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Wondernut (Indian Walnut) – Toxic weight-loss product

Posted 03 October 2017

This press-release today from the Medicines Control Council, warns that a weight-loss product containing Indian Walnut, it toxic and can harm consumers.

The product is sold at and

[note note_color=”#fcfbfb”]Most of our postings are about Wondernut. However, the same nut is being sold on other websites and Facebook under different names: Zemiente (; Nuez de la India (; Indian Walnuts (; Leynate (; Magic Nut (; and others.[/note]

[note note_color=”#fdfba8″]I have searched everywhere for credible evidence that this product will result in weight-loss. I cannot find a single source to confirm the claims, even in traditional sources.  Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database (“Unbiased, Scientific Clinical Information on Complementary, Alternative, and Integrative Therapies”) does not mention its use for weight loss, but “is used [traditionally] for asthma, bloody diarrhea, dysentery, sprue, and as a bowel stimulant“. For safety, it states, among Read the rest

187 comments to Wondernut (Indian Walnut) – Toxic weight-loss product

  • gen

    I have personally lost 22 kgs in 1 year on this NUT and maintained this weight for 5 years now

    • Harris

      Great that it worked for you. Still does change the fact that this product has high risks of side effects, and that there is zero proof that it really works, except in your case. How do you know whether the weight-loss was only because you followed a great diet, and not due to the product?

      Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database (NMCD) (“Unbiased, Scientific Clinical Information on Complementary, Alternative, and Integrative Therapies”) state for “People Use This For” : “Orally, tung seed is used for asthma, bloody diarrhea, dysentery, sprue, and as a bowel stimulant.
      Topically, is used to stimulate hair growth and for constipation.
      In manufacturing, the oil of this seed is used in soaps, rubber substitutes, linoleum, and insulation. The seed cake of is used as a fertilizer. The seed is also the source of the oil that is widely used as a wood preservative and varnish.”

      Nothing about weight-loss!

      • Johan

        Good day. I just admitted a patient 4 days ago who used the wonder nut for weight-loss with severe acute pancreatitis. Cause is probably a severe hypertriglyseridemia. Any possible connection with this product? She was not known with hypertriglyseridemia before she started using this product.

        • Harris

          Thanks for bringing this interesting instance to our attention. There has been so little published in the medical literature on this nut, Indian walnut, Candlenut, (Latin name: Aleurites moluccanus). The seeds contain saponin and phorbol. I cannot find anything to suggest that either this is possible, or not possible. Here is a great review: Toxicity of Candlenut Seed (Aleurites moluccanus), A Purported Herbal Weight Loss Supplement

          “According to various sources, the ingestion of candlenut tree seeds causes a sensation of discomfort and nausea a few minutes after ingestion. These symptoms are followed by vomiting, abdominal pain (cramping), diarrhea, dehydration, as well as an imbalance in electrolytes. Due to its chemical components, the seed possesses a strong cathartic action and may cause diarrhea, dehydration and loss of electrolytes. The chronic ingestion of the seeds may affect the gastrointestinal system, causing intestinal muscle atony. Additionally, there are reports of alterations in heart rate due to the ingestion of the seeds”

        • Mickey Kantor

          My niece was admitted to ICU a week ago for the exact same thing as you have just explained. She has water on the lungs. Has had 3 x dialysis treatments. Is undergoing another blood transfusion as we speak and is on morphine for pain.

        • Alanna Burger

          I had severe acute biliary pancreatitis would the wonderbut be save for me to use or not

      • Genevieve Nel

        its 5 years later and i still haven’t gained any weight and lost 37 in total now – NO special diets all all Harris.

        • Harris

          In your earlier comment, you said: “I lost 37kg on the nut 10 years back”
          Now you are saying, “it’s 5 years later, and i still haven’t gained any weight ..”
          Something is seriously amiss here.

          Worse, I now have evidence that you are a marketer of this product, so your ‘testimony” may, or may not, be true.

  • Harris

    Gen replied: “1st of all I didn’t follow a special diet and I have tried many other products and I know at least 1000 other people on the seed that have had the same results.
    The seed is helping a lot of people like me”.

    For Gen to know “1,000 other people on the seed . . .” would suggest that either she is the seller of the product, or being untruthful of knowing 1,000 people on the seed.

    There are many examples from history of people claiming to benefit from products, that turned out to be a sham. For example, people who claimed to lose weight on a hoodia product, when tested, contained zero hoodia.

    • Mel

      I also lost about 15kg on this nut

    • Wilma

      Are there any permanent danger. I have stopped taking it. 2 yrs ago. I got very sick with no apparent cause. Skin rashes. Kidney problems. Severe gastro. All phased out after i stopped taking wondernut.

      • Jackie

        I’ve been using this nut now for 2 weeks-I’ve developed a skin rash which looks like cold sores..but aren’t-what can I apply to my mouth to ease the tightness,pain and itching? PLEASE help!!! I’ve also stopped using this so called wondernut.

  • John

    I am so sick of people taking advantage of desperate consumers, battling with weight loss. They have no regard for the health and well-being of consumers. They make unsubstantiated claims with zero scientific research, promising a miracle cure for all their problems. The truth is all they doing is filling their pockets with desperate consumers. They claim the product contains CLA, I doubt they even know what CLA is. If you disagree with my statement please show me the research paper from a accredited source. I deal and work with over weight and obese people and shame on you for misleading them for your selfish creed.

  • Johan

    May I suggest then that any person who wants to use this product or is using it, see their doctor on a 2 or 4 weekly basis for basic blood tests ie full blood count, urea and electrolites, fasting glucose and lipogram. If you find abnormalities, at least you can react to it and hopefully not end up with a critically ill skinny body.

    • Harris

      Good advice! May I also suggest that you report this to the Medicines Control Council?

      • Andre

        Just wondering if this is the same MCC that hid the truth about cannabis for the last 30 years.Any body like me that has a average weight of 160 and did all the products mcc approved with no results and lost 30kg in 6 months tend not to trust MCC

    • Harris

      I also suggest that Drs complete an ADR form and submit it to the MCC.

    • Candis Sudhu

      Hi . I have been on the nut for roughly 8 weeks . I was taken into the ER with severe muscle tension and panic attacks. Something I haven’t had before. Bloods revealed extremely low phosphate levels. I have had the worst diarrhea and vomiting. Fatigue , pins and needles and crazy nervousness This is the worst product I’ve ever used. Stopped taking it for 2 weeks now and I am finally back to me again

      Definitely won’t be using this product again. Thank you for the research and information on the product.

  • Tanja

    I’m just wondering how you can say there is no proof that it aids in weight loss when so many people have benefitted from using it? I have never felt better, lost 10kg in 6months, my friend lost 19kg in 6 months. With no side effects other than a good bowel movement every morning, this is truly a wonder but!

    • Harris

      Can you supply me proof of the number of people, from say 100 users, that lost weight due to the product, and not due to the diet. Can you supply me proof that none of the 100 experienced side effects. Example of my thinking: Tim Noakes claims that everyone using the Banting diet will lose weight. Yet I personally know of many who have not. He claims that all will have cholesterol levels drop and it assists with diabetes. Although true for many, I know of many that it did the opposite. Only proper studies/proof can say whether only 5%, 20% or whatever, benefits, and does not experience side effects.

      In this study, 114 obese adults with metabolic syndrome were given a placebo, or a supplement, or lifestyle intervention. Weight-loss of up to 3.6 kg occurred. One participant lost 29 kg. But in fact the supplement was also a placebo!

      • Harris

        Tanja has emailed the following response. I follow with my observations.

        “I don’t know a hundred people personally who are using the product. But will gladly supply before and after pictures of the ones I do know, including myself. I have been using it with NO side effects. The first two weeks I experienced a more regular bowel movement and a couple of days of sore muscles, Ive been using it for 7months now. After the first month, that subsided, and since I have none. No headaches, bloatedness, vomiting or stomach cramps. As with other weightloss products, I believe people’s bodies respond differently. I have not changed my diet in any way whatsoever. The cm loss is greater than the weight loss, even throughout December. I am very happy with the nut and the results. I believe, as with ALL medicines or weightloss products, you need to stick to the prescribed dosage. I’ve been doing just that, so have the people I know. We are very happy using this natural nut responsibly. ”

        Hi Tanja,

        I am pleased this has resulted in weight loss.
        However here are some observations:

        1. We know that laxatives of any sort, can result in decreased weight, but this is not a good way to lose weight – it has long term consequences
        2. We know that products with laxative effects, often drain the body of essential minerals, e.g., potassium, and sometimes magnesium (
        3. The fact that you have experienced sore muscles, is of concern. Can you be sure that long term damage to your muscles has not occurred, even though the pain has subsided? For example, with arsenic poisoning, one first experiences symptoms, then the body becomes tolerant to the symptoms, but the damage continues. Another example, most patients will become tolerant to the adverse effects of opioids

        I am not trying to scare you off this product. Being a doctor, I am simply highlighting some concerns. It is finally your decision what risks you are prepared to accept. Short term gain with long term adverse effects, is not a good idea.

        • Klara

          Hi there
          I started using this wondernut … Monday this week … my stomach is very irritated and i have not been to the loo accept for urinating … i doubled my “dosis” last night but still nothing … i will have to get some laxatives today?

          • Tanja

            Hi Klara, I’m not an agent but a user for the past 8months. As I have mentioned to Dr Harris on a previous email, you are suppose to follow directions as with ALL medications/weight loss products. You are not suppose to up your dose after 4 days, only after the 8th dose of 1 8. And even then, if its too heavy on your stomach, go back to using only 1/8 of the nut. You should drink enough water, eat yogurt and take a vitamin supplement. Dr Harris is not pro this, so you will not get advise from him other than to stop it because its poison. You should contact your agent/supplier asap for any advise on how to use the nut. Good luck!

