Herbex – ASA rulings

Herbex makes a range of products which claim to be either homeopathic or herbal preparations. These include:

  • Herbex Slimmers a.k.a. Herbex Original
  • Herbex Slimmers for Men
  • Herbex Slimmers for Women
  • HerbAqua
  • Herbex Nerve Tonic

We intend deconstructing each of these illustrating common threads, including one or more of the following:

  1. No evidence based proof of efficacy for the individual ingredients, or the combination thereof.
  2. Even if there was proof of efficacy for the individual ingredients, the dosage used in the product are far less than that used in the original studies for the ingredient – imagine if evidence shows that you need 200 mg of aspirin to treat a headache, and you are sold a product containing 2mg and making the same claim
  3. Uses dosages greater than homeopathic range and much less than suggested by herbal texts
  4. Contains ingredients which according to references, are actually appetite stimulants
  5. Makes claims which
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