DiaScan Scam

Posted 17 April 2011

At the product, DiaScan is being promoted claiming:

“DiaScan is a Body and Health Wellness and Information Center falling into the category of Alternative medicine and not a Medical Center. All centers being run by non medical practitioners will work closely with medical practitioners and cases requiring medical attention will be referred, with all necessary color pictures of affected or damaged organs, graphics and explanations to assist the medical practitioners in the treatment of a patient.”
“The DiaScan Process will

  • Scan all organs and body systems in patients with 98% accuracy
  • Give a patient complete information on the state of health of their bodies
  • List diseases that are at a developmental risk stage
  • List initial disorders that are present but no acute functional disorders as of yet
  • List diseases that will progress in time if no treatment is applied
  • List existing causative agents in all the organs and body systems, that is viruses, parasites, animalculars, bacteria etc.
  • Provide colorful prints of the affected organs and body systems up to cell and chromosome level
  • List allergens in a descending order which poses dangers for the patient
  • Prescribe, through the DiaScan program, alternative supplements for cleansing, refurbishing preventing and balancing. Patients can see on the screen the effect of any supplement on their body as well as a % improvement in the body through the use of that supplement.
  • Be able to create instant corrections of a pathological state by applying a bioenergetical influence on the tissues and organs with the help of the DiaScan program
  • Analyzes any substance brought by the patient to be tested in the bio-resonance chamber of the DiaScan program to establish suitability of use for body and even for skin. It is possible, for example, to show a lady, after doing a diagnosis on her, that the cosmetics she uses for her face is suitable or not.”

This product is simply one major scam. Beware, avoid, take care!

A Carte Blanche television expose of this device:

Part 1 and Part 2:

The contact people are:

Willem J. Tel: +27164213870

Svitlana Roos: Tel: +27825566274

[email protected]
[email protected]


[box title=”DiaSlim Sound Wave Liposuction”]

Update 29 May 2012 

A reader has drawn my attention to the JV Wellness center which advertises the DiaSlim Sound Wave Liposuction. The Internet is full of websites claiming that this type of product “is a revolutionary technique for non-invasive body shaping to reduce saddlebags, tummy rolls, bulges, love handles, spot fat and cellulite reduction.” The fact is that there is actually no robust evidence that this product works, only anecdotal evidence requiring that the reader believe the testimonials from the website/company trying to sell you the product. WebMD puts “ultrasound lipsuction” treatment in some perspective

However, this product appears to use “sound waves” and not ultrasound which if correct, is even more questionable[/box]

11 comments to DiaScan Scam

  • Irina Pienaar and Vlad Balan

    Same one is where head lady of Diascan Irina Pienaar and her son Vlad Balan operating doing scam to people. Beware

  • Irina Pienaar

    Authorities must stop those people from cheating South Africans.

  • Yes, exatly the owner of Diascan runs jv wellness now, cause after the tv show Irina Pienaar had to close her diascan business. Now her and her son Vlad Balan run another place where do diascan scanning and magical liposuction

  • Lesley

    I would like people to know, that the diascan process has worked wonders in more than 50 people I personally know and think people should do their homework before bad mouthing something they know nothing of!!! I go once every 3 years for a scan and the lady who does my scan is a qualified nurse she works side by side with a few doctors in our area.

    • Harris

      Not bad mouthing something I know nothing about. The fact that people believe it works does not mean that it does – in the same vein that some people claim that their product cures AIDS/HIV does not mean that it is true. Anecdotes does not equal data.

      I know of qualified nurses and doctors who sell and promote scams. Qualification is not an immunity badge.

  • Mario

    I have been on the diascan and the lady which is a qualified nurse did the scan. She gave me a printout of what the machine diagnose me with and I toke that to my doctor and he send me for test which came back exactly as the machine gave it to me .The doctors words was “this machine will put us out of business ” . I have spoken to many people that was at this wellness center and they were all happy with results as some of them said that doctors did not know what were wrong with them and when the diascan machine told then and doctors had a look at it the diagnoses were correct . My daughter had the same experience and diascan said she were allergic to gluten which after many visits to doctor they could not establish what were wrong with her. She has since gone on a health diet cutting out all gluten products and is as health as can get. We are guinepigs to the medical world and there are a lot of natural things we can take to heal us then making the drug industry rich .

    • Harris

      It this worked for people, great. However it is unlikely, implausible, defies physiological principles, and remains a scam. Anecdotes does not equal data. I have seen patients who had the test done, and I do not support your contentions. Also, the physics/physiological principles of this apparatus is not based in reality.

  • hester

    I have been feeling exhausted for about a year. Contracted bronchitis which lasted 3 frustrating months,pathetic energy levels and depression, which was not sorted by anti-biotics, penicillin or cortisone. My GP was under the impression I just needed a holiday.
    I was told about the Diascan by a colleague after spending 3 weeks in a clinic.
    The results were accurate as it confirmed conditions I was aware of already, and indicated where my body needs attention to manage health and prevent illness in future.
    I have been eating foods according to recommendation and is feeling a LOT better after only
    4 weeks, and dropping weight in the process is an added bonus, and pain levels reduced significantly.
    I definitely recommend everyone to do this scan if they are serious about living a healthy active life.

    • Harris

      Sadly anecdotes do not prove something to be true. By implementing a better diet, whatever the results of a scan, will usually result in improvements. The way these scans work is that the health professional ‘interprets’ what they see or guess. In other words, if you are of a particular age, overweight, have headaches, then I can guess that you probably have high blood pressure. I then use the ‘scan’ in a way to confirm what I have already determined.

      But saying that, if it worked for you, wonderful! I am simply saying that there is no evidence it will work for the majority of people.

      • hester

        Prescriptions drugs and “treatment” by a dietitian did not improve my health over a period of 5 months, explain that then.
        “no evidence it will work for the majority of people” is applicable to any form of treatment.

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