          • Janet

            As per my own experience, i would advise that you stop taking it. I literally felt as if i had been poisoned…i have never had such excruciating abdominal pain in my life. Before you take any more, please read up on it…not one-sided promotional info, but objective medical opinion as per Harris has provided n this page. I was devastated as i had hoped this would help me, but i would rather be healthy and alive at a higher weight than do damage to my body internally
            I have subsequently joined curves gym, started meditating and although the weight is coming off slowly, i feel better than i have for years

            • Harris

              I would agree with Janet and not with Tanja for the following reason:
              We do not know what dose the toxicity of this product begins with. For example, with arsenic, high doses will give immediate symptoms but low doses may not give immediate symptoms, but the poison starts building up over time till the level is reached where symptoms are caused. Some poisons you can recover from, others leave life-long damage.

            • Klara

              Thank you Janet and D Harris. I’ve been soooo sick this last two days … my stomach just don’t want to go … i tried two Dulcolax Adult supps and that even don’t work properly… I really realizes that for only a quick option to lose only a few kilograms I have made a very big mistake … although I have paid a lot for this nut … its all going to file 13!!!! Hope i feel better jn a few days

          • Fats

            This nut sent me in to kidney failure and gall bladder malfunction. It is bad

    • Carelda

      My husband and I are using the nut and are very glad we found it. I lost 20kg and my husband 30kg, he is not using his blood pressure tablets nor his cholesterol tablets anymore, he is testing it once a month and are better than ever. It is working!!!

  • Altie van Schalkwyk

    @Harris im so happy I came across your findings. As with m mother My whole life i’ve had the weight loss struggles, tried everything you can think of and have been wanting to use the “wonder” nut even wanted to become a reseller. I’ve done a quick research and everwhere is all good and the results are all amazing. So as finances go I had to wait abit longer than my mother to buy this product, this morning my mother phoned me and said it feels like she is dying. She has been using this nut for 3weeks now at first it was good, she had a normal bowl movement something she have been struggling with for years. But now its worse. She has no energy, sleeping all day and have no appitite. Too nauseas to eat. Luckily she decided to stop with this “wonder” nut.

    Now it all makes sense when i read the real side effects. Its not a weightloss help its a death wish. And if I’m not mistaken its super super unhealthy to loose too much weight to fast? 20kg in 6months sound nice but isnt it just too unhealthy? And offcorse you gonna feel better weighing a bit less that usual. Offcorse theres gonna be more energy, you have less weight to drag around.

    I think off the time i used to gym… I felt good exercising even if im wobbly. The only way to loose weight is the correct diet and exercise. I’m so not gonna use the “wonder” nut, I’ m gonna do it the correct way starting today.

    I just want to add, me and my husband did the banting diet and it worked for me, i lost alot of weight but my husband didnt loose any, but he did have more energy and appeared more healthier. Banting diet just becomes abit expensive.

    Thank you for opening my eyes…

  • Jeanne

    I started 2 weeks ago with this product. Im also on chronic cholesterol medication that i started about same time. Im also bit of a anxious person and on anti depressions to help with anxiety. I woke up last night and had a huge panic attack. Is that something that the wondernut can cause or maybe the cholesterol pills. It was quite scary experience and quite rattled today

    • Corrie

      Side effects on cholesterol meds has been scary for many years..yet it gets precribed daily..
      I lost 23 kg in a year no diet no excersize.never had vomiting cramps diahree .my hormones was a disaster..had severe bleeding continuously for four out several drs rooms..histerectomy was my only recomended option.three weeks on nuez bleeding became less now two years later .still using it on off..cycle still normal never had a hysterectomy..healthier than ever..
      Anybody know the cd dead drs dont lie….otopsies been done on 1000 ill people that passed on..not one passed away due to the disease ..bit due to the affects of the medication they took.
      Also look at our food intake..what is in our food to prolong freshness and fast growing of fruit and vegetables..
      All the food packed in plstic becomes dangerous if exised to sun..yet novody bothers..
      Read labels on our food…labels on medications prescribed..
      These days we have all the quick your labels…scary.
      Nuez i believe has helped a lot of people..i dont have money for all those blood tests…bit will try to at least check my pancreas and full blood count…
      Surely if we go to heath risks ..most meds fix one thing and damages something else…if the nut affect you..leave it. No diet fixes is healthy..all have risks..bit fat and obesity also kills

  • Ansie Green

    They can bad mouth the nut i will drink it life long ..lost 11kg so far no more high blood presure. Only positive working for me …THANK U FOR THE NUT CANT GO WITHOUT MY NUT

  • Adri

    I’m always amazed at people shooting their mouths off of something they have zero experience in.
    -yes I’ve been using the Wondernut for over 2 years
    – yes I’ve lost 30kg and 4 sizes
    – yes I feel extremely healthy
    – yes I can proof with 6 monthly blood tests what positive changes it brought inside my body
    – yes I follow instructions like with EVERYTHING you should if you want it to work properly
    -yes I personally know of more than 300 people with amazing results in my town
    -NO no one will convince me otherwise

    Please focus on something that actually needs your attention !!!


    • Harris

      Clearly written by someone who sells/promotes this product, to make money!!
      (Adri sells this product in RichardsBay)

      One does not have to use cocaine before shooting their mouth off! (A good example -because a few people do not get addicted to cocaine, does not mean it is not addictive for the majority of users)
      So you claim “yes I can proof with 6 monthly blood tests what positive changes it brought inside my body”
      Please send them to me to convince me that you are believable.
      And of course, you are entitled to believe what you want.

      For general readers: considering this nut has been around for many years, consider this: why is the product not raved about in all other countries, but only recently here in South Africa. Mmmmm.

      • Adri


        Thank you kind sir for the advertisment in mentioning my town. Not that I need it though as I’ve got more client than you have reading your stuff here.

        • Harris

          I assume you are aware that anyone who reacts badly to the product you sold them can take you to court?

          • Adri

            As most things in life. However the same for you in your profession. That’s why you are trained and that’s why there are instructions ect to follow. Harris please understand, we are not scamming people. We are not trying to do anything but help people that really have a problem. And it’s working. I don’t understand why you cannot rather see this fact.

            • Harris

              In a peer-reviewed published article, Alternative Medicine and the Ethics Of Commerce, McDonald makes the point that selling a product without evidence that it works, is ethically a problem. They point out that personal ‘experience’ is insufficient.

              I can see that you believe it works, and that you have many client reports that it did.
              I can see that you do not appreciate all the negative comments, not just on this website, but on other websites, where people wrote a.) that it did not work, and b.) the marked side effects that MANY people experienced.
              I can see that you have not checked my references, which are documented evidence of SEVERE effects on the body, even if the person did not die.
              I can see that you put more trust in what you believe in, and very little on what is published in scientific journals.

              That is fine. But do you warn your clients that there is no scientific evidence to support the product, that it does not work for everyone, that it may simply be a placebo response, and that there have been anecdotal and documented marked side effects? Do you tell consumers that this product is hardly used anywhere else in the world? If your clients have a full and complete understanding, then you have gone a long way to satisfying McDonald’s criteria around ethics.

              So before you respond further, I would like you to read the published scientific data, adverse effects, the article on the ethics of selling this type of product, and finally, explain why your opinion is of greater worth than the Medicines Control Council statement.

              • Adri

                You see Harris. I’m just a middle aged woman that believes to first try something myself before I give it to others. So I’ve tried the Wondernut. As per instructions and without any thought to following the few simple “do’s and dont ‘s”. I figured I needed to know what happens when you don’t follow :
                – drinking at least 2 liter water per day
                – replacing the lost potassium
                – taking a good multi vitamin
                – and eating quite normally

                You see, like with most things you put in your mouth, there’s always this thing about common sense and that includes reading the pamphlet .

                Yes, we are trained to ask our clients questions about their health and medication. And we know what don’t work with the Wondernut.
                Yes, we supply not only a pamphlet with each box but agents also give their clients additional information.
                And yes they know the little nut is not approved by any means. We do expect and encourage all clients to research the product BEFORE they decide to use it. We don’t force it onto anyone and dont do false advertising. I’ve got so many absolutely amazing result from people you will not believe.
                Unfortunately I cannot tell clients a lie, because our product are sold worldwide. We’ve got agents in quite a few countries.

                I’m not going to read any scientific material simply because first I’m too stubborn and secondly because I really don’t have time. I don’t like to neglect my clients because I sit and type on my phone the whole day.

                So before you reply, please be assured that I do believe in this small little nut to do exactly what God in tented it to do. And that is to help people to lose weight and get healthy.I will not be told otherwiseyou have a good day now Harris. And best of luck with your next research topic. Maybe I’ll keep an eye open for it…. if I’ve got all the time you have.

                • Harris

                  You wrote: “I’m not going to read any scientific material simply because first I’m too stubborn and secondly because I really don’t have time.”
                  But you have time to post comments, and read my replies.
                  So spend a few seconds reading this:

                  From the South African Medicines Control Council:
                  “It is, however, known that the seeds (nuts) and other parts of the plant may potentially be toxic due to the presence of phorbol esters, saponins, toxalbumin and hydrogen cyanide. These compounds have irritant properties and are, therefore, very strong purgatives. They may also act as potent tumour promoters (co-carcinogens). Phorbol esters can also be very irritating to the skin and eyes and ingestion of the seeds (nuts) has been reported to cause vomiting, gastrointestinal pain, and diarrhoea. The toxic effects in humans are reported to range from severe gastrointestinal irritation to death”.

