Garcinia Linked to Liver Damage

Posted 28 April 2017

Garcinia is found in a number of USN and Herbex products, as well as other weight-loss products. This abstract from Natural Medicines, Integrative Medicine Newsletter of 25 April 2017, points out the risks of liver damage.

Garcinia contains the constituent hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which is purported to have a role in weight loss. Taking garcinia extract in doses providing up to 2800 mg of HCA daily has been used with apparent safety for up to 12 weeks; however, there is concern about liver damage. There are several case reports of liver toxicity in people who have taken garcinia alone or in combination with other ingredients for as little as one week. It’s unclear if garcinia is the actual cause of liver problems in these reports or if it is due to other factors.

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