F*ck Off Fat pills

Posted 5 January 2012

This scam is being sold in the Eastern Cape. It demonstrates the psychological desperation in trying to lose weight – consumers will try anything, even if the ingredients are not known, the product is not registered, the product is unknown. It demonstrates the problem associated with a Medicines Control Council that is ineffective and cannot (will not) protect consumers.

[note color=”#feeca4″]If you have purchased this product, could you please comment below what the ingredients of the product is (we are led to believe that it contains a banned risky substance)

See: F*ck Off Fat pills – Updatecontains a banned, risky ingredient[/note]

This article was published in the Weekend Post of Saturday 31 December 2011

Women and youth fall prey to risky new weight loss pill 

Shaun Gillham
WEEKEND POST REPORTER Saturday 31 December 2011

A POTENTIALLY dangerous and illegal diet pill that is crudely branded “F*ck Off Fat” is becoming increasingly popular among Eastern Cape women and youths who have little regard for what it may contain in their desperate pursuit to lose weight. 

Even though the branding of the drug does not bear a registered trademark icon or any indication of what the capsules contain, as is required by law, users swear it yields “amazing” results and has no side-effects. 

But pharmacists have warned against the use of the product. They say it is potentially dangerous to take pills without knowing what they contain and that the drug is illegal as its contents are not indicated. 

It has also not been registered with the South African Medicines Control Council. 

And, according to police, the “diet drug” is being aggressively marketed to naive youths in Nelson Mandela Bay’s northern areas where it is being sold in informal shops and by word-of-mouth to a generation following the current “thin-is-in” trend. 

The crudely named “miracle” product, which comes in packaging containing 50 un-branded green-and-white capsules, is also being marketed through word of mouth in other parts of Nelson Mandela Bay and the Eastern Cape. 

One container of pills is believed to sell for around R300.

Port Elizabeth police spokesman Captain Stanley Jarvis said he was aware the capsules were being directed particularly at teenagers In the northern areas. 

“If the ingredients are not identified on the container or anywhere inside, and if the product has not been tested by pharmaceutical authorities and has not been registered with the Medicines Control Council, then it is certainly illegal,” Jarvis said. 

He added there were other criminal implications, such as drugs being sold without VAT having been added. 

East London police spokesman Captain Stephen Marais said he had not yet encountered the capsules in the city. 

“As soon as we come across this sort of thing, we will involve our commercial crimes unit and get to the bottom of it. 

“It would appear these capsules are illegal and there is the possibility that they contain some sort of drug. The public should not take any tablets or medication that have not been approved by the authorities,” he said. 

After viewing a container of F*ck Off Fat, Klinimed pharmacist Cheryl Booysen said besides the crassness of the product’s name, the capsules appeared to be illegal. 

“It is very dangerous to take any medication if you do not know its contents. 

“It could react with other medication being used or it could be harmful to people suffering from certain illnesses or ailments such as heart or high blood pressure problems,” Booysen said. 

She said every year “at this time” products appeared on the market and promised to address the weight people had gained all year and over the festive season. 

“If there was a miracle drug out there, everyone would be using it and everyone would be thin. There is no miracle drug for weight loss.” Blooms Nu Pharmacy pharmacist Penny Bell echoed these sentiments, saying the packaging appeared to be “backyard” produced. 

“It appears as if this is being sold illegally and I would strongly advise people to stay away from products of this nature,” she said. 

Jackie Hendricks, of John Forbes Pharmacy in East London, said there were a lot of products like F*ck Off Fat on the market. 

“I had one woman bring me a container for the product last week asking if I had it in stock, which I don’t. First of all, the name does not exactly excite me,” Hendricks said. 

“The woman told me she ordered it on the internet. Products like these are being peddled by unsavoury traders.” 

But a number of women, who asked not to be identified, told Weekend Post they were taking the drug and said they were pleased with the results achieved.

One dieter said she lost two kilograms in a week after recently taking the pills. 

While acknowledging the drug may be illegal as she had “no idea” what it contained, she said she would take the capsules again after a week’s break from use, as “recommended” on the label. 

“The capsules seem very popular. Everyone in my circle of friends is talking about them,” she said.

“But I know some people stopped because they were losing too much weight.” 

Another user said she had lost three kilograms in six days after starting the pills. “There are no side-effects. 

“I don’t battle to sleep, I have no problems, and I am eating normally,” she said. 