                  Notice the specifically the word hydrogen cyanide and co-carcinogens
                  Pro-carcinogens do not cause immediate effects, they are in the future.

                  You wrote: “Yes, we supply not only a pamphlet with each box but agents also give their clients additional information.” Does this include the above warning from the MCC?

                  • Craig Bosman

                    Hi Harris, I have been following this thread in trying to decide whether to try this wonder nut as I have 20kg’s I am struggling to lose (playing squash 5 times a week and eating between 1600 and 2200 calories per day). I recognise that there is very little scientific evidence to support the use of this nut (yet), but I also find the MCC’s response very cryptic and a bit scaremongering. Here’s my point: we can say that anything POTENTIALLY causes cancer, and we can say that anything is POTENTIALLY toxic, including water if taken in too high volumes. Don’t you think that the MCC should be clearer on their explanations. Basically they are saying if anything is not tested and approved by us, then it is potentially harmful to your health. This is clearly not a strong enough reason for people not to try something that may be toxic, but that has very strong anecdotal evidence of people having lost weight. I’d be interested in your thoughts.

    • mechelle brink

      I have been using this wonderful wonder nut since 15 December 2016 and look amazing. I had no side effects what so ever. My younger sister only uses 1/8 of a nut because of side effects it has on her. she also drinks it around 5:30pm and not when she goes to bed. She too has never looked better. Another sister of mine did not see any results, including Diarrhoea for almost 5 weeks, but when it did get to work it did its wonders. They starting using after seeing my great results. Also, if you are not consistent in drinking it, it will not work. Consistent as in every second day if you want to eliminate some of the side effects such as Diarrhoea or muscle pain. I have been consistent for 1 full year, had a break of about 3 months without any weight gain and started again in April 2018. My confidence knows no boundaries. And if I do die because of the nut, I will be looking gorgeous doing so. Being overweight kills too and makes you miserable.

      • Harris

        As mentioned before, although some people may benefit, others will have immediate severe symptoms, and others may have long term health effects only becoming obvious months later because of potential low grade toxicity on the liver, kidney or other organs.

        But this is the question I want you to think about: Would it not be much better to start developing a habit of eating properly and healthy and correctly, or are you constantly have to use this product, or every few months after gaining weight after stopping the product? Seems like you are committed to using this product forever and that increases the damage to your organs. To explain this differently: taking a massive dose of arsenic will kill you, but if you take very small amounts daily, you may not have immediate symptoms but will build up till too late – irreversible damage.

        • Tanja

          Dr Harris, its not the nut vs diabetes/obesity related illnesses, its the nut OR diabetes/obesity related illnesses…death will come either way. Its inevitable…

          All you say is not very convincing especially when you use phrases like: it may cause, there might be a link ect. Give them solid proof, deaths linked directly to the nut. Test done on liver, kidneys ect that were damaged by the nut. Maybe that will streghten your case?

          • Harris

            The same way obesity does not cause hypertension or type 2 diabetes in ALL obese individuals, but the majority, I cannot use ‘will’ but rather ‘likely’, ‘may’, etc.

        • Hafiza Mahomed

          I have lost kg with the wonder nut without any diet. I feel so much better after trying for a while at my age. I have lost fat and centi-metres.This is a great product. You do have headaches in the beginning but now that I got used to it I do not feel anything. I eat everything and still lost weight.

      • Tanja

        I’m so with you on this Mechelle!! Have been using it for almost a year now, look and feel great! Im aso down to using an eight of the nut consistently. If i have to use it forever, then so be it. I enjoy life, eat what i want whenever i want, tough i dont indulge every day, its nice to know you dont ever have to say no. I wonder if we could ask Dr Harris about the dangers and your life span/expectancy if you’re 20/30/40+ kg overweight? What happens to your organs, BP, diabetes, heart ect… But, like everything that works eg cannabis/other cancer meds, Medical board needs to zoom in on the things that work.

        • Harris

          This is illogical. On the one hand you are concerned about the health effects of obesity (and there are many), and discounting or ignoring the toxic effects of this nut that contains phorbol esters, saponins, toxalbumin and hydrogen cyanide, which may be more severe. Phorbol esters are known for their ability to promote tumours.

  • lee

    Hi…originally known as nuez de la India…5-6 years wondernut..
    I am also proof that it lost me 22kgs…
    Yes there are side effects if taken all other weight loss products. I do know plenty of people whove been on it and lost kgs.
    If it was that bad a case then why was it not prohibited like drugs cigarettes and alcohol..are bad but not banned because they are a source of income!
    Stupid people die of substance abuse daily..
    This seed has given many people a new take on life..self confidence and a healthy feeling. And it has curbed obesity abundantly! Who says there is a specific diet whilst on it..we eat anything from take out to starches and still lose the weight. If you don’t eat or drink water on time then you suffer the consequences because the nut comes with do’s and dont’s.
    I think the medical board should make the decisions here quite frankly!
    There are people dying of over the counter meds such as still pain..and so many other underlying issues!
    Who are we to judge???

    • Harris

      @Lee (and everyone)
      There is no doubt that people who lost weight believe that it was because of this product.
      But it may be simply because of the placebo effect, that it, by taking this product you change how you eat.
      Many studies have shown that people can lose even up to 27 Kg when given a placebo (that they thought was a real product)

      So does this product work for some? With a placebo effect, some will – and claim that the product works.
      But does it work for the majority of users? No evidence and unlikely.

      The other issue that I want to raise is that of risk. Reductil was a tablet that resulted in some people claiming massive weight loss. However studies showed that for the average user, the weight-loss was no better than simply going on an appropriate diet.

      But Reductil was banned. Why? Although the majority of people did not experience severe side effects, a substantial number of people did. Regulatory Agencies (e.g. Medicines Control Council) banned the product because the risk was too high for the population in general, and one could not identify who would react badly. In other words, to protect all consumers, product are regulated to protect all, even though some will not be negatively affected. Same argument for cocaine and other drugs.

      Same for Wondernut. The evidence is that this product CAN badly affect many consumers, but not all.
      So the MCC has spoken out against this product, short of banning it.

      Even sites that favour herbal and natural products have spoken out against the claims. Herbal Safety; Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database; Dangerous Weight-loss supplements
      So, are you prepared to take a risk and gamble?

      The MCC are not favouring Big Pharma (even Big Pharma have not been able to create an effective safe weight loss product)

      • Mari

        Hi, I am on day 41 of this nut. All the negative comments about this nut you wrote is so true. Im stopping today, for all the symptoms you revering to is getting worse, can’t believe that a little nut can cause so much havoc. Kind Regards

      • genevieve nel

        I lost 37kg on the nut 10 years back and still use it 3 weeks every 7 months
        this was the best decision iv made and feel fantastic.

  • Adri


    I see you have quite a lot to say about basically everything you might not understand. So please tell us more about your qualifications to judge products and nature like you do. What do you get out of it? Seems to me “some sense of misplaced authority” might play a role here trying to be Judge and Juror/Excecutioner. Yes I’m an agent for Wondernut. And just to correct you on something small but vital. Wondernut never sold under the name Nuez de la India. And if you are truly interested in my blood test I’m sure I can arrange with Prof Jordaan. One last question please? Why this unhealthy fascination towards things that you clearly don’t have any knowledge off?

    • Harris

      I am a medical doctor, a researcher, and have studied and developed expertise in scams, pseudoscience and food safety. We also have a lab that tests foods for safety. I do not sell any products nor do I prescribe any. I lecture on food fraud, and pseudoscience. None of this makes me an expert, but it gives me the tools to do research on claims and give an opinion.

      You can read about the purpose of CamCheck here

      • Adri

        So what research have you done regarding the Wondernut other than mentioned earlier? Have you personally contacted people using it? Did you interview a few and get their experiences on it? Or have you just Google it and decided that your research is done and ready to slander a companies name?

        • Harris

          Answered elsewhere.
          If one reads all the documented credible literature on cocaine, one can can get a good understanding without talking to people who claim it works just great for them.

          Slander companies? All I have said is this:
          1. There is no published evidence that this product works.
          2. There is evidence that it has a high risk of severe side effects (not in all users, but in many)
          3. The Medicines Control Council has released a statement on companies selling this product, and what they stated.
          4. Some people report it assists weight-loss, but it may be placebo response, and many people are reporting side effects.
          5. The fact that companies start making claims for a product without proper evidence, is problematic.

          • Adri

            You tried to “name and shame”. Not very ethical on your part without proof

            • Harris

              You are confusing naming and shaming with me simply pointing out what experts have written. The proof is evident: if you sell a product claiming it works without evidence it does, and you do not fully disclose side effects, risks, etc., then the article is applicable to you. If you tick these boxes, then surely it does not apply.

              The purpose of CamCheck is this: Readers will read your comments and look at your website. They will read my perspective. Now with more information, they can make their own decision. At least now the message is no longer one sided.

      • Janine

        Hi Harris. My mom is Bipolar and started taking the nut. Her mood has changed drastically and she is shaking so badly she can’t hold a cup. She has also just been to the doctor and diagnosed with acute gastritis. Could this be linked to the wonder nut? Very concerned

  • Tanja

    Dr Harris,

    Can you tell us how many severely ill people you have treated, as a direct result of the wondernut? How many deaths have been recorded since you started your research, and by whom? Have you done your thesis on the placebo effect? …it seems that way… The first two questions are serious, last one out of curiosity. Since you use that as argument in most comments.

    • Harris

      I do not have to treat any people to know whether a product is problematic.
      I know from published reports, that people have severe toxicity from ingesting arsenic, chemotherapy, sibutramine, etc. – without me having to personally treat a single one.

