Dis-Chem refuses to stop selling useless “slimming” muti

Posted 24 August 2011

This article appeared in noseweek August 2011. Permission to reproduce this article here was kindly provided by the editor.

Bloated Claims
Dis-Chem refuses to stop selling useless “slimming” muti

NOSEWEEK has had many a go at snake oil salesmen who distribute products that miraculously enable you to shed pounds, stop smoking or lengthen a penis. But, so far, the supposedly reputable stores that are quite happy to sell this stuff to a gullible public have escaped scrutiny.

Several Noseweek stories have involved Dr Harris Steinman, the medical researcher who makes a point of lodging complaints with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) about any “medical” product that makes unsubstantiated claims. Steinman has been battling for some time with Planet Hoodia CC, a firm that sells a weight-loss product under names like Hoodia Slender Gel and Slender Max. The advertising makes wild claims such as: “Suppresses appetite”, “Reduces Read the rest

2 comments to Dis-Chem refuses to stop selling useless “slimming” muti

  • Roy

    Harris has modestly omitted the final sentence of the Noseweek article which reads:
    "Brave stuff, from someone who really does care!"
    This is in contrast to so many entities knowingly selling unproven products who "pretend to care". Well done Harris!

  • Kevin Charleston

    "pharmacists who care" about the bottom line only and damn anything else? That sounds about right.  Thanks Harris – keep up the good fight.   

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