In an investigation to trace the source of the product, Weekend Post was directed by users to a man in Port Elizabeth. However, when contacted, the alleged distributor confirmed knowledge of the capsules but denied being involved in distributing them. 

According to one source who asked not to be named due to being involved in anabolic steroids in the past, F*ck Off Fat was being produced in a “lab” in Kwa-Zulu-Natal. 

“I don’t think they contain ephedrine [an appetite suppressant for which a prescription is required] or that they are harmful. 

“They may have some kind of vitamins in them. I have not tried them but I have heard they work very well,” he said. 

The Medicines Control Council, which regulates and approves all medicine for human and animal consumption, could not be reached for comment. 

However, in documentation on the council’s website, which addresses regulations applicable to packaging, it states the container must bear the registration number of the medicine in it, the approved name of each active ingredient and an expiry date. 

None of these is indicated on the F*ck Off Fat container which is in Weekend Post’s possession.



63 comments to F*ck Off Fat pills

  • Bridget

    I love this. a heard about this pills from a friend and i just had to google it. lets be realist here , what kind of a pill is 100%?? no side effect. people need to be caution in taking any pills. we only have one body.

  • Andre

    They say that it is illegal, I’m pretty sure everyone buying it is well aware of that, the ingredients is not on the bottle whits is nothing other than a packaging error and may contain some sort of drug, erm well hello, Obviously it does because it WORKS, it doesn’t work because it contains sherbet. Nowhere in that article does it say it has been tested and will kill you, or it does cause cancer or it has bad side effects. All the article says is that it might this and might that? Also in the same article they talk about how happy people are with the pills and how well it works. It sounds to be like NO side effect has been spotted, no-one has come to any harm there has been no issue or problem with the pills and the people that don’t condone it (because it works) can find nothing negative beside a bottling error. They can prove nothing bad about the pills, however people that use it is proof themselves that it works. PROVE your facts or shut up.

  • Harris

    I would submit that many people do not know that it is an illegal product. There is no proof that it works. Anecdotal evidence is not proof. One of my students has done as study on a weight-loss product and some people thought it had worked although their weight remained stable, and others thought that it had worked when in fact their was no active substance in the pill. The fact that no adverse effect has been submitted to CamCheck does not mean that no adverse effects have happened. Often these products contain stimulants which cause heart symptoms and doctors miss the fact that it is because of the product thinking that as the person is already overweight, it is due to their obesity. These are the facts. And in therapeutic products, the proof is required from the product, not the other way around. For else anyone can bring a product to market, e.g., magnetized sand, and claim that it cures cancer. It is not for the consumer to show that it does not work but the company to show that it does. That is a fact.

  • Andre

    @Harris: okay lets talk Facts: I am a very active guy of 109kgs, I have never been under 105 in my life, I have tried everything that the companies that make them claim works, with no avail. I got some of that Fof Fat Pills from a connection of mine, guess what, 3 months later I weigh 98kgs. I now weigh less at the age of 32 than what I did at 18. None of the fancy pants pills that is endorsed by any pharmaceutical company did a darn thing to help me. Some more facts, my wife is down from 77kgs to 53gks, her friend is down from 83kgs to 62kgs within a couple of months, those are some Facts for you. Also I’m not stupid, I do have an education and know some people. My sister is a medical professional in PTA, Myself and my wife was constantly being monitored while using the pills and the only side effect is a raised core body temperature resulting in feeling hot and sweating. I have now been off the pills for over 2 months and I have not gained a single kg since stopping and I am in perfect health – no wait, I’m in better health because I am more in shape. So lets say that my own personal research and experimenting had done me a lot better service that anything that the “legal” supplements could. So I feel that the above comments are unfounded, if myself and hundreds of other people have seen it work with our own eyes and have not seen any issues or problems with it, who are these people to tell us that it doesn’t. You say it hasn’t been proven to work? I disagree very strongly, I am walking proof it works. May I ask to see some evidence that it doesn’t or is harmful please? So if all the evidence is for the product and none proven evidence are against then I’m afraid this entire article is unfounded and premature.