      “Various documented cases from many countries around the world confirm both the seed’s toxicity, as well as its potential lethality.”
      Pharmacologia Volume 8 Issue 1, 2017

      The fact that there are published studies (listed on this site), AND many, many anecdotal reports of severe side effects, cannot be wished away.
      And to consider that only deaths are relevant, and not all the other symptoms people are reporting here and on other blogs, is an insult to those who were affected. Here is the irony: you want people to believe the positive stories, but you want to wish away all the negative ones.

      • Adri

        Most negative feedback are due to NOT FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS! !

        • Harris

          This unbelievable statement needs no response from me.

          • Leo

            Thanks so much Dr Harris for sharing this with us,I started using the nut a 3 weeks ago and on the third day got my period.I just thought it was due as I stopped breastfeeding a while back.I also had bad cramps during the night so much that I woke up-and this was not due to period. I didn’t feel like myself at all.
            A few days days later I started bleeding again,and that’s when I realized something is not right.Im off it now for 4 days and feel much better.A colleague of mine has been on it aswell and she too have had bad reaction.
            No thanks to this.I don’t even know why people sell stuff like this.

      • Roos

        I would live to applaud @Harris on his unbiased and sound comments on this product. His comments are scientifically valid and have reasonable conclusions (rather than @Adri that is aiming for hypokalaemia and future gastro-intestinal necrosis). Thank you for your contribution and camcheck.

  • Janet

    Thank you for this info HARRIS. I started taking it last week, but have had severe cramps and diarrhoea, hence searching for answers. I understand why people want to continue taking it, but i cannot comprehend continuing to do so after reading the report. There is no way i will carry on – they will be taken to my pharmacist to get rid of. Greatly appreciate this info…and congrats on keeping your cool when dealing with people who respond with such idiotic comments

  • Harris

    Genevieve submitted this question:
    Why does the writer only talk of wondernut the brand, when there are plenty other of the same product, perhaps just of inferior quality under other brand names????
    Why is wondernut the only one mentioned, i think the writer actually distributes another seed under another brand name and that is why they only mention wondernut in such a bad light…. (makes you think doesn’t it????)

    My response:
    The title of this post is: “Indian Walnut – Aleurites Moluccanus – Toxic weight-loss product
    I would have thought that readers would understand that it does not matter what the brand name is, as long as it contains Aleurites Moluccanus, it is a major problem.
    Wondernut advertises very prominently, and was brought to my attention. If there are other brands, I will be happy to add their names to this post if you bring these to my attention.

    (Genevieve is an agent for Wondernut)

  • Pauline

    Wow. What an eye opener. Thanks a lot to Dr Harris, atleast someone out there is trully concerned about our lives and Not just profit margins! Shame on all Nut agents

  • Thuli

    I am no nut agent but it is the only weight loss product that has worked for me. I tried diet but failed. I only take 1/8th of the nut because if I increase the dose I feel nausea but otherwise I am happy and will continue with this for six months

    • Helena Braun

      I too have been using the nut for about a year now and have never felt better in life. I don’t feel bloated, constipated nor as heavy 🙂 One of my sister’s has been on it for a longer time than I have and has great results as well. However, I believe the problem is it’s just not for everyone. Some can handle it, some can’t. I have another sister that tried using it but had to discontinue because she experienced vomiting, nausea and missed one of her periods. So I would say before we publish a whole blog about something and give it a bad name maybe we should rather tell people what works for one doesn’t work for all. All bodies are different! I have a co-worker that has used it for almost a year now and has not lost an ounce, He said he doesn’t deal with constipation. Must not be for him!

      • Harris

        Helena’s email address is linked to a company in Canada.
        Maybe not be the same product available in South Africa?

        Still, the point is this: If a Big Pharma drug for say, arthritis, causes severe side effects in 10% of users, it is withdrawn from the market – no matter how wonderful the 90% claim it is. The risks are just too high. Should the same apply to this product? Or should users simply ‘take a chance’, and particularly knowing that the chemicals present are potentially toxic to the liver and kidney, and may cause effects in the long term – like low dose arsenic and cyanide. (Did you take note it contains a form of cyanide?

        • Corrie

          Thanks adri i have also used it for two years..bever felt better lost 23 kg
          So what product will you rather recommend dr harris??

          • Harris

            Comment from Mari:

            Dear Corrie, your sarcasm will not get you far.
            Some of these users landed up in ICU, hope for your sake the nut doesn’t catch up with you later in your life.
            Kind Regards.

          • Harris


            Corrie reminds me of a drug user who is not addicted arguing that drugs are not addictive because of his own experience

            • Harris

              Response from Corrie:

              Im so sorry i was not sarcastic im serious my 24 year old has cancer no history in our family af cancer .now he have to live the healthy life no preservatives spises gmo free mgo free all organic nothing in plastic etc. So that is really my honest opinion

              • Harris

                Response from Janine (apologies, not sure whey responses are being directed to me instead here)

                Agreed Corrie. My mom also has cancer. It is actually meant to be very slow growing but by the time we found it it was too late. She is terminal. The oncologist- ANOTHER MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL- said that while it did not cause the cancer, it definitely sped up the growth. Had it not been for wonder nut, it probably wouldn’t have spread and we could have saved her. Wonder Nut. Wonderful for cancer. The only reason she lost weight was because the cancer was literary eating her up inside.

  • Carol

    Hi dr Harris,
    I have been using this product for 6 weeks now and have really been struggling with anxiousness the last couple of weeks….. After reading all your comments I doe think it is safer to stop using this anyway. I just want to know if the anxiety might be related or shouls I consult my doctor?

    • Harris

      If the only symptoms you are experiencing is anxiousness, then stopping alone may be sufficient (allowing your body and electrolytes to recover). If however, after a few days, if you do not improve sufficiently or get worse, then it may be of benefit to see someone for a check up. I am assuming that you have only anxiousness and not other symptoms.

  • Rita

    Die produk is gevaarlik. Ek het hartkloppings gekry, angsaanvalle, kouerillings, nagmerries, sists in my bors en het verseker gewig verloor. So dit werk om gewig te verloor maar ek dink nie dit is werd om jou gesondheid op prys te stel nie.

  • Louise Oosthuizen

    My broer en suster se dogter het die neut gebruik. Na 3 weke was my suster se dogter ernstig siek met newe effekte van neuropatie in haar bene en voete, erge water retensie wat geweldige swelling veroorsaak het en hoofpyn en naarheid. Bloedtoetse het gewys dat haar protein en soutvlakke baie laag was. Die neut is gevaarlik en nie die moeite werd om te gebruik nie. Dit behoort verban te word want hou n geweldige gesondheids risiko in vir alle gebruikers. Of jy nou simptome wys of nie, op die lang duur gaan jou gesondheid daaronder ly. As jy moet gewig verloor gaan sien n dieetkundige. My broer het dieselfde simptome en newe effekte ervaar. Die senuwees in die bene en voete wat aangetas is is hopenlik van so aard dat ons hoop op volkome herstel aangesien dit betyds gediagnoseer is en verbruik van die toksiese neut na slegs 3 weke gestop kon word.

  • Dora

    Hi there, I also took the nut for about 3 months and eventually stopped as I was getting tingling in my hands and feet and sore joints. I did not lose any weight either. I did not think it was the nut, just thought it was related to my neck problems. I went to see a Chiro and started feeling better. I started the nut a week ago again and started feeling weird after 3 days again. My head feels weird, tingling in arms and legs again and muscle pains. I also felt so tired and nauseas. I will definitely not try it again as a week ago I was feeling ok.

  • Dora

    Thank you Dr Harris for your advice on this product. Much appreciated!

  • Louise

    Klara, do youself a huge favour and stop using this nut immediately. I am talking out of experience. My brother and sisters daughter became seriously ill. They both ended up with neuropathy in their legs an feet, they were also nauseous, had terrible water retention and diarrhoeah.

    • Klara

      Thanx Louise, i’ve stop using it … didn’t drink it last night … i sit with heavy stomach cramps and nauseous feeling and very very tired!
      Somewhere somebody said something about the Lord made it, so why not use it? Oh my! Really … God also made a lot of other stuff not made for people to eat it! I’m ashamed of myself … trusting a nut .. just to loose some weight and then to feel better about myself … I really think … yes i wanted to try it … but please people rethink this! Do some exercises, drink water and eat the right kind of food … smaller portions and keep your body healthy! Feel good and enjoy life ♥️

  • Mo

    Hi.. myself and my hubby used the nut for three weeks and both had upset tummies and head aches .. I also experienced severe abdominal pain and distention and on occasion constipation.. I fell ill and had constant nausea no appetite and severe fatigue and weakness in my legs and weird feeling in my chest …I thought it was some weird form of the flu..these symptoms lasted three weeks.. my family was concerned and pleaded with me not to take the nut as it could be side effects of the nut.. I since stopped using it and won’t use it in my lifetime again.. on a side note .. I have two family members who used it and lost weight and only side effect according to them is diarrhea… I however will not recommend this pill to anyone after my personal experience…

  • Concerned

    Dear Dr. Harris
    I have used the nut for about 6 months and I have definitely lost weight. I however did not take the recommended dosage of 1/4 seed but instead took 1/8 of the seed as along with 500mg glucophage (prescribed for PCOS),as 1/4 made me run to the loo too often with watery stools. This nut also helped me with my flatulence, ibs and ulcers and thats why i continued taking it (i have been suffering with the mentioned for a while and nothing seemed to assist but the nut).

    I am however VERY CONCERNED regarding the toxicity of this nut and its ability to be tumour promoters (many in our family have cancer and i have watched them fight this difficult battle).

