Easy Thin

The weight-loss product, Easy Thin, is a product owned by Sandi Brittz. The product is advertised at w Can you believe any of the claims on this site?

Here is a clue. Sandi Brittz is a member of the team (and Johan Brittz) that also sells Organo Slim and Be trim. Both products do not a shred of evidence that they work (never mind whether they are safe). Without evidence, these products may be nothing but scams.

The site claims “Easy Thin is a South African product, manufactured by a registered pharmaceutical company. Both company and product is fully registered with the South African Medicines Control Council. Registry Number: 017201″. Firstly, this product is NOT registered with the MCC. Fact! Secondly, how it is possible that Easy Thin, Organo Slim, and Bet Trim, all have the same registry number? mmmmm….. Looks like a big scam! 


2 comments to Easy Thin

  • Kevin Charleston

    Is there an easy way to find out if a product has been registered?  The MCC website is a mess.  

  • Harris

    No there is no way of being able to check. In this case one can assume with fair certainty because the MCC will require proof that the ingredients and product works, and there is simply nothing in the literature that they will be able to utilise.

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