HIVEX no treatment for HIV

Posted 02 December 2011

A report in Politics Web: HIVEX no treatment for HIV – SECTION27 – TAC

01 December 2011 

NGOs says it'll take legal action if company doesn't desist from making spurious claims 

Open Letter to HIVEX 

Dear HIVEX Limited, 

Today, World Aids Day 2011, The Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) and SECTION27 submit this open letter and make the following demands to HIVEX Limited (HIVEX). Despite the lack of any scientific evidence that HIVEX treatment is an effective treatment for HIV, HIVEX continues to promote and provide it for this purpose. 

It is unlawful and deeply unethical to advertise that HIVEX is an effective treatment for HIV in the absence of such evidence.

Antiretroviral treatment remains the only treatment that is scientifically proven to be effective against HIV. 

HIVEX promotions send the message that HIVEX treament is effective against HIV, is superior to antiretroviral treatment and can be used in place of antiretroviral treatment. HIVEX sends these messages through an extensive series of seemingly scientific explanations, videos, graphs, and testimony from patients and doctors. [1] 

TAC filed a complaint against HIVEX in regard to the HIVEX website with the Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa in December 2010. In reponse, HIVEX "indicated that it has suspended the site for review to ensure compliance and to avoid any misunderstanding."[2] 

However, the HIVEX website is still active and continues to make claims equally as unfounded and unlawful about the efficacy of the treatment as those that TAC previously challenged.[3]   Further, the HIVEX blog and facebook page also continue to make similar claims. [4] 

We are also disturbed by reports that HIVEX representatives have told people living with HIV to stop taking antiretroviral treatment or implied that such treatment is no longer required. 


* That HIVEX immediately and entirely cease offering HIVEX treatment as a treatment for HIV or any other serious medical condition;

* That HIVEX immediately and entirely cease to explicitly or implicitly encourage any people living with HIV to discontinue antiretroviral treatment;

* That HIVEX immediately and entirely remove the HIVEX website, blog and facebook page;

* That HIVEX immediately and entirely cease to promote the efficacy of HIVEX treatment; and

* That HIVEX publish the alleged "Phase ii clinical trial conducted at the University of KZN" as referred to in a letter dated 27 November 2011, addressed to the TAC's Provincial Secretary, Kwazulu-Natal, Sandile Gumede, in a reputable and publicly accessible medical and/or other appropriate publication.

We reserve the right to seek legal advice should HIVEX fail to meet these demands. 

Yours sincerely, 

Treatment Action Campaign, Kwazulu-Natal Office 


Appendix A: examples of the claims that HIVEX Limited makes on the website as of 30 November 2011 

"It seems that the treatment has an effect notwithstanding use of ARVs, and that whether or not those who have been treated continue to take ARVS." 

"One of the differences of treatment with ARVs and the HIVEX Treatment is that treatment with ARVs produces side effects – the body has to deal with cell toxicity. No long-term side effects have been detected with the HIVEX treatment." 

"[HIVEX Treatment] isolates a part of the electromagnetic spectrum specific to selected DNA sequences or proteins (such as those within the HIV virus), and uses the electromagnetic field which is specific to this spectral band to treat the patient." 

"The HIVEX   Treatment is designed to attack the HIV virus on three fronts simultaneously … " 

"The [treatment] causes resonance of equivalent proteins in the virus within patients; that eventually effectively disables the virus." 

In the testimonials featured on 

A woman identified as "Mamzi" claims that-due to HIVEX Treatment-"I got my life back.  I got my strength back." 

A man identified as "Bernard" says, "I had full blown aids and I was going to die." He claims that, after HIVEX Treatment, "I've got my life back and for that I thank HIVEX. A second chance, an absolute second chance, their slogan is true to its word." 

A woman identified as "Edith" describes in detail the negative side effects of ARV treatment. She testifies that HIVEX Treatment has solved these problems, and that, due to the treatment, "I'm going to get my hair back, my beauty back, everything. I'm very happy. It's like God has given me another chance to live." 

A man identified as Dr Michael Rhodes touts the efficacy of HIVEX: "I had 21 patients in the second study and so far anybody with any illness has got better." 

A video features a man identified as Dr Naidoo describing the efficacy of HIVEX and claims that he "was impressed by the medically documented results of the HIVEX treatment." 


[1] Attached as "Appendix A: examples of the claims that HIVEX Limited makes on the website as of 30 November 2011" 

[2] Ruling of the ASA Directorate in the matter between Treatment Action Campaign and HIVEX Limited, 14 June 2011, at page 4 

[3] (last accessed on 30 November 2011) 

[4] (last accessed on 30 November 2011);  (last accessed on 30 November 2011) 

Issued by SECTION27 and the Treatment Action Campaign, December 1 2011 

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