    Kindly assist with the following:
    – How will i know if it has affected my organs/blood/vitamin levels in my body? (is there any other way of knowing apart from blood tests and which blood tests should i do?)
    – How will i know if it has resulted in any tumours already?
    – Do you think my low dosage prevented any damage? (i am hoping that my low dosage was not toxic to my body)
    – Is there any research that indicates which dosage leads to toxicity or could you kindly share your opinion on dosages?

    Thank you kindly. Its appreciated that you have our best interests at heart (ie our health and lives) and hence the need for this article.

    • Harris

      Very good questions, but difficult to answer.
      1. There is no way to determine answers unless damage has resulted in blood parameters starting to change. So if your liver or kidney has been affected, blood tests will show this. But one would have to know whether the tests were normal before you started the product for maybe there were already changes occurring for another reason. I would suggest you doing at least a FBC and CRP, U&E and liver functions test. I also suggest that you try to reclaim the costs of doing these tests from the person who sold you the product.
      2. It is possible that your low dose may have not caused any damage, but see the next point for further context.
      3. There is no scientific information on what the lowest dose needs to be that will not result in adverse effects. There is also no scientific studies that shows whether the body recovers from damage, or not. So these factors are unknown.

  • Thea

    Klara… Do you use WONDERNUT TM coming from a box that says WONDERNUT?
    And Harris… None of our WONDERNUT users is on a diet. I’ve lost 14Kg now since October last year… Eating the same as my household.

    • Harris

      From your comment, it appears that you are a distributor/reseller. That therefore suggests that you want to sell your product and your comments need to be assessed in that context.

      It is very unlikely that you are eating exactly what you were before, it is impossible to lose weight into thin air. I am particularly concerned that you have expressed no sympathy for those badly affected by this product, that you are risking people’s health every time you sell this product, and that you express no remorse. The fact that some people may be lucky to not have side effects does not balance with those who do.

  • Rozanne

    Dr Harris. Well done

  • Wondernut user

    Hi Dr Harris.

    I’ve used my first bottle of Wondernut. During the first 2 weeks I had such bad side affects that I could not work. My agent kept telling me to keep going and eat an extra banana, and told me my body is just detoxing. So I kept on drinking only 1 tablet every second day as my body couldn’t handle 1 tablet everyday. Anyway I stopped drinking the Wondernut tablet as I didn’t see any change in my weight. A week or so after that I started noticing that my ankles and bottom legs started to swell. So bad that I had pitting odema. Now 3 weeks later and the swelling is still not going away. Went to dr yesterday, he said my liver is enlarged and my blood pressure is high. He took blood test to investigate my liver. Now my question is can this all be because of the wondernut??

    • Harris

      This is very likely. Have you told your doctor that you were using Wondernut? He should consider reporting this to the SAHPRA.

    • Debs

      Hi I’m so sick of this nut my whole body is in pain it feels like I poison I got diarrhoea I got neck pains it feels like I’m going to have a stroke im weak I vomit I feel like I’m during please help what can i use to clean my body I’m ever sorry used this nut .I just want to get better

      • Theresa

        Hi..ek is al 1 jaar op die slimming neut..raak so siek..ek het die selfde hele lyf pyn..niks mag aan my raak nie..tot my hemde maak my seer..Ek het klomp klein balletjies onder my vel..Ek bly moeg..

        Dis baie erg..ek het nog nooit so siek en pap en sleg gevoel nie..Die neut is baie gevaarlik en sleg vir ons liggaam

    • Sisanda

      I’m in the exact same situation, have been taking the nut fir 2 weeks but I’m miserable. Nausea, diarrhea, swollen feet & ankles, extreme pins & needles. I’m dying

  • Karen

    I have been taking wonder nut and have lost no weight….the 1st week I could feel the detox but after that no results.

    • Liz

      Just thinking out loud…the “detox” could also be poisoning… I’ve been using for a week and really have felt like crap. Couldn’t even go to gym…could barely lift my arms. And if you are constantly nauseous you wouldn’t eat?!

  • Tanja

    How long are you taking it for now?

  • Gillian

    I have also experienced severe stomach pains and water retention in my fingers and when asking the agent about all these and sending her a link about the walnut suggesting it is toxic she told me That is the Indian one. The one I gave you is the amazonian one.
    Is there 2 nuts and is 1 a bad one and another a good one?

    • Harris

      What nonsense she is telling you! There is only one ‘Wondernut’ being sold in South Africa – distributed by one company to agents. Whether she wants to claim it is the Amazonian one, or the Indian one, the fact is clear that people are reporting severe side effects.

  • Tanja

    Hi Harris, I don’t agree with you. I get my nuts from a friend of mine who is importing it herself, every two months. I suspect there are more than one company selling the product. What is of concern to me, is the products that are sold under the packaging name Wondernut. It comes in a nut, tea or capsule. I dont know where they come from and what they put inside the capsules… I trust my source and only get my nuts from her.

    • Harris

      I have done further research this morning. All reputable databases claim that all members of the Aleurites family, eg. Aleurites moluccana moluccana, Aleurites fordii contain saponins, and these compounds are toxic. “Various closely related species, including A. fordii (Tung nut tree), have also been associated in the poisoning of humans as well as animals”.
      1. Herbal Safety
      2. Toxicity of Candlenut Seed (Aleurites moluccanus) “This review examined the potential beneficial or toxic effects of a purported weight loss supplement commonly known as candlenut tree seed, “nuez de la India” and “semilla de Brasil” (Aleurites moluccanus), that is promoted throughout the world via the internet as a “safe” and “effective” option for the treatment of obesity”

      I would not trust your source unless she is an expert botanist. Interestingly, it appears that if you roast the nut, it may decrease the toxicity, but then that would destroy its effects too.

  • Noelia

    Clearly this product is toxic.
    As it may work for some people (according to some of the comments I have read) – it also CLEARLY affects other people.
    My friend was drinking it and she is now currently in hospital with extremely low blood pressure, vomiting, abdominal pain, etc.
    I am disgusted that this would even be on the market.

  • Debs

    Today is the eight day I’m using the nut and I feel like I’m dieting for the first 6 days I felt wonderful but today I’m so sick I need help please as I’m speaking I’m sick I vomit ,have diarrhoea I’m weak please help what can i use to feel better

    • Harris

      Gillian has commented:
      “I’m not an expert but an ex nut user….. but stop using the nut immediately and start drinking lots of water and eating fruit. You should start feeling better in about 3 days. Can kick myself for ever starting to take it. I believe it is really poison.”

  • Janet

    Totally agree with Gillian. Have never been in such pain or felt so ill. It is a poison for sure. Took DAYS to get it out of my system. I worry about the long term effects for those who are so adamant that it is safe to take…people have died!

  • Gillian

    I cannot understand the distributor though as mine told me it is not the Indian wonder nut that she sells but the Amazon one and that they are different and told me to keep using it as the symptoms will disappear and you supposed to get body aches and pains and diarrhea but it will eventually stop….for me it was just taking over my body and not stopping. I cant believe such pains and aches will just stop by carrying on taking it. A week later and I still cant walk properly as I have pains in my feet and up my legs and still feel a heaviness in my body.

  • Lee

    2nd Week of using and I am gaining weight than losing. every morning waking up with a distasteful feeling in my mouth and throat

  • Mickey Kantor

    Hi Dr Harris

    My niece was admitted to ICU last Monday in Sunninghill for acute pancreatitis as a result of hypertriglyseridemia. She started with severe stomach cramps, nausea and vomiting. She has had 3 x dialysis, blood transfusions, is on a respirator as she has water on the lungs and is on morphine for pain. She is 27 years old. We could not understand how this all happened until we discovered today from a colleague that she has been taking this “Wondernut” for 10 days. She is in a very critical condition as you can well imagine.

    What do we go about stopping this from harming more people? I look forward to your response.

    • Harris

      I am stunned to hear this. I am so, so sorry for what she and your family have to go through.
      I am trying different avenues to address this, but the MCC/SAHPRA appear to have no interest.
      Can you supply me the details of the source for her product? Was it an agent or from a website?

  • Louise

    Dr Harris, why don’t we try Carte blanche. If we cannot get the Medical Council to stop it at least a lot of people will know how toxic this nut is if Carte Blance decide to do a program about it.

  • Liz

    Dr Harris, wondernut agent warned that breasts may be lumpy and tender due to detox. I am freaked out! My breasts look like they have prosthesis (lumpy). The last time my breasts were this hard and enlarged was when I had mastitis.What can cause this? Toxins? I am trying to flush this nut out of my body but freaked out with this?!

    • Harris

      This is very strange. I am not a gynae so I am not sure of this. I can surmise that of the many compounds in this nut, some effect hormones. Specific hormones do play a role in breast tissue regulation, and it is possible that this is therefore the side effect. I will ask a pharmacologist if he has an idea.

  • Liz

    Asked my “agent”. Apparently it’s part of the detox. My breasts are officially a cup size bigger and rock hard. Also told that the aches and pains are a good thing (fatburn)…apparently once the pain passes I will notice the area has lost fat. What absolute bullsh*t! I’m so angry! (at myself) I really feel like I’ve bee n poisoned…liver and kidneys, stomach and colon…I can just cry…

  • Harris

    Gillian posted: “Could you please confirm if this is the Indian walnut you used that caused this?”

    On the 16th I posted that all members of this family have the same toxicity:

    “I have done further research this morning. All reputable databases claim that all members of the Aleurites family, eg. Aleurites moluccana moluccana, Aleurites fordii contain saponins, and these compounds are toxic. “Various closely related species, including A. fordii (Tung nut tree), have also been associated in the poisoning of humans as well as animals”.
    1. Herbal Safety
    2. Toxicity of Candlenut Seed (Aleurites moluccanus) “This review examined the potential beneficial or toxic effects of a purported weight loss supplement commonly known as candlenut tree seed, “nuez de la India” and “semilla de Brasil” (Aleurites moluccanus), that is promoted throughout the world via the internet as a “safe” and “effective” option for the treatment of obesity”

  • Liz

    I am using Wondernut (capsules). Was warned by agent not to use the other brands.

