What “functional medicine” really is

Posted 09 December 2016

A number of health professionals claim to practise “Functional Medicine”, which they claim is superior to ‘orthodox’ medicine for it takes the individual into consideration.

Orac, a regular contributor on health related matters, has written a great article on this topic. Published at, he makes a number of pertinent arguments, best summarised by this heading: “Functional medicine: A little bit right, a whole lot of wrong”.

[quote]”It’s been noted before many times how how CAM and “integrative medicine” fetishize “individualization” of treatment über alles and how, unfortunately, that individualization is more akin to making it up as you go along than it is to any sort of science-based individualization. This is an aspect of all of CAM, and it strikes me, more than anything else, as a means of catering to the normal human desire to feel special. It also caters to the physician’s desire to feel like a “real” and “complete” doctor who can take care of the “whole patient” and handle basically anything. None of this is to say that it’s not important to individualize treatments, but such tailoring of treatment to patient must be based on evidence and science, coupled with what the patient values. It must be shown to produce superior outcomes. Functional medicine has failed that test.”[/quote]

Read the article at

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