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Marcelle du Plessis / BodyDetox / Platinum Lifestyle / Miracle Magnesium

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Posted 28 September 2013

Marcelle du Plessis is the CEO/owner of Body Detox (bodydetox.co.za) and trading as Platinum Lifestyle.

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Marcelle du Plessis is the individual behind Miracle Magnesium products, a series of scam health products that claim to be able to assist or treat a range of conditions. Not only is there not a single study confirming the claims for these products, in fact, there is no evidence that the individual ingredients can result in many of the claims being made. In fact, the claims are completely contrary to known physiology which has been very well studied. Big scam. 

But this post is not simply about this fact, which is illustrated by the numerous ASA rulings against the claims for this product. This post questions the ethics and morals of this individual for in spite of not being able to prove that the product can benefit a range of conditions claimed, she continues to place adverts in magazines such as Glamour, You and Huisgenoot despite this, and contrary to the ASA rulings. No remorse. No concern about the health consequences on consumers. 

As readers will note, CamCheck does not usually draw attention to the individuals behind companies unless they show a reckless disregard for the safety of others, ignore ASA rulings, and by their actions show themselves to be without remorse or consideration of the health of others.

And there is more! We have been contacted by a number of previous employees of Marcelle du Plessis who inform us, independently, that the products are not even manufactured in safe and sanitary environments! Correct, they are mixed in bathtubs and other not sterile containers. One of these, a pink “Energy Water”, we are informed, is made up in buckets and then filled into containers. The pink colour is produced by the addition of food colouring. Another for children is mixed in pots and then unsterilised bottles filled. And to confirm these allegations, I have been supplied with photographic evidence.

I am also informed that more than 60 employees have been sacked, fired or retrenched since the company was started! What is this telling us?

One of the letters we have received is posted below

I would like to bring to your attention the manufacture of health products that are according to my knowledge not in sterile or in a clean environment.
The company in question is well known for products like INFLAMA SPRAY, MIRACLE MAGNESIUM and MIRACLE MAGNESIUM BLUE SPRAY.
These products are sold nationally to pharmacies, health shops and to the general public.
There are also products that are known as NATURAL HERB SYRUP,ENERGY IMMUNE SYRUP,ENERGY WATER as well as a range of herbal drops.
There products are cooked in large unsterile pots in the warehouse kitchen where food is also cooked on a normal kitchen stove.
These products are stored in large plastic buckets in the storeroom at the warehouse premises.
These products are sold to the elderly as well as to infants and small children.
On numerous occasions clients have brought these products back or complained that the bottles have either exploded, leaked or the contents have become mouldy.
The reason for this is told to clients is that the products contain no preservatives and must be kept in the fridge.

The herbal drops are manufactured at the owners house and also stored in an unhygienic damp storeroom, the bottles are also not sterilized
the staff have been instructed that should a client ask where these products are manufactured they must say that all products are manufactured under stringent conditions
in a laboratory.

I would appreciate if the matter could be investigated to prevent people from getting sick or even worse.

For further detail on the company and the people concerned please do not hesitate to contact me.

I would like to confirm that all the details given are true and without prejudice.

I am also informed that employees are threatened, shouted at and belittled.

However, Marcelle du Plessis has not only caused major upset to workers, scammed consumers, but according to the company Absolute Organix, she has “trie[d] to throw its weight around with threats and lies …”. At Absolute Organix’s website they “sent a letter to many of our clients claiming trade mark rights in the descriptive term “magnesium oil” and tried on the basis of such claims (which were false in all respects) to intimidate customers into removing our Lifematrix Magnesium Oil from the shelves, threatening confiscation of our products“. The company writes ” . . . it did force us to take legal action to protect our integrity and challenge their malicious threats and false trade mark claims” which resulted in “. . . issued a retraction letter to us“. The correspondence can be read here.

I have also reported her activities to a division of the Medicines Control Council. I received the following response: “. . . some if not all the products are medicines liable to registration. . . . the products pose a danger to public health and need urgent attention. I will refer it directly to head office with the proposal that the products be declared undesirable in terms of section 23 of the Act.

One of the aspects that intrigues me is the personality and attitudes of the individuals manufacturing  these products. Therefore, it was of interest when it was also brought to my attention that Marcelle du Plessis originally ordered some of the BodyDetox products from a company, Herbtron, owned by Alta Landman. Until she decided to copy the formula and manufacture it herself in an unhygienic storeroom at her home at 20 Lynburn street, Lynwood Manor (when the business became too big it moved the offices to 10 Hilda Street, Hennops Park, Centurion). Marcelle induces (“bribes”) Alta Landman’s worker, John (who has been working for Alta for 20 years), to work for her over weekends and to manufacture the copied formula: who better to manufacture the copied product than the individual who has been making it for the original company! Somehow Alta Landman discovered this arrangement and confronted Marcelle and I am informed that a court case is pending. Of course, John has lost his job. Does this suggest that Marcelle does not consider the risks to others, as long as she succeeds in her goals? 

I have been informed that Marcelle’s husband attempted to copy a product called Collodion Silver (Argentum Solution), another bizarre product, by purchasing silver nuggets and adding the capsicum, initially boiled in the microwave, to the mix. The mixture developed a yellow colour, and according to our sources, her clients complained that they felt ill from the product and that the taste was not as the original. This suggests a few things: that there is no real formula, but simply a formula based on a guess; that there is no evidence that the product has any benefits; that it is untested in humans; that there is no acceptable manufacturing process; and that the manufacture does not care that it may have adverse effects on users. Scary stuff.

Marcelle has instructed her employees to claim that she is a qualified “food technologist”. I am also informed that she offers free products to any individual who is prepared to write a testimonial in support of a product.

The purpose of this posting is to draw attention to this individual and the products that are being sold, and to remind consumers to “ligloop”! 

The offices of  BodyDetox is now situated at Hilda Straat 10 Hennops Park Centurion.

[note radius=”5″]Note: We gave Marcelle du Plessis a right to reply before posting this entry on 28 September 2013. She had not by this date. However on 02 October 2013 we received a response. Her response can be read here.[/note]
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6 Responses to Marcelle du Plessis / BodyDetox / Platinum Lifestyle / Miracle Magnesium

  1. Elizabeth 28 September, 2013 at 5:19 pm #

    This does not sound so good

  2. Mario 30 September, 2013 at 11:39 am #

    What a liar,please tweet or facebook this post so that customers can see what they are buying and paying through their necks,Pick n Pay,Clicks and Dischem sell her products but do not know who they are dealing with.

  3. Xena 30 September, 2013 at 2:16 pm #

    Thanks for exposing sick people like Marcelle du Plessis who mislead us as consumers, people desperate for any form of pain relief and better health especially the elderly. It’s a scary thought, now knowing how its made and what’s behind the company’s doing. However this is not gonna do any good as most of the clients are elderly people that’s never gonna read about this, this should be published or sent to all the pharmacies and outlets so that they can inform the elderly as well. Keep fighting the good fight against people like Marcelle and others evil doings.

  4. Roma 5 April, 2014 at 9:23 pm #

    What I cannot believe is why are reputable stores like Dischem and Clicks storing this product without first investigating whether its safe and effective.

  5. Mellory Rae 17 September, 2014 at 2:56 pm #

    I see this is a year old are there any further updates?

    • Harris 2 October, 2014 at 9:37 am #

      Unfortunately Marcelle du Plessis continues to scam the public, and shows no remorse. According to some classifications, this could entitle her to the claim of being “psychopathic”. See here regarding further claims: http://www.camcheck.co.za/tag/miracle-magnesium/

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