  • Happy

    Hi Liz, I have been following the Camcheck for a while now…can’t believe what I’m reading! I have been using the nut (not the capsule, as I don’t know what they put inside!) For 9 months now… I’m in the best shape and health ever! During the first two weeks I had my stomach work up to 4 times a day, and some muscle tenderness in the “fat areas” for a couple of days…much like after a gym session. I can honestly say that I have NO side effects whatsoever! My stomach is regular, twice in the morning. Nothing else, no cramps, nausea, diarrhea, swollen anything… I feel sorry for you… Maybe there is something in the capsule other than just the nut? Im not an agent, just a very happy user!

    • Harris

      For any medicine/drug or substance, there will almost always be a number of people who have no side effects and have positive results whether because of the product or because of a placebo response.

      In the case of Wondernut, if a proper study was done, the product would likely be banned because the safety margin alone makes this a very high risk product. For example, not all users read CamCheck, but we have at least two who have reported severe pancreatitis, one landing up in ICU. Some side effects can cause permanent damage.

      Is that worth the risk?

  • Liz

    Just shows you that we are all different. A lot of people prefer the nut as it’s stronger or more potent than the capsule. the capsule is really just grinded nut. I have a family member that’s an agent and swears by it. Nope today is my 3rd day not taking it and the first morning that I’m starting to feel better. I had to close my office door yesterday and lie down a bit yesterday. I’m just trying to flush this out of my system…really feel like I’ve been poisoned.

    • Harris

      Let me ask you this: you had symptoms which shows the product hurt you. What about the damage it may be causing without giving symptoms? For example, there are products that can slowly damage kidneys without symptoms until too late.

      For example, these nuts contain hydrogen cyanide. Chronic exposure to cyanide include “mild liver and kidney damage“.

      Want to take that chance?

      • Liz

        No never. I’m trying to flush this from my body. With every ache and pain I worry what damage has been done. My boobs are rock hard and lumpy (so-called detox). I think people are desperate for weight loss and ignore the warnings, and will probably discuss the insanity of all of this while receiving dialysis in their size 8 jeans.

  • Liz

    I was just thinking this morning…I would lose weight if I continue using this product. I don’t feel like eating anything. Whenever I drink or eat anything I know I have 20mins max to get to a loo. I suspect the Moringa, the banana and yogurt is to “bind” your stools and assist your colon. (apologies for details). I was at a point yesterday where whatever I ingested came out exactly the same (colour and smell) which means if I had something fattening it just “fell” through…no digestion and absorbtion. I’m not a doctor but that’s what my common sense tells me…. And I suppose if you are an inactive person you would not notice or mind that you feel like you’ve been hit by a bus…..

    Just not worth it. Maybe in a couple of years the after-effect of this will be visible….

  • Dezzie

    I’m so confused now after reading this. I bought these nuts yesterday but haven’t taken any. I am desperate to lose weight but am a single mom and don’t want to kill myself slowly leaving my daughter motherless. My colleagues who have been on this nut for months now are very happy with their results but after reading this, I am not so sure anymore about this product. I suffer with insulin resistance and kidney stones so am going to rather er on the side of caution! Don’t suppose I’ll get my R400 back!

    Thank you Dr Harris!

    • Harris

      Sorry to confuse you, but the truth is that some may not side effects, others will clearly do. But more difficult is to predict the long term effects without symptoms. All my reading of the literature is that these nuts contain toxins.

    • Mickey Kantor

      PLEASE do not take this slimming tablet. You already have problems and this will just exasperate them and possibly land you up in hospital. There is no “Wonder Cure”for losing weight! You have to learn to eat clean and exercise. There is no quick fix! My niece ended up in ICU for two weeks after taking this nut fighting for her life. I have reseearched and read all the horror stories. It is not to say that it will happen to you but do you really want to take that chance given your medical hisotry? All the best, Mickey

  • Dezzie

    Thanks Dr Harris.

    I would actually like to to know if there are any known cases of death or tumors developing as a direct cause of using this product?

  • Sabrina

    I used the nuts years ago and they worked. This time, I’m not quite sure what’s happening. I boiled the quarter piece (as I’ve done in the past) and drank the tea. I woke up feeling strange. My fingertips were numb, then my toungue began to tingle. Now my face, feet, toungue, and fingertips all feel tingly. I also feel a sinus pressure and weakness in my legs. Pretty scary. I don’t know what’s happening.

  • Disappointed

    Im so heartbroken after reading this!! One of my friends told me about this product over the weekend after I enquired on her amazing weight loss. So i ordered my pack and got them today. While boiling the kettle for my first 1/8 of the nut something just told me to read the pamphlet more closely . I was scared silly by all the ‘possible side effects’ on there! Especially after the packaging and website clearly state no side effects? So i delayed my first nut to do some further research and as i said im heartbroken by my findings here. Im sure ill thank myself later. Very very disappointed that these people would risk innocent lives for R400 ! Thank you kindly for this article.

  • Mickey

    Don’t be heartbroken! Be extremely grateful that your inner voice stopped you from taking the nut and that you came across this blog site. My niece ended up in ICU for 2 and a half weeks because of this nut. She nearly lost her life. Try and get your moeny back if you can. Is there no Money Back Guarantee clause in the leaflet? All the best!

  • Renate

    Dear dr Harris

    Thank you for your research and comments.

    I have been using this product – Zemiente, but no effects and no weight loss at all. I thought at some stage it makes me more constipated, but not to sure about this.

    I have to say that I am also rather disappointed as I was looking forward to using this product and see the results that so many claim is true.

    I have found this on the website

    “Zemiente has a great success rate and is safe to use (Acknowledged by DAFFSA for human Consumption). Zemiente is a dehydrated fruit which the USDA also expresses that the A GRADE PRODUCT is not toxic (NEVER CONSUME RAW) and is 100% safe and palatable for humans. ”

    The fact that DAFFSA acknowledge it made me think it is safe? – Any comments on this please.

    • Harris

      I searched for any proof that the USDA have made this comment and cannot find evidence for it. It appears to be a lie.
      Similarly, there is no entity called DAFFSA. Possibly they are suggesting it is DAFF of South Africa – DAFF meaning Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, in which case that is also a lie.

      It would be great if you could write to them asking for documentary proof, or an URL which confirms their claims, or shows their lies.

  • Anna

    Dear. Dr. Harris. I have been a user for 9maande and have definitely lost weight with it. However, i would like to do tests before continuing to use it. Bloed toets are very expensive. Which would be priority if i could only do one? the kidney of the liver test? Please assist

    • Harris

      If you can afford both, I think they are both useful. They give you different information, so one cannot say one is more important than the other. And Wondernut can damage both the liver and kidney. Sorry!

  • Dusan

    Hi. I used the nut and I lost 8 kg over a 2 months period. I lost the fat around my waist and back what i normally struggle with in a normal diet. I bought my nuts from an agent in Cape Town. My sister also tried the nut but from a different agent. She only lost 5 kg in a 5 months period. I tried the same nut then from the agent she bought it from. I started to experienced difficulty in my breathing. I did not realuse that it could be the nut. I stopped the nut and my breathing was normal again. I still did not bring the two together. A few days ago i started again to use the nut. The exact same thing happened. Trouble breathing. What i think now is that my sister bought a “fake” nut. I did not experience that with the nut that i bought from the agent in Cape Town. With the original nuts that i bought i lost so many centimetres around my legs, arms and upper body but with the new sgenrs nuts i only had bad expetience and no weigh lost. I wonder if someone else had the same experience?

  • Dissappointed

    I have taken the pills for 3 days now and noticed a change in hormones (PMS symptoms after period), irritation and anxiety… and diarrhea started yesterday.

    This can not be natural / healthy with these effects. I’ve stopped for a day now and trying to get rid of the diarrhea – makes sense why the agent said eat lots of bananas.

    I’m already exercising and changed my diet, was looking for an appetite suppressant and to get rid of my water retention. This was a waste of money! Very disappointed.

  • Almost Duped

    So glad I stumbled upon this article. I bought the Wondernut today and decided to quickly do some research before I took it. Needless to say that I will now be flushing it down the toilet. Wish I had done the research before I spent the money!

  • Liz

    I see on the Wondernut facebook page someone threatened them now. His sister is in ICU with kidney failure and the specialist confirmed that it was caused by the “wondernut”.

    • Harris

      I am also aware of someone who developed cancer. They are trying to determine the involvement of the nut or a coincidence. To remind readers, the MCC warned: “These compounds have irritant properties and are, therefore, very strong purgatives. They may also act as potent tumour promoters (co-carcinogens)”.

  • Amber

    Tried Nuez del la india had really bad nausea and pain. It made me feel so sick. I took it for a week as directed got sick and stopped. Tried again when a friend of mine who continued lost 10kg in 6 months. It didnt work for me and caused me to get really sick. Id never use it ever again.

    • Hafiza Mahomed

      It may not agree for some people but i have tried it for the first 2 weeks i did feel nausea and back pain. after a month I was fine. from November 2017 I was 82 kg and now I am in June 2018 66kg. I feel so good. This product is fantastic so far no problems eat everything and still lost weight. I have not been on any diet

  • Jo

    ANOTHER friend on facebook, in hospital, pancreatitis. Chatting to her on whatsapp and asking if she ever used the Wondernut and she replies that she’s been using it for a while! She didn’t even think to tell her doctor

    • Mickey Freund

      Hi Jo, my niece was in ICU for almost two weeks with acute pancreatitis. She had been on the nut for 10 days. I hope your friend will be ok!!!