    • Isabel

      Where Can I get these pills I would like to try them My weight has been constant for 10 years at 85kg I have used another pill and dropped to 70 but now im stuck there again for the last 6 months. I need to loose weight as I have a knee problem and nothing from the medical side is working Please let me know

  • Harris

    I accept that you may be sincere. However, for all I know, you may be a reseller of this product and hence the reason for giving a positive anecdote. I have no way of knowing this. You say “hundreds of other people have seen it work ” – this is a claim but no proof is supplied. I have seen enough scams that claim that hundreds have benefited, when it is not true. I am simply saying that my experience is that consumers should be aware that it may or may not be true. Ask yourself this: if this product is so fantastic and is made of commonly available ingredients, how come Big Pharma has not brought such a product to market? It would make them millions! You will remember the saga of Simply Slim – readers of CamCheck wrote that it worked “in hundreds” and was safe, but doctors were seeing people who had severe reactions to the product. The MCC banned the product. Is this possibly similar to Simply Slim? I have no idea, but the article is not premature. You are unable to offer ANY proof that it works and is safe except based on your own experience and hearsay. As I stated, in therapeutic products, it is NOT for me to show that it does not work or is unsafe – it is for the company to prove that the product works and is safe. The same applies to antibiotics: one cannot sell one and argue that it is for you or me to prove that it does not work and is unsafe! That is how proof works.

  • Anon

    Hi Andre

    Please advise what you and your wife ate throughout the day, with taking the FOF pill?

  • Marco

    Hi, I’m 16 and I whey 108 kg ,, my entire life I have been having problems with my weight , I exercise daily , I am on a diet , but as usual , it still isn’t helping , I have my history with fat burners e.g mucsle science ripped hardcore and USN phedra-cut XT , but still only minor ( 1 kg a month ) losses ,, I am starting on FOF today ( 18 Feb 2013 ) , wich I got from a dealer , a friend of mine lost 6 kg’s in one week, and he wasn’t exercising insanely hard !! So I am going to use it , I am going to jog 8km a day , ride bycicle for 20 mins daily ,, 100 situps daily ,, and along with that I’m going on a very strict diet. If you have a comment on plans ,, please comment!!

  • Marco

    Last week I lost 6 kg and I only exercised twice !!! I use FOF

  • MDV- Just Saying

    I’m sure it’s a clever thinking person “reselling” the world renowned JS or Kangmein tablets…. which actually if you buy the correct ones doesn’t have any side effects and they work.( and is natural products). This is simply stealing a brand and rebranding it as your own – which is illegal- for you can buy a pack of kangmein for as little as R 30 and make R 270 straight into your own pocket give or take your rebranding material which probably cost about R30 so let’s say R200 in your pocket….Clever thugs.
    If I were the police, I would actually investigate the origins…. (The suppliers)

  • Magz

    @ Andre. I am so happy to read your post, and congratz on your weight loss. If this tablet would be FDA approved and what not, it would probably be selling at R1000 plus. Weight Loss products are such a big money making scheme. And if there is something out there that works, why not try it. As long as it doesn’t make you sick. People who has negative comments about FOF, are those that are not making money from it. I know of so many people that has lost unwanted weight from this pill. I am also going to try it. If I think of the thousands and thousands of bucks I’ve spent on pills, shakes, diets, excersize machines, and creams – this R300 would not make me any poorer. And all the other sh*t on the market, that IS FDA approved, does not work. The people out there WANT you to spend more and more money on all kind of silly products that are FDA approved AND DON’T WORK. If there is ONE pill that comes out, for example FOF, that REALLY works, FDA will not approve it, because then ALL the other products will not be making money anymore. And the entire world-wide weight loss market will crash. It’s all about the money. Good luck to those that are using FOF, cannot wait to get mine.

  • Magz

    Oh, and I have used that chinese Kangmei pills twice before, and that makes me feel sick and tired, I will know very quickly if this is the same product.

  • Roy

    The FDA has *no say* about what is registered in South Africa (or not). In South Africa this is the Medicines Control Council’s (MCC’s) job. Unfortunately, they are not doing it – and have created a situation where more than 155,000 medicines, like FOF, are on the market without MCC even checking what’s in them.

  • Andre

    Magz, I agree with you completely, not the FDA or the MCC or any other of those organizations with a CEO that has to pay for his beach house in Spain and Ferrari looks at what works the best for the client, they look at 1. Will it kill anyone and will there be resulting lawsuits. 2. How much money can be made of this for how long a period that what its all about. I’m still using it, with still no side effects and I’m in the best shape of my life. Once the corporates get a hold of it it will be “made safer”so that it works less effective hence making people having to buy more so the suit in charge can buy another sports car.

