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Posted 28 August 2018

The Health Coach Academy is advertising “Intolerance, Deficiency and Toxicity Testing” claiming to be effective in solving “undetected food or environmental sensitivity and intolerance, a vitamin or mineral deficiency or metal toxicity”.

The website claims that that identification of these are via “intolerance, deficiency & toxicity tests performed via hair analysis using bio-resonance technology“. 

Only one big problem – there is no evidence that these tests are useful at all. In fact, there is evidence that they are useless. 

Read more on the quackery of bioresonance here

Beware, avoid.

Mary Comerce is the Founder/Director/Health Coach of the company and I am not able to find evidence of medical related training.

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2 Responses to Health Coach Academy – Intolerance testing

  1. Mary Comerce 22 August, 2020 at 12:22 pm #

    The comments above caught my interest, as I am the founder and director of The Health Coach Academy. My name is Mary Comerce and I am a qualified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and indeed to hold further qualifications in Intolerance management.
    I would like to state that no personnel of this website has ever contacted The Health Coach Academy neither telephonically nor via e-mail to substantiate their claims.
    The health Coach Academy does indeed hold all relevant documentation that attest to the validity of the testing methods, further more all of the latter documentation is published on our website on the “practitioners” page (please note that although the page is password protected as it holds other company sensitive and confidential information, the above mentioned information is provided on request to any individual who has ever requested it).
    Should you have any comment, questions or querries, please do not hesitate to contact me.
    All our contact details are published on our website.
    Mary Comerce
    Director of The Health Coach Academy

    • Harris 28 August, 2020 at 1:59 pm #

      I am a medical doctor and ‘expert’ on allergy and food intolerance.

      I have evaluated your site, claims and evidence available on your site.
      Your claims are simply false and not supported by scientific evidence. All allergy societies and representative organisations throughout the world have issued position statements to this effect and warning consumers to avoid these tests. For example: American Academy of Allergy and Immunology and European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology

      In the article, “Appeal committee of press council frees media from having to create false balance“, the press council has supported the argument that when a claim is false and unsupported by evidence, that there is no need to give false equivalence by getting the point of view of the person making those claims.

      I concur, and had no need to get your side of the story. These tests and other fraudulent and unsubstantiated tests have been around for years, and thoroughly discredited.
      Dr Harris Steinman

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