      • Johan

        Good day
        This is Dr. Johan Combrink. I had a pt. a few months ago with acute pancreatitis, who used this nut. Could you please ask the doctor managing your friend to test the serum trigliseride on your friend and mail the results to me at [email protected]

        I am trying to find the reason why some of these patients develop pancreatitis.

        Thank you

    • Johan

      Good day
      This is Dr. Johan Combrink. I had a pt. a few months ago with acute pancreatitis, who used this nut. Could you please ask the doctor managing your friend to test the serum trigliseride on your friend and mail the results to me at [email protected]

      I am trying to find the reason why some of these patients develop pancreatitis.

      Thank you

  • Liz

    I can’t believe some of these comments?!! No one is debating whether it’s working for WEIGHTLOSS or not!! Cancer patients are also skinny!! The point is that losing weight comes with a price…you don’t realise the damage being done to your organs….

    • Harris

      Comment sent in by Janine:

      I would just like to say to all the ‘pro-wondernut ‘ people out there that have you ever thought why Harris would be on a campaign to reveal the dangers of your product? Do you think he is your competition or some sadist who doesn’t want to assist people who battle desperately with weight loss??? Seriously. All he is trying to do is save people from the potential damage this nut can cause.

      I get the battle with weight, I get that for some of you, this product works and you have lost weight, great for you.

      One comment was even to the tune of ‘well at least I will die thin’. What would you say to your daughter if it was her who was trying to lose weight? Would you tell her that being thin means more than life itself? That you would rather have her thin and sick than overweight and alive? How can the sellers of this product sleep at night, knowing that your ‘magic nut’ has the POTENTIAL to cause serious harm and even death?

      You know 100’s of people who have lost weight on this product etc. I know 2 (and the only 2 people I have ever heard of taking this nut) who have had serious medical repurcussions from it. One of those who is my mom and has just been diagnosed with cancer. Her symptoms only started showing after a month of using the nut. This nuts have PROVEN tumor promoting factors in them. I don’t think it caused the cancer, but It could have played a role in accelerating the growth of these tumors. Pancreatitis- do you know how serious that is and how painful and damaging it is. My aunt had muscle pains and headaches and sore joints. Those are signs that it is causing inflammation. So are all the other side effects.

      PLEASE PLEASE do not use this nut. PLEASE PLEASE stop selling it. I think I know who the greedy sadists are here. It’s the people selling this product. Not Harris.

  • lizzy

    I wanted to use it for losing weight but i m afraid when i hear people complaining about it.

  • Janet

    Well said Janine. It is absolutely baffling that people will risk so much for weightloss. Without your health you have NOTHING…but most don’t realise that until it is too late

  • Anita

    I started using the nut tablet last week. I know someone that lost 15kg in 3 months with the nut. That was my inspiration to buy the product. All the info on the insert shows that it is organic and 100 % natural. If I read this review prior to using it, I would have avoided all the horrible side effects. I would have flushed it down the drain! I used the tablets as prescribed. One tablet every second night at 20:00. After my 1st tablet I had a runny tummy with abdominal pain. After the 2nd tablet I started having muscle pain. My agent told me that it is due to the detox that I’m feeling so bad. I used the moringa, multi vitamins and ate a bananna every day. After the 3rd tablet I felt like death. My breasts felt like they have stones inside them. I have swollen glands all over. My muscles felt so tender, that I could hardly put clothes on. The only reason I searched for reviews was the horrible taste in my mouth. I felt like I ate poison. Not to mention the light headedness and tiredness. It has been 4 days since the last tablet and I still have muscle pain, tender breasts and swollen glands. No way I would ever take any of nut products again. I’ll rather die fat and healthy!! I pray that I have not caused my body permanent damage.

  • Kate

    Hi I bought his nut on the 24th July and for the first week had a headache and constipation, 3 days ago I woke completely swollen and had a rash on my legs that has now become blisters, sharp pains around my liver. I had such severe headaches with a stiff neck that i couldn’t turn my head. I couldn’t drive or leave the house. I also had severe dehydration even though I have been drinking 2-3 litres of water
    I also had two days of vomiting yellow bile and shaking and having cold sweats. This freaked me out.
    My feet and legs are so swollen, even though I exercise regularly and walk everyday.

    I then went onto the internet to do more research and came across this site.
    I will never use this product again.

    I am off to the doctor to see if I have done any damage to myself permanently.

  • Lee

    Oh wow.. my friend is supposed to bring the nut to me later on today and now I am not even sure I want it. Although I am desperate to lose weight, Just don’t think it’s enough for me to end up in ICU because of a nut. Really doesn’t feel worth it. And I was so excited at first. Glad I did research before even trying. Will just continue with my clean eating and gym.

  • Kira

    Is everyone here taking one nut? Because I’m sure the Instructions said 1/8th of a nut. And a vitamin supplement, water and bananas and oranges to prevent loss of electrolytes and potassium.

    I also think it’s far too soon to make judgements when there has not been extensive clinical trials published. That doesn’t mean it is perfectly safe either.

    This is a grey area. There is not safe or lethal diagnosis yet. Everyone is jumping to conclusions without enough clinical data. Thai discussion is pointless until more research is done.

    And someone needs to respond to Dr Johan.

  • Mickey

    Hi Kira

    Have you not read all the horror stories???? My niece ended up in ICU with chronic pancreatitis because of the nut. There have been 3 cases already reported on this site. Never mind how many others there have been that we do not know about. She was in ICU for two weeks. She can never drink again or eat what she wants to. Her whole life has changed. DO NOT take the chance and wait to find out what it can do for you. Read all the comments again and believe you me this is only a tiny percentage of cases. Be responsible and eat correctly and exercise. THERE IS NO QUICK FIX!!!! And there is no Wonder Drug for weight loss. I wish you well!

  • Harris

    Comment sent by Louise:
    Hi Kira, if this was really a wonder nut and quick fix to lose weight, ask yourself one question. Why are there still fat people in the world? I can assure you the whole world would have known about this and there would be no overweight people. This nut has been banned from various countries. My brother also became seriously ill and the woman who sold it to him also used it and she lost 35 kg but now she has cancer. I know I cannot claim it is because she used the nut, but read Dr Harris’s comments and then decide if it is worth it. I lost 54kg over the last year by cutting carbohydrates and sugar. It is the only way to lose weight and be healthy. Trust you will make the right decision for your own Health’s sake.



  • Harris

    Comment sent by Mari:
    Dear Kira, you don’t know what your talking about.

  • FromAfrica

    I have just taken this so called wonder nut, but to my dismay. I got violently sick and was booked of work for gastro enteritis because I did not tell my doctor I took this rubbish.. Since thin has my feet and ankles been so swollen that I look like the little Michelin man. My liver is so sore and swollen and my urine is golden yellow. I do not have any energy and try my best just to make my bed. I loos my balance for no reason and I feel like crap the whole time. I have not have this tablet for the past 7 days and my feet, ankles is still swollen. I am now getting worried that I might have signs of liver failure which I hope not. All of you that claimed that you lost 15 to 20 kg in one year can do so with a normal healthy diet. There is no proof that this nut is the reason why you are loosing the weight. This nut have traces of Phorbol esters, saponins, toxalbumin and hydrogen cyanide which is highly toxycated poison to the human body. I have a problem with my health which I never had before, all because of the wonder nut. Stop fooling yourself and go on a healthy diet. Another thing, the distributor in South Africa threatens me with legal action because she says I am slandering their product.

    • Janes

      Just flushed my remaining 9 and 3/4 seeds down the toilet. Had 11 to start off with..

      Only used one and 1/4 in 2 weeks time. Started with 1/8
      Mild last 2 days sensitive skin by my ‘love handles’..tired..fuzzy brain the day i took a full 1/4 and quite bad diaree.
      Feel so stupid for wasting R500 and putting myself in danger.
      I used the Nuez..blah blah brand

  • Chanelle

    Hi Dr I have taken these for ten days. I am throwing them away. How long does it take to get out of your system

    • Harris

      We simply do not know. I would suspect that if you had taken it for a short while, it should work its way out of your system very quickly.If you have a liver condition or kidney disease, then doing a blood test to check the function of your kidneys and liver is possibly worthwhile.

  • FromAfrica

    It has been over a month since I took this nut. See my email of 18 September 2018. My feet and legs still gets swollen. It now comes and goes. I still often loose function of my muscles, on a bad day I still struggle to get out of bed or if I get to active my muscles just bails out and then I have to sit down to regain energy. The question that comes to me, is this the effect cyanide has on the human body? Does it attack the nervous system to such an extend that it sometime feels difficult to take on the simplest task. I have had blood test done and thankfully my liver and kidneys is functioning normal. But the after effects attacks other parts of my body, the listlessness, the muscles function, nausea now and again, loosing my balance for no reason, the swollen feet and legs. faint shooting pains through my abandonment/muscles. How can these people be stopped from selling this rubbish to the public. This is a slow killer. I am just glad my body manifested this at an early stage. I feel sorry for those that still live with the perception that is a weight loss remedy, but in the long run will pay with their health or sadly with death.

  • Lielie

    Hey guys does this wondernut take your periods away? Or just delay it?

  • Barbara

    Harris you are a pain in the butt and seems to think you know it all.
    I have never been on any diets but for other health reason had to try the Nut
    FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS and you will NOT end up in hospital.
    Are you a Dr losing out on this product that is so good and you are jealous that the nut doing wonders without it going through your systems.
    Yes I have lost a lot of weight which I did not need but the other results of the nut for me is of so much worth that I do not mind looking like a skeleton. I am using it now for 3 years and have never feel beter and without the constant pains I had before.

