Diet drug dodges ASA again

Posted 4 July 2011

An article published in The Witness on 30 Jun 2011 and related to the ongoing scam being sold by Jasmine and Christopher Grindlay of SlimBetti / Slender Max / Hoodia Slender Gel

Author: Anna-Maria Lombard

Republished with permission of the author and

A BRITISH couple who built their South African empire on discredited hoodia diet products have dodged advertising bosses yet again by launching a new “diet gel” that makes the same claims as their other products, sparking a fraud complaint.

Chris and Jasmine Grindlay’s company, Planet Hoodia, was first hauled before the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in 2008 when medicine consumer activist Dr Harris Steinman complained about the therapeutic claims made about its Hoodia Slender Gel.

The ASA subsequently ruled against Planet Hoodia’s advertising and product claims 13 times and even instructed it to drop the word “hoodia”.

ASA communications manager Corné Koch said … Read the rest

3 comments to Diet drug dodges ASA again

  • Nigel Usher

    I read the last 2 posts with interest.
    Here you are, the guy that gave me a lot of so called information about Dr Steinman without bothering to tell me that you ARE Dr Steinman and you have the nerve to talk about other people misleading people. Unbelievable! I have also looked closely at all the other ‘cases’ that you have brought to everyone’s attention in your crusade to save us all from ourselves and in no other case do you publish photographs or private addresses of people. If that doesn’t spell vendetta then I don’t know what does. What I do know is that you are prone to deceit when it suits you and that your motives are highly questionable and your methods reprehensible

  • Harris

    @Nigel Usher

    I thought you were being facetious asking me about who I am when in fact it is clearly recorded in the "About" page on this site!  Go check! Always been there! There was no deceit. I simply keep my "day job" separate from my consumer activism – but did not hide anything! Many people keep a "serious hobby" or other activity apart from their day job – no deceit is intended.  

    There is only one person in the world with my name, and doing a normal average search on the Internet would have brought up other aspects aspects of what I do. I do not have all aspect of what I do, e.g., supervising Ph.D.s, listed on the web, and in fact, am not even on Facebook. That is my prerogative. One thing though: I do not lie, do not deceive, do not scam, do not sell products with lack of efficacy, do not steal (objects or financially), etc. 

    Regarding the vendetta: there is no vendetta. The other rulings or postings usually result in the company removing their claims or their products from the market. In this case, these individuals deserve to be here. They have been asked more than 13 times by the Advertising Standards Authority to prove that their products are not a scam, and they could not. They have been ordered to stop making false and misleading claims by a legal authority, but instead increase the advertising and exposure. They create new names for their products and use the exact  same testimonials of people for these different products: but the product still has no active hoodia in it.

    Nigel, I am intrigued, you feel that my "motives are highly questionable and [my] methods reprehensible" compared to these individuals? I am content for readers to decide for themselves. Nothing is hidden. Let me make it easy:

    And here is the irony, it is so easy to find information on me, but who are you Nigel Usher? What do you do for a living? Do you sell these kinds of products? 😉

  • Debbie Pitout

    Good day

    Ads with PGC3 now available in South Africa is surficing in magazines. Called the “Holy Grail” of weight loss. I did not know that Hoodia Gel was one of their products. I used it but with no results. My daughter used Carcinia Cambogia in Australia after seeing the programme on dr. Oz but it did not work for her. Thank you for informing people regarding this new non working product as I was busy searching for a store to buy this and stumbled upon a previous article about Garcinia Cambogia and the ASA and the Grindlay’s. Seeing that they moved to Cape Town SA I can understand why this product is suddenly available in SA

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