  • MDV- Just Saying

    Well if it works then lets try it – as long if its not a rebranded product….where in the world do you get the product …. if you arent in the Cape?

  • Harris

    As this product contains an illegal ingredient (according to our sources), it is unlikely to be sold openly. It also means that if you have a serious adverse reaction, you have no recall.

  • MDV- Just Saying

    @Harris thank you ! It seems Dr. Cohens will be my resort…. been on it happy with it just a 4 year period of consistency thereafter whaboom…. so no easy fix for me. 🙁

  • Adelle

    My cousin have lost 4kg in two weeks.
    this product really works.
    and so far no side effects.

  • CHantz

    I got a bottle of FOF from a friend (no dealer or cash paid) because it didnt work for her. I’m not over weight but have added a few KG’s after my two kids now 8 and 5. I’m keen to see what this will do for me. Today is day one, i was too scared because I heard of it. So far I dont feel much different from any other day besides feeling tired (which i often do) so lets hope this works, just need to lose 5KG.

  • Bob

    Please post pictures of tablets and bottle as the bottle and tablets i have are not the same.

  • Harris

    We not not have pictures of these products.

  • sue

    I would like to try some of those pills. I have tried so many things and I just cant lose the weight that I have gain with my last pregnancy. Please can someone tell me where I can buy them.

  • Harris

    No idea, but not worth trying for it results in yo-yoing of your weight. See a dietitian.

  • Marco

    Hi Sue

    I have been using it for quite some time , it has given me amazing results like nothing before , the people can say what they want to , but i and every fof user knows that this shit works !!!!!!! I get mine from a private dealer/seller, you have to find a dealer manually ,I think it is only available in the eastern cape ,

    Hope you find a dealer !!! *hug*

  • Harris

    How do you intend keeping your weight down once you have lost the weight? How are you going to prevent Yo-yo dieting? (

  • Marco

    When you have lost so much weight ( wich fof provides for ) it is much much MUCH easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle , for example : no more cravings , smaller appetite , and loads more energy which provides for exercise which keeps you fit

  • Harris

    You are very fortunate in not having a yo-yo effect. The majority of individuals who use products regain their weight, plus. Also, all these products do not work except for a placebo-like effect, or because of being adulterated with the banned substance sibutramine (, a very, very risky ingredient.

    • Mandy

      I’m only reading this today – a year later – and I have to agree with you Harris! I’m the queen of diet pills / syrups and believe me; you DO regain the weight again ++++ !!!!

      I have lost weight soooo many times, once so much that people asked me if I had AIDS 🙁 Every time I had to stop using diet pills because I couldn’t afford it or because the government took it off the shelves and I regained all the weight ++++ again !!

      I even tried Weight Watchers, Weigh-Less and others but yet again; it’s a LIFETIME COMMITMENT!! I’ve been a VEGAN for 5 years now (empathy reasons) and don’t (can’t) eat much more than fruits and vegies + a few extras but the additional weight from yo-yo dieting is there to stay!

      Every now and then I DO fall prey to diet pills but when you reach a certain age, your body does what it wants and you no longer have control over it so the best advice I can give is to accept your body the way it is! If you have an active lifestyle and you eat WHAT’S GOOD FOR YOU then there’s no reason for you to go on crash diets! DON’T overdo MSG & sugar loaded take-aways, etc. and then expect a pill to keep your weight in control!

      DON’T STOP EATING EITHER!! You might think you’re losing weight but that’s because your body’s eating itself from the inside!! It’s absorbing you from the OTHER SIDE and the fat remains!! The moment you start eating again, fat forms ON TOP of the other fat and you gain DOUBLE the weight!!

      Rather find yourself a hobby that will keep you really busy – not watching dvd’s and hopefully that way food will be the last thing on your mind 😀

      I don’t expect youngsters to believe me; I’m still trying to convince my daughters but …. I’ve been there, done that ….

  • Harris

    We will not respond to queries that ask where these pills can be purchased

  • Laura XJR1200

    Well today is day one for me taking these pills. The bottle I have, has the following ingredients on the bottle; ‘Caffeine, Green Tea Extract, Gaurana, L-Tyrosine, Yohambe Bark Extract, Vit B1 and B6″. It also has a warning … Not for use by children, pregnant women or those with or prediagnosed to High Blood Pressure or any cardio vascular problems.” I just want to lose 10 kgs. No big deal.