    • Harris

      How do you know that there is not low dose toxicity, without obvious symptoms, as reported by the Medicine Control Council? If you read that say, 20% of users experienced bad symptoms, that there may be low dose toxicity associated with this product, would you let your teenage daughter take this product?

    • Harris

      Comment submitted by Mari
      “Dear Barbara, congratulations you are the winner of KNOW IT ALL ABOUT THIS NUT. You are very narrow minded. “

  • Alice

    I took the Wondernut for about 4 months last year and lost around 10kgs with very little side effects, just a bit of body aches here and there and some diarrhea. I stopped taking it once I reached my goal weight, but started binge eating and picked up all that weight again. I started taking the nut again about a month ago, but am suffering from insomnia and very dry eyes to the point where I cannot wear my contact lenses anymore. I’ve decided to stop taking the nut after reading the above responses and hope that the insomnia and dry eyes will go away.

  • Janine

    Barbara, being skin and bones at all costs is your choice. I had an ED for years and ended up in renal and cardiac failure at 34kgs. I took Thins, Nobes, Betasleep and Laxador (all of which have now been taken off the market). I didn’t care if they were toxic or not and if someone had tried to take them away from me at the time, I would have called them a pain in the butt too. I just would never have advocated for someone else to use them. My mom had an ED. She was then diagnosed with bipolar and put on a huge amount of meds that made her gain weight. She was considered obease and would do anything to lose weight. She took the nut, AT THE PRESCRIBED DOSE and she now has terminal cancer. The oncologists and pathologists have confirmed that the nut is responsible for speeding up tumor growth. She has a rare and slow growing cancer, which, can normally be cut out. The nut made it grow so fast, that it spread and there is nothing they can do. She has lost weight, a whole lot, but she is also going to die. I would give anything for that not to happen. So don’t advocate a drug that works for you ‘at all costs’. It costs a lot of other people ( majority of posts on this site), a whole lot more than weight loss.

  • Adri

    So let’s say for argumentative sake the nut may have low levels of toxins. And don’t forget to mention that these toxins that may be present is there only in the raw form. Why does no one repeat or mention the fact that, and this is according to the scientist Jannie Hofmeyr, if the nut is cooked or roasted, all the toxins it may have had is gone? That it’s then safe to consume. That many locals eat it daily in their food.
    Again …. follow instructios. Cut crush and boil ….
    Im just wondering, if not a nut what would next get blamed for all that goes wrong in your body after you fill it up year after year with chemicals and poisons and get sick? Will someone ever blame the right reason???

    And secondly, Wondernut which is the company name NOT THE NUT is the only company that do instruct their clients to use boiling water. All the other instruct their clients to swallow like a pill.

    People get real. Spend energy on the right issue and product. Unfortunately not all doctors know everything about everything. And then there are some that do research on the Internet and call it extensive.

    • Harris

      So you want people to believe, without any evidence, that the boiling water only gets rid of the toxins – and does not affect the ‘good’ stuff?


      What is your proof that the boiling water gets rid of the toxins, that includes phorbol esters, saponins, toxalbumin and hydrogen cyanide?
      Please supply us “the scientist Jannie Hofmeyr”‘s proof.

  • Adri

    Harris you will have to ask the scientist Mr Hofmeyr that had a talk on RSG about the nut. He is the one that said boiling or roasting will eliminate any if there is toxins and then it’s safe to consume like all the locals do.
    Why don’t you come to Richardsbay. Interview as many people as you can handle . I’ll even arrange an appointment with my oncologist to discuss with you the change in my body (with proof of course ). Your “research” is totally one sided. You CANNOT be so narrow minded.

    • Harris

      I cannot find any evidence of this person so I am not convinced that he is a scientist.

      Secondly, you appear to to be the narrow minded individual. Let me explain: I know that some people claim to have benefited from this product; I am aware of the scientific publications that point out that it is toxic; I am aware of the Medicines Control Council warning consumers of its toxicity; I am aware of the many reports of toxic side effects, including pancreatitis, reported by users – including those that bought from Wondernut and used boiling water; I have examined the substances in this nut and how some cannot be diminished by putting it into boiling water.
      That makes me NOT narrow minded.

      You on the other hand believe only that the product is good for you, that if you boil it it has no toxicity, and that because one individual appeared on RSG and said that it was ok, that it is. You sound like the narrow-minded individual. And worse, you ignore and discounts users who have experienced toxic side effects. You sound like a seller of this product who cannot accept that there are major risks to this product.

      Are you aware that because of the medical literature, if one of the people you have sold this product to develops severe side effects, that they can take you to court for more than fraud, of endangering their health? A clever lawyer may be able to argue attempted murder? And the evidence will not come from me – it will come from the Medicines Control Council and the medical literature.

      • Harris

        And one more thing:
        I have posted comments from people who believe the product works, and those who say that they had severe adverse effects.
        I have posted either the comments from the MCC and medical literature or posted links to them
        Your turn: Please post the research by Mr Hofmeyer that proves that the toxins are removed/reduced by boiling water, or the research that shows this product is safe.

  • Adri

    Again your research leave much to be thinked about. Prof Dr Jannie Hofmeyer. Prof of Biocompexity and Biochemistry. Univ of Stellenbosch.
    And stop playing the sympathy/victim card to the readers.
    Why not accept the challenge? Afraid of learning the truth? I CAN PROOF TO YOU THAT MY LIVER FUNCTIONS HAVE IMPROVED SINCE ON THE NUT. I CAN PROOF TO YOU MY KIDNEYS ARE 100%. Now don’t ask me to send the proof. You can come here and talk to another scientist. A professor in oncology.

    And secondly. MCC does not exist anymore. They did not want to assist you. Carte blanch did not want to touch your story . Are you afraid of losing some credibility when proven wrong? Or are you just that type of person who hates losing.

    Why is it so hard for you to believe that there can be a product that actually helps people? Can your scientific brain not wrap around the wonders of Creation and natural products? Does everything in the world needs to be explained in medical terms otherwise it don’t exist?

    • Harris

      Your comments speak so loudly about you and your stance – readers are clever enough to make up their own minds and see past your nonsense.

      1. Prof Hofmeyer is not a health professional, hence could not find him name listed as one.
      2. The MCC is not “dead’, it has transformed to to the Health Products Regulatory Agency. So everything the MCC has said, still stands – but under a new department and name.
      3. The only reason Carte Blanche did not proceed is because they could not find a SA lab able to do the necessary tests for ingredients.
      4. You have NOT answered a single question that I have raised, but instead have tried to avoid all of them.
      5. Claiming how much your liver and kidney functions have improved, without supplying evidence, does NOT diminish, absolve or take away from the many people who have claimed very, very bad side effects, including from the product YOU sell. You are trying to sell your product. Worse, you show no remorse for the people who had very bad reactions.
      6. Furthermore, natural products are always safe: many are very unsafe, e.g., comfrey, certain mushrooms, snakebite, wormwood, etc.

      Take home message to readers:
      Adri and Wondernut have not been able to supply ANY evidence, except self-belief and anecdotes, to support that the product is safe and works effectively.
      I on the other hand have been able to supply the opposite.

      To Adri: Until you supply credible evidence that your product is safe and works effectively, no further comments will be accepted from you.

    • Harris

      Comment from Mari:
      “Dear Adri, congratulations to you as well, you are also a winner by far. You are beyond narrow minded and very self centered. You go girl and use this nut for as long as you want to, can’t believe that you can say that it helped with your kidney, liver and what ever else. You really are telling people a lot of nonsense.”

      Comment from me (Harris)
      I continue the promise to Mari (and readers), that any credible evidence that she supplies that proves that this product is safe and efficacious, that I will post it to CamCheck.

      • Adri

        Mari you have no clue. The proof I’ve got. Anyone is more than welcome to come see it. Next thing you going to tell me is that I lied about my cancer. Or maybe that I’m not going through blood tests every six months for the last 7 years. Or maybe that you personally know me. Dream on my dear.

    • Janine

      Adri. I am a medical scientist. Where is one legitimate journal article (by that I mean a proper scientific article that has been referenced by REAL professionals that state the nut is safe? There is not one. The dr who diagnosed my mom has seen two cases is his 40 year career of fiabrolamellar hepatocellular carcinoma that has grown around the inferior vena Cava. Both were taking wonder nut.

    • Harris

      I have contacted Prof Jannie Hofmeyer who you claim supports Wondernut. He has given me permission to quote him:

      Dear Dr Steinman

      To the contrary, I made it crystal clear that this product is dangerous and to be avoided at all cost. There is also no clinical evidence whatsoever that it is a safe weight-loss product. I quoted the Medicines Control Council who made a media release to that effect.

      I also made the point that anyone who believes that they will achieve healthy and permanent weight-loss by inducing diarrhea must have their heads read.

      The people who sell this rubbish are unethical and beyond comment.

      You can quote me with the greatest of pleasure. You can also point your readers to the podcast of the SABC RSG (Radio sonder Grense) programme “Hoe verklaar jy dit” of Sunday 18 November 2018 in which I discussed the wonder nut ( This was not an interview, but a response to a listener’s question.

  • Janine

    Adri. I am a medical scientist. Where is one legitimate journal article (by that I mean a proper scientific article that has been referenced by REAL professionals that state the nut is safe? There is not one. The dr who diagnosed my mom has seen two cases is his 40 year career of fiabrolamellar hepatocellular carcinoma that has grown around the inferior vena Cava. Both were taking wonder nut.

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