Hoodia Slender Gel – now called Slender Max

This product has changed its name from Hoodia Slender Gel to Slender Max. However, there is still not a shred of evidence that Hoodia can be absorbed through the skin and result in appetite suppression or weight loss, and until this is proven with robust evidence, this product should be regarded as nothing but a scam. What is required is robust placebo controlled evidence that users will have their appetite suppressed, that this can be verified with decreased food intake (i.e., not simply a “feeling” that appetite is reduced), and that weight-loss has occurred. In other words, the claim “caution – use of this product will result in massive weight loss” needs to be proved, and the name “Slender Gel” implies weight loss – these claims need to be proved.

Update: 21 June 2011 – these scam artists have now changed the name of the product to SlimBetti

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15 comments to Hoodia Slender Gel – now called Slender Max

  • maura

    can hoodia slender gel be used on the face? And if not do you guys have something that i can use to loose the fat in my face only because i'm already skinny. 

  • Harris

    There is absolutely not a shred of evidence that Hoodia slender gel can result in any fat loss.

  • Yolande

    Good day,
    I just want to know what does slender max do?
    I am over weight and want to know if this product will help or what does it work for??

  • Harris

    Hi Yolande, the manufacturers claim the product contains hoodia, which removes your appetite, and other ingredients which supposedly result in appetite suppression and weight loss. However, I have looked at the ingredients and the dosages used are too low to have any effect, and even then the ingredients have not been shown individually to be effective for these uses. There is no evidence at all that mixed together, that they work. For a handful of people, using the product may result in them being aware of what they eat, and therefore lose weight, but there is no study showing that the product has any effect above a placebo response. In the skin gel, there is no proof that the product gets absorbed through the skin – very few are!

  • simone

    i am over weight and want to lose weight. i am thinking of using  slender max, but i first want to find out if it realy works. can any one tell me?

  • Harris

    Sorry, there is not a shred of evidence that this product has any effect.

  • Tina

    Slender Max now trading as slim betti   all docter formulated ????????

  • Harris

    Thanks for the lead. You are absolutely correct. The owner of this company is Jasmine Grindlay, owner of Slender Max hoodia gel. Does the word scum or scam artist come to mind?!

  • sanele

    I have used this product and it really helped, so I contest wat is being said about it being a scam. After my pregnancy I used it, then I stopped when I was fyn….. I gained again so im using it again

  • Vivien

    hi, it is now 2 years later, any change in the findings, i am also using it and i personally think it is the water that is making me full and not the gel!!!

  • Harris

    This product is still a scam. Jasmine and Christopher Grindlay, the owners of the company, know this and don’t care. As long as they can get the money out of your pocket, no remorse. And the Medicines Control Council is not taking action against any products at the moment, even some that we have shown are toxic to users. And the ASA have not been able to influence the Grindlays from scamming people. Very sad. But we do have a plan, and working on it!

  • Vivien

    Hi, i weight myself this morning and is still on the same i was 2 months ago, what a bout the pills Slimbetti is selling dont look like they are working either.

    • Eve

      Wow! This sounds like vendetta against these people. I used it and it worked like a charm for me. It’s a pity they are not around anymore!

      • Harris

        If this product has zero evidence of working, if the product cannot be absorbed through the skin, and if I point this out over and over, is this a vendetta or fair? Great that it worked for you, but had to be due to other reasons, e.g., made you focus on your diet.

  • BEV

    Is the hoodia gel back on the market

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