Herbex Fat Attack – ASA ruling

Posted 4 April 2018

This ASA ruling shows up exactly the mindset of Herbex, and owner Eddie Bisset.

Herbex Fat Attack advertises that this product can break down fat, and aid weight-loss.

In 2013 a complaint was laid with the ASA against the false claims being made for this product. In April 2013 the ASA ruled against the product’s claims and name. We have thoroughly deconstructed why the claims have to be false.

Herbex appealed the ruling, which was dismissed by the ASA Final Appeal Committee (FAC) in October 2014. The FAC was chaired by ex-Constitutional Court Judge, Kate O’Regan. The panel of 5 concluded, among other, that the evidence supplied by Herbex’s 4 ‘experts’ to support their belief that the product’s claims were valid, in fact did not.

Prior to the FAC hearing and ruling, Herbex argued that not being allowed to advertise this product, would by their Read the rest

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