Herbex Fat Burn for Men – paying for nothing

Posted 5 May 2018

Herbex is flighting an advert on MNET during the Carte Blanche program for Herbex Fat Burn for Men.

In the form of an animated cartoon, it shows an overweight man crashing off a roof. The inference and promotion for Herbex Fat Burn for men range is the clear goal of this advert, therefore making the claim that the Herbex Fat Burn for Men range can result in weight-loss.

Herbex Fat Burn Concentrate for Men attributes its claims to three main ingredients: Guarana, Green tea leaves and Siberian ginseng.

Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database (NMCD) is a very credible source for information on these ingredients. ‘Experts’ for Herbex have previously relied on this source to argue the case, falsely, for other Herbex products.

NMCD states for the effectiveness of Green tea for use in obesity/weight-loss as “INSUFFICIENT RELIABLE EVIDENCE to RATE”. But worse, Herbex uses this Read the rest

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