  • Harris

    @Laura (and Marco)
    Thank you for this information. The product contains Yohambe Bark Extract. This is banned in South Africa and is on the FDA list of dangerous supplements. Yohimbe bark is on the Commission E (Germany’s regulatory agency for herbs) list of unapproved herbs. This means that it is not recommended for use because it has not been proven to be safe or effective. This is a very high risk product.

    Also, if anyone has a severe reaction or dies, the seller can be criminally prosecuted.

    More on this ingredient here:
    and here:

    “Side effects of yohimbe bark or yohimbine include difficulty breathing, chest pain, palpitations, anxiety, queasiness, sleeplessness, and vomiting. Normal doses of yohimbine can cause the blood pressure to go up. Large doses of yohimbine (40 mg per day or more) can cause the blood pressure to go down, and have been blamed for a few heart attacks and even deaths. Yohimbine can make heart disease or blood pressure problems worse.

    The less common side effects that do not usually require medical attention include dizziness, headache, flushing, nausea, nervousness, sweating, and tremors. People with emotional or psychiatric problems may have worsening of post-traumatic stress disorder, sleeplessness, and anxiety. New onset of panic attacks or manic episodes have been reported. Yohimbine has been linked to psychotic episodes (losing touch with reality).

    Yohimbine can also act as a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI). Foods that contain tyramine, such as beer, red wine, liver, aged or smoked meats, and aged cheese can raise blood pressure to dangerous levels if you eat them while taking yohimbine.”

  • Fez

    The ingredients are on the bottle. Is the problem the fact that the manufacturers aren’t paying VAT?? What a bunch of capitalists…the pill works that’s a fact. We are getting value for our money.

  • sue

    Hi Marco

    Got my bottle of f**k of fat pills.
    I am going to start tomorrow! Someone told
    me that they are very bad for your kidneys?
    Do you know anything of that? Or do you just have to
    Drink a lot of water? The person said
    That I must rather try heat? Do you know
    What the differens is between the 2 products.

  • Harris

    I do not know the second product at all. Is there a list of ingredients on the bottle? Can you refer me to a website where it is being advertised?
    F*ck off fat pills contain Yohimbe. It is banned because it is unsafe, in particular if you have an underlying illness, like kidney illness. Not everyone taking the product will have side effects, but the risk is high. So one cannot say with certainty that you will have side effects, only that there is a higher risk with taking them. See the link in the comment 29.

  • Charlene

    People will never understand the real deal behind weightloss. Just wish everyone will wake up. CLEAN EATING is the answer people. I eat clean and I train 1 &1/2 hrs a day 7 days a week. I use fat burners for that last bit of stubborn fat.I’ve been using FOF for a long time now. I use it 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off. I have no side effects what so ever. Ive bought stuff of shelves in chemist thats made me more sick with mood swings depression and what more than FOF has ever made me. it contains yohimbine. It does work. Like with everything tested and approved not everything works the same with everyone. So if you know you have high blood pressure or heart problem you not suppose to take any kind of fat burner you must stop eating junk and fatty sugary foods. READ YOUR FOOD LABELS!!!!!!! Use the internet read up on stuff. THERE IS NO QUICK FIX!!!!!! P.S: Cant believe people complain about the name of FOF my word people. You hear that word on TV’s in movies on the streets 24/7. It does exactly what the name says. MAN UP!!!!

  • Charlene

    And just one more thing. DRINK WATER!!!!! Clean plain water not flavoured (SUGAR). Flush your system if you dont do this anything you take is bad for you and will harm your liver or kidneys or whatever. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. FOF is just as bad as sweets, Steers, McDonalds, Canderal, Cadbury’s, Chips, KFC and the list is never ending.

  • Harris

    So FOF actually failed!
    If you have to use FOF, as you mention: “I’ve been using FOF for a long time now”, then your weight-loss program has not exactly been successful.

    This is exactly the point I have been trying to make – the only EFFECTIVE weight-loss regime is one where you do not need drugs to keep you stable with diet and exercise alone. If you need to use something like FOF (whether or not it works), then you have not been successful for you will continue to need this option. What happens when it is taken off the market? Which is very likely when the MCC arrest the individuals selling the product for as mentioned before, it does contain a banned substance.

