.

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Marcelle du Plessis is the individual behind Miracle Magnesium products, a series of scam health products that claim to be able to assist or treat a range of conditions. Not only is there not a single study confirming the claims for these products, in fact, there is no evidence that the individual ingredients can result in many of the claims being made. In fact, the claims are completely contrary to known physiology which has been very well studied. Big scam. 

But this post is not simply about this fact, which is illustrated by the numerous ASA rulings against the claims for this product. This post questions the ethics and morals of this individual for in spite of not being able to prove that the product can benefit a Read the rest

6 comments to Marcelle du Plessis / BodyDetox / Platinum Lifestyle / Miracle Magnesium

  • Elizabeth

    This does not sound so good

  • Mario

    What a liar,please tweet or facebook this post so that customers can see what they are buying and paying through their necks,Pick n Pay,Clicks and Dischem sell her products but do not know who they are dealing with.

  • Xena

    Thanks for exposing sick people like Marcelle du Plessis who mislead us as consumers, people desperate for any form of pain relief and better health especially the elderly. It’s a scary thought, now knowing how its made and what’s behind the company’s doing. However this is not gonna do any good as most of the clients are elderly people that’s never gonna read about this, this should be published or sent to all the pharmacies and outlets so that they can inform the elderly as well. Keep fighting the good fight against people like Marcelle and others evil doings.

  • Roma

    What I cannot believe is why are reputable stores like Dischem and Clicks storing this product without first investigating whether its safe and effective.

  • Mellory Rae

    I see this is a year old are there any further updates?

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