Proof – Herbex Slimmers For Men is a fat lie

Posted 07 March 2013

Do Herbex products have ANY efficacy?

My colleagues and I say absolutely NO!

Hebex Slimmers for Men has been scamming South African consumers for over 8 years. In November 2005 the ASA was asked to accept arbitration on this product, claimed by Herbex’s “expert”, Dr Sandell (an unqualified homeopath) to have efficacy, versus facts that shows that the claims for the product are highly unlikely. Arbitration was not allowed to proceed based on a legal trick. 

We argued that the dosages of the ingredients of the product were infinitesimally small, that many of the ingredients that Dr Sandell and Herbex claimed reduced appetite, were actually used to stimulate appetite, and that many ingredients had zero efficacy in weight loss and at best were no more than laxatives, and so on. Has a single study ever been performed on this product? No. A major scam product.

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2 comments to Proof – Herbex Slimmers For Men is a fat lie

  • jimmy franklin

    I was diagnosed with HepB 3 months ago and was devastated by the news. I have been ill and sore for over 10 years, with no one being able to figure out what was wrong with me. It was always written off as a virus or infection. Then 2 years ago the severe muscle cramps started. I had them from scalp to toes, and it was when they ran the full spectrum of tests to figure the cramps out, that they discovered the HepB along with severe Vitamin D deficiency, which I link to the HepB. I was so tired and nauseous and in constant pain. I am just sick and tired of feeling sick and tired!!nothing was really working to help my condition.I went off the Sebivo (with the doctor’s knowledge) and started on hepatitis B herbal formula i ordered from Natural Herbs Center, my symptoms totally declined over a 5 weeks use of the hepatitis B virus natural herbal formula the disease is totally reversed!! Visit there website or email xxx xxx

    • Harris

      The site Jimmy is referring to is PERFECT HEALTH HERBS. The website’s claims are false, and the treatment of the conditions claimed, a scam. For example, the website claims that they can cure Hep B, ALS, cancer, asthma, etc. These are blatant lies. One has to have a high degree of psychopathic traits to try to take advantage of people suffering with these conditions.

      Avoid this company and its products.

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