    This is the same argument that is being made with Prof Tim Noakes’ high protein, low carbohydrate diet. It is so difficult to follow that many people simply cannot maintain it, and if one cannot maintain a diet, then it automatically fails all those individuals who cannot maintain it. (And actually it does not work for ALL individuals using it, even if they do comply).

  • Marco


    STOP Twisting other peoples words into what you WANT to hear , that is not what she meant !! Maybe she just wants to stay lean without exercising hard , or maybe she didnt exercise hard enough so that made her take longer to get lean , and who know ?? Maybe by long time she ment a few months

  • Harris

    I would say the same to you! You are convinced that this is a magic and wonderful “cure” / “treatment”. The fact is simple – for acceptable weight-loss maintenance, one should not have to use a dangerous product to keep one on track, and in this case, it is not a one off, she admits having had to use this on-off approach for a very long time. She wrote: “I’ve been using FOF for a long time now. ” And in case you missed her point: “FOF is just as bad as sweets, Steers, McDonalds, Canderal, Cadbury’s . . . “

  • Adrie

    If the pill worx it worx….and I have only heard good things about it.

  • Lisa

    Hi There, I have been using FOF for about 5 Months, 2 Weeks on one week off and then 2 Weeks on and 2 weeks off and I have had as much as 1 Month also off in-between , I have used many Diet pills including the ”best” one on the market Duromine (Which works wonders until you stop) I have gained ALL and MORE weight back with Duromine and heard then heard of FOF. I have in total lost 10 Kg’s and have gained not even a half of Kg back I can fit into cloths from 5 years back, including my school uniform. More people in my friend circle also used it and lost as much as 20 Kg’s in 10 Months also not gaining anything back. It has given me no side effects at all. I would recommend it to anyone struggling to lose weight, and Yes I am eating allot of smaller portions and healthier as I have cravings for Fresh fruit and veg and also never have had that before as I am a Meat Freak….!!! lol maybe it can be called a ”side effect”. I”m feeling GREAT and confident again, I have also started gym again and with it getting rid of all those bad hormones. FOF can be your first step because I didn’t want to go to gym looking like an Elephant and everyone ells has much less or no fat. When starting at the Gym I made lots of friends (Who look like super fit models) and a little secret…. ALL of them has used FOF at a stage or still does….. Oh and I can promise you I dont work for any dealers or Suppliers of the product and no one has paid me to give feedback **,

  • Harris

    We have readers asking us where this product, or others featured on CamCheck, can be purchased. We are unable to assist readers with purchasing these products, and, we cannot let CamCheck be used to share this type of information.

  • Drien

    Hi I have started on the FOF today, and so far I feel great and after reading all the positive feedback on the FOF tablet I even feel better. I just have one concern, I am not a water person and I know for a fact that with any dieet water plays a big role. Previously I drank water with lemon in and it lasted for 2 days, and now I drink water with drink-a-pop in and I dont know if it is good for me or not, but I cant seem to get plain water into my body. Any other advise on the water issue please?

    • Harris

      I can only but warn you that this product contains a dangerous ingredient and that you are taking a great risk by using this product.

  • Drien

    What is the dangerous ingredient that you are refering to? I would like to know what other way can I get water into my body as I cant seem to drink water for more than 2 days.

  • Drien

    It only says that it can cause these side affects, and mentions it on google. Not to say that is defenitely causing all these side effects as mentioned below.

    Yohimbe has been associated with following side effects:

    elevated blood pressure and heart rate
    skin flushing
    piloerection or body hair standing up
    painful urination
    frequent urination
    genital pain
    reduced appetite
    chest pain
    breathing problems
    stomach upset
    possible priapism (a prolonged, painful erection)

    • Harris

      I did not state that it WILL cause these side-effects but that there is a high risk that you may develop side effects. This is why the ingredient is banned in countries – when the risk out weighs the benefits. That does not mean every person WILL get side effects, but that a statistically unacceptable number of people will.

  • Charlene

    @ Drien. If you are a fairly healthy person with no kidney, heart, liver or high blood pressure problems you have nothing to worry about unless you are allergic to one of the ingredients but you would have known that by now. I’ve used the product for a very long time and I’m still alive and without any health issues. As for the water I would agree that you drink at least 8 glasses a day the minute you put something in your water it is not water anymore so it is not cleansing the liver and kidneys from toxins and acid. You can put strawberries or mint leaves in a big jugs with lots of ice and water and it will also give it a nice taste. Supashape also sells some flavourants that you can put in water it is available from Dischem. as long as your diet is clean and you do some form of light to moderate exercise you will see great results. Just remember there is NO pill on the market that will help you to lose weight and allow you to eat whatever you want while relaxed on a bed infront of the TV.

  • dean

    got my tablets today going to give it a try tomo im tired of trying somany products that dont work [dbn]

  • Drien

    I would like to know, everyone is talking about this pill, and that it is green and white. i dont have any results, and i just checked my pills again and it on completely a white capsule, no other colour involved. Could it be that i have been conned?

  • annette

    Hi Andre

    Please can you tell me how i would know that the fof tablets is the original or fake. What colour must the capsule be and what does the inside look like.
    My email is: [email protected]

    Thank You 🙂

  • Gorg

    Please tell me how long this pill stays in the system after reaching goal weight coz i believe its bad for pregnancy?

    • Harris

      Please do NOT use during pregnancy!

      • Harris

        Comment from Annette (was sent to me and not to CamCheck)
        “You should never ever use any diet pills if you pregnant. I never finished mine cause it did nothing. Wasted my money. I have no idea how long it stays in your system. Hope you gonna be fine”


    suffering from hypothyroidism, imagine the sparkle in my eye when i heard about FOF…so i bought it – used it and i lost 3kgs in 2days. it does sound unbelievable but i kid u not. i went on to lose 10kgs in one month. my side effects included an increased heart rate, thirst, i was a smoker so i would find myself smoking more and i had a crazy amount of energy. (a friend was also using it and had the same symptoms) by about 3pm the high energy levels dropped and i felt tired but it wasnt a totally unpleasant experience especially once i saw the results. i stopped it because i had found out that my blood pressure was a bit high. admittedly i picked up the weight i lost with a bit extra…iv been told that losing weight that rapidly is not healthy and will lead to you picking it all up again if you stop. (had i carried on with the healthy eating and excercise i bet i would have kept most of it off) i guess it affects us all differently. personally, i would use it again if it wasnt for my BP issue.

  • Harris

    Response from Annette
    “I’m gonna be honest with you those pills don’t work at all and even if it did you will pick all the weight up again because you can’t stay on pills. I have finally lost all my weight and keeping it off simply by using the mfp app and now I don’t even use it anymore because I’ve learned my portion sizes by heart. I also began to love running which boosts your weightloss even more. Do the parkrun on weekends you won’t believe the results. You don’t have to diet you simply have to eat smaller portions. I have my supper on a bread plate at night. And drink a glass of water 30 min before each meal. That reduces your food intake by 75%. I was 74kg and now I’m 61kg. That’s over a 4 month period. Goodluck.”

  • annette hamann

    it’s called my fitness pal. It’s a app that you download. It was my life saver. It works out how many calories you are aloud to eat a day according to your current weight and your goal weight. It has a database with food plus you can add your own. It tells you when you make bad or good food choices. I keep a small electronic scale on my counter permanently then it’s no effort to weigh my food. Please give it a go. It’s really simple and quick and it works that’s most important. And you keep the weight off. Good luck let me know how you do

  • Tanya

    good day all

    well I started the FOF pills about 2 weeks back I dont know if I am doing something wrong I lose weight during the week and weekends I break away from diets even leave the pill for the 2 days and start again on Mondays….
    NOW!!!! by Monday when I weigh myself from the weekend I have picked up all my weight+…..
    We don’t eat takeaways or sweet things my husband is also really stricked and also using FOF and he has lost a lot of weight, but goes to gym where I can not go (don’t have time)I don’t have any side effects at all and neither does my husband…..

    I am wanting to give up cause I am not losing anything, my husband says I must finish the pills and see what happens after….
    I heard that one woman did not lose until she finished them and another woman says she lost 10kg’s within a month……

    please comment I really need help……

    • Harris

      The problem with ALL of these products, is that you cannot continue using them forever, and the evidence is that once one stops using a diet or a product, that weight gain comes easily (yo-yo effect) This is because none of them impact on how you perceive food, i.e., changing your eating style and habit to be one that will maintain you into the future. Evidence shows that the best way of losing weight and keeping it off, is to change your eating style to one that is healthy and can be maintained because it is a balanced, normal diet for you. Speak to a dietitian!

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