ImuPro, not good enough evidence, again!

Posted 26 November 2013

wellproimupro-logo ImuPro has been featured numerous times on CamCheck for making unsubstantiated claims for this test -and have been ruled against by the ASA. Originally only making tests for the benefit of ImuPro for allergies and intolerances, these have eventually been removed following a protracted course. 


A complaint has been laid against the owner, Dr York, with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (no result yet).

Now we have been informed that Dr York/ ImuPro, are making other not so well supported claims.

On the Well-Pro – ImuPro website (, the following claim is made: “Data suggests that eliminating foods that are identified to have an IgG antibody response results in significant improvement in a variety of conditions like migraine (1), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (2), Crohns disease (3) and juvenile obesity (4).”


The study quoted in support of the IgG, i.e., ImuPro testing, benefiting irritable Read the rest

2 comments to ImuPro, not good enough evidence, again!

  • Teri K

    Well it works for hundreds of people – I am a success story – now 9 yrs on:

    • Harris

      Sometimes it will work because of the placebo response, and other times, due to co-incidence, i.e., removing the pile of ‘positives’ happens to remove a real positive. But now you are avoiding food that is actually safe – because of an erroneous test.

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