Immunadue – ASA ruling, again.

Posted 07 September 2016

ImmunadueDr Eyal lodged a consumer complaint with the ASA against a radio commercial that was broadcast on Jacaranda FM during July.

The commercial states as follows:

“7.2; the most important number in your life, because 7.2 is the ideal pH balance for your body. Drop below 7.2 through stress and poor diet and you’re vulnerable to certain cancers, diabetes, cholesterol, arthritis. But by taking Immunadue each day you can restore your pH balance. Get back to 7.2 with Immunadue. The only natural, non chemical multivitamin to help balance your pH levels each day. Immunadue the meaning of life”.

The complainant submitted that the commercial makes numerous false claims, in particular that the product will normalise the body’s pH levels. It also incorrectly quotes the optimal pH level and mentions that the product is clinically proven, all of which are untrue and contradicted by prestigious medical journals.… Read the rest

3 comments to Immunadue – ASA ruling, again.

  • Pieter

    Has this product been registered with the MCC, as part of the attempts / roadmap to control CAMS?

    • Harris

      This product has not been registered yet. Whether they have applied for registration I do not know. Of course, an application does not suggest that registration will be approved.

  • Jaco

    Their advertisements still sound very much the same.
    They continue to defend their claims and even when they promised to send me proof, didn’t bother to send it.

    Selling a product that probably is not much more than a placebo effect – I don’t get how people can consider